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This is the list of Pokémon manga based on Pokemon Sun and Moon Versions:

Pokemon Adventures

The manga follows Sun and Moon who both have a quest to become Champions of the Pokemon League. They were both accompanied by Bridget, Holly, Roger and Henry, their friends. The manga starts with Sun rollerskates to Moon's house with his friends Bridget, Holly, Roger, and Henry, who also rollerskates. While Moon is still sleeping with her doll that looks like Black. Meanwhile, Professor Maple is having guests in her lab, and asks two Coalcubs (Blazeko) and (Blasto) to give her guest some tea. However, Blazeko is very unlucky, as she tripped and the tea spilled on both Africpos. This enrages one of the Africpo, and when Blasto tries to apologize them, one of the Africpo angrilly tackles him and starts beating both Blasto and Blazeko up. When two Vixleafs notices that, one of them tries to stop them from fighting, but got hit by one of the Africpo. When they got frustrated, both Vixleafs joins the fight as well, chasing Blazeko off. After all the ruckus, Professor Maple put all six of them into a large box and sends Sun to take them. After Sun and his friends arrived to Moon's house and noticed that Moon was still asleep, her Vanillite (Frosty) uses Frost Breath on her and woke Moon up. Moon realized she overslept and quickly got dressed. Moon wondered how Sun and the others got there while Holly explains that Moon's mother lets them in. Sun told Moon about her doll, Moon explains to Sun that she is a huge fan of Black and has a gigantic crush on him which explains why she overslept. Roger suggest that Sun opens the box, after Sun opens the box, he gets Blasto, Moon gets Blazeko, Bridget gets Africpo (Dessy), Roger gets Africpo (Pier), Holly gets Vixleaf (Vixie), and Henry gets Vixleaf (Vixer). After each received a starter, Professor Maple gave each of them a Pokedex and a Pokemeter. Before they start their journey, Henry's mother gave Henry a brand new laptop on his adventure. Henry was so excited and thanked his mother. Sun and his friends form a team called Rookies, after that Bridget suggest that Sun should be the leader and the others agreed. Sun suggest that each Rookie brings their own childhood Pokemon to their journey. Sun brings his Deino (Hydre) and Galvantula (Galva), Moon brings her Vanillite (Frosty) and Mincci (Mimi), Bridget brings her Axew (Haxor) and Vullaby (Mandi), Holly brings her Litwick (Candie) and Munna (Mushi), Roger brings his Roggenola (Rocky) and Rufflet (Braver), and Henry brings his Solosis (Reuny) and Pawniward (Sharpy). While the Rookies happily travel to Korinki Town with their rollerskates, a trainer name N watches them and notice that Sun's Galva is talking to him. N also saw Henry and the others were searching information of different Pokemon with a laptop. N was angry on Henry for having different information of Pokemon in a laptop. N battle Sun and notice that Sun and the others have Pokedex. After the battle N notice that Sun can understand Pokemon feelings, N wants to know more about Sun and the Rookies and he secretly spy on them.

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