The Pokedex in Pokemon Thunder and Fire Versions.

Name Species Type Description (Thunder) Description (Fire) Location Color
Seedale Chipmunk Pokemon Grass This cheeky Pokemon loves to play in the trees above. It stores food for the winters via its cheeks. A quirky tree Pokemon. It's cheeks are large enough to hold even the largest of food items for harsh winters. Obtained as a starter Green
Sycamunk Chipmunk Pokemon Grass/Rock
Junglunk Big Chipmunk Pokemon Grass/Rock
Burnow Mole Pokemon Fire
Flamole Mole Pokemon Fire/Ground
Infermole Giant Mole Pokemon Fire/Ground
Poladrop Polar Cub Pokemon Water
Frozear Polar Bear Pokemon Water/Ice
Freezocean Polar Being Pokemon Water/Ice
Kittay Kitten Pokemon Normal
Tabbay Cat Pokemon Normal
Tigray Feline Pokemon Normal/Fighting
Bidoof Plump Mouse Pokemon Normal
Bibarel Beaver Pokemon Normal/Water
Bibleaver Big Beaver Pokemon Normal/Water
Starly Starling Pokemon Normal/Flying
Staravia Starling Pokemon Normal/Flying
Staraptor Predator Pokemon Normal/Flying
Budew Grass Roselia Grass/Poison
Roserade Grass/Poison
Wiggweed Weed Pokemon Grass
Claweed Weed Pokemon Grass
Fancerose Beautiful Rose Pokemon Grass/Fairy
Dirbird Dirty Bird Pokemon Ground/Flying
Desird Desert Bird Pokemom Ground/Flying
Saviand Desert Predator Pokemon Ground/Flying
Coburr Snake Pokemon Poison
Cobrat Snake Pokemon Poison
Cobarricade Cobra Pokemon Poison/Steel
Zubat Bat Pokemon Poison/Flying
Golbat Bat Pokemon Poison/Flying
Crobat Bat Pokemon Poison/Flying
Machop Superpower Pokemon Fighting
Machoke Superpower Pokemon Fighting
Machamp Superpower Pokemon Fighting
Magikarp Useless Pokemon Water
Gyarados Atrocious Pokemon Water/Flying
Centipow Centipede Pokemon Bug/Fighting
Millipow Millipede Pokemon Bug/Fighting
Croagunk Toxic Mouth Pokemon Poison/Fighting
Toxicroak Toxic Mouth Pokemon Poison/Fighting
Generino Electric Mammal Pokemon Electric
Electrino Electric Mammal Pokemon Electric/Dark
Mirri Reflection Pokemon Steel
Reflectrone Reflection Pokemon Steel/Psychic
Reedam Imposter Fish Pokemon Water/Grass
Reedamp Imposter Fish Pokemon Water/Grass
Bubbliss Bubble Pokemon Water
Pichu Tiny Mouse Pokemon Electric
Pikachu Mouse Pokemon Electric
Raichu Mouse Pokemon Electric
Meteroar Meteor Being Pokemon Galaxy/Rock
Asteroar Meteor Being Pokemon Galaxy/Rock
Misdreavus Screech Pokemon Ghost/Fairy
Mismagius Magical Pokemon Ghost/Fairy
Vermirock Tiny Mouse Pokemom Rock
Stalagmice Cave Mouse Pokemon Rock
Murkrow Dark/Flying
Honchkrow Dark/Flying
Elekid Electric
Electabuzz Electric
Electrivire Electric
Magby Fire
Magmar Fire
Magmortar Fire
Flairy Fire Fairy Pokemon Fire/Fairy
Flamage Fire Mage Pokemon Fire/Fairy
Flabebe Fairy
Floette Fairy
Florges Fairy
Comete Star Pokemon Galaxy
Cometerra Water Star Pokemon Galaxy/Water
Nincada Bug/Ground
Ninjask Bug/Flying
Shedinja Bug/Ghost
Puffoo Cloud Pokemon Flying
Storumble Cloud Pokemon Flying/Electric
Storain Cloud Pokemon Flying/Water
Spheal Water/Ice
Sealeo Water/Ice
Walrein Water/Ice
Dandecub Cub Pokemon Grass
Dandetiger Dandelion Pokemon Grass
Triceram Horn Pokemon Rock
Tricerock Big Horn Pokemon Rock/Steel
Pteraptor Prehistoric Pokemon Rock/Flying
Boulderaptor Prehistoric Pokemon Rock/Flying
Aerodactyl Rock/Flying
Skarmi Steel/Flying
Skarmory Steel/Flying
Skarmaster Steel/Flying
Hawlucha Fighting/Flying
Psykick Mystical Pokemon Psychic/Fighting
Psykapow Mystical Pokemon Psychic/Fighting

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