Pokemon Toxic and Iron are 2 new Pokemon games for the Nintendo 3DS.


You are a young boy/girl making a visit to your father who moved out a year earlier.He now lives in the Cambrai Region.As you meet him, he exlains that Professor Acacia is giving away Pokemon to new explorers.You are hysterical and run to Acacia's house.But you are bumped into your soon-to-be rivals:Craig and Maggie.

When you get to the lab.You see Craig and Maggie picking out Pokemon.Since they're taking so long, Acacia decides that you can choose first.

And so the quest begins...


2 new types! (Sound/Food)

24 Sound moves!

20 Food moves

Echoed Voice, Boomburst, Sing, Round, and Hyper Voice are now Sound!

The Stockpile family is now Food type!


Name No. Image Pokedex Type Catch Rate Evolution
Seedlet #001
Seedlet Sprite
Seedlets are mainly seen in dirt, absorbing Water-type attacks that landed there. After absorbing alot of water, it evolves. Grass Starter Sproutrition at Lv. 16
Sproutrition #002 Sproutrition are always in a scurry for food. This reason is to look bigger, and intimidate enemies. When it's injured, it withers.


Evolve Edibean at Lv. 34
Edibean #003 Grass/Food Evolve None
Larflare #004
Larflare Sprite
Fire Starter Boombug at Lv. 14
Boombug #005 Fire/Bug Evolve Flirocket at 
Flirocket #006 Fire/Bug Evolve None
Urchan #007
Urchi Sprite
Water Starter Spikji at Lv. 18
Spikji #008 Water/Dark Evolve Ninchin at Lv. 32
Ninchin #009 Water/Dark Evolve None

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