Pokemon Thunder and Fire Versions
Developer(s) Thunderous Productions
Publisher(s) TKThunder
Genre(s) RPG, Strategy

Pokemon Thunder and Fire Versions is an upcoming Pokemon game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is part of Generation 7.


Your player, either Thomas or Natasha depending on gender, must travel around the Korisa region with your starter Pokemon, which are either Seedale, Burnow, or Poladrop, to collect 8 badges and defeat the Champion, and at the same time stop Team Shadow from destroying the region with the legendary Pokemon.


Name Role Description
Thomas/Natasha Playable Character/Rival The playable character of the game. These two players receive two starters. The gender not chosen gets to be the second rival of the game.
Max Rival The player's rival of the game. He is very smart, and tends to use strategy over power in battles.
Professor Hyperion Professor The professor that gives Thomas, Natasha, and Max their starter Pokemon.
Claus Champion The champion of the Korisa region. He is intrigued by the arts of Mega Evolution.
Brutus Villain The leader of Team Shadow. He uses brute force to get what he wants for the team


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Gym Leaders

Number Name Type Background Town Pokemon Team Badge TM Given
1 ??? (Vonn) Poison Hardly anyone knows his real name: he tells you his name if you defeat him. Smokesull Town Lv. 11 Croagunk

Lv. 14 Cobratt

Lv. 11 Coburr

Fang Badge TBA
2 Alice Water An avid swimmer in town. She enjoys the beach and is not one to leave quickly. Azureia Town Lv. 15 Corsola

Lv. 17 Bubbliss

Lv. 14 Poladrop

Hydro Badge TBA
3 Ben Electric A scientist working in the labs to try and discover the secrets to Evolutionary Stones. Redomn City Lv. 19 Pikachu

Lv. 22 Generino

Lv. 19 Magnemite

Lv. 19 Voltorb

Generator Badge TBA
4 Prince Dark A millionaire living in Vetal Manor. He enjoys the entertainment and love his Pokemon give him. Vetal Town Lv. 24 Murkrow

Lv. 28 Honchkrow

Lv. 24 Houndour

Dimension Badge TBA
5 Cerina Psychic A woman who uses Psychic Pokemon in battle. She can make Pokeballs and other things levitate. Celebra City Lv. 32 Psykick

Lv. 34 Psykapow

Lv. 35 Reflectrone

Lv. 32 Gothitelle

Inner Badge TBA
6 Remi Ghost A little boy living in the large mansion. He likes to trick people into thinking he is a ghost, when he is really a leader. Torchonson Town Lv. 38 Haunter

Lv. 40 Gengar

Lv. 43 Dusknoir

Lv. 40 Mismagius

Spirit Badge TBA
7 Sam Ice A guy who works as a miner in the Frozen Mine. He's never cold, even when he's not wearing many layers. Coldare Town Lv. 45 Cryogonal

Lv. 45 Sneasel

Lv. 47 Avalugg

Lv. 47 Glalie

Lv. 50 Froslass

Flake Badge TBA
8 Lumo Galaxy A man working at the Space Station. He is researching the creation of the universe. Galaxis City Lv. 54 Clefable

Lv. 52 Reuniclus

Lv. 57 Asteroar

Lv. 54 Constelur

Lv. 52 Clefable

Cosmo Badge TBA

Elite 4

Number Name Type Description Team
1 Taylor Flying Lv. 62 Swellow

Lv. 65 Savaind

Lv. 63 Skarmaster

Lv. 63 Aerodactyl

Lv. 67 Staraptor

2 Crimson Grass Lv. 62 Dandetiger

Lv. 65 Cacturne

Lv. 63 Leafeon

Lv. 63 Junglunk

Lv. 67 Roserade

3 Henry Fire Lv. 62 Crimsun

Lv. 65 Flareon

Lv. 63 Rapidash

Lv. 63 Pyramidon

Lv. 67 Magmortar

4 Sketch Ground Lv. 62 Dugtrio

Lv. 65 Golem

Lv. 63 Gliscor

Lv. 63 Gritturf

Lv. 67 Flygon

Champion Claus Varies Lv. 67 Espeon

Lv. 69 Reflectrone

Lv. 71 Goodra

Lv. 69 Bombird

Lv. 67 Umbreon

Lv. 74 Gallade (Mega)