Jay is a trainer in the Pokemon world. He wants to travel the world and meet many people, and his dream is to enter the pokemon league. He meets Meme in his travels.

Jay's Pokemon (When he first got them)

Rose the Chikorita - Lv 4, Tackle, Growl

Catherine the Meowth - Lv 3, Scratch, Growl

Lily the Litwick - Lv 4, Ember, Astonish, Minimize

Fera the Vigoroth - Lv 20, Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, Roar, Doubleslap

Song the Chansey - Lv 19, Softboiled, Doubleslap, Sing, Pound

Sarah the Onix - Lv 17, Rock Throw, Harden, Headbutt, Rock Polish

Blade the Scizor - Lv 29, Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Metal Claw, Iron Defense

Jay's Pokemon

  • Rose
    • Big Root
    • Overgrow
  • Catherine
    • Amulet Coin
    • Technician
  • Lily
    • Spell Tag
    • Flame Body
  • Fera
    • Silk Scarf
    • Truant
  • Song
    • Leftovers
    • Natural Cure
  • Blade
    • Metal Coat
    • Swarm

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