This are the characters of Pokemon Sun and Moon versions:


Cody- The male playable character. If Irene is selected, Cody will be a energetic boy (Japanese: Esuji) who wants to be a Pokemon Master. He will have a Axew. Cody is the counterpart of Sun. Although Cody didn't have an important role in the anime, he made a cameo in the movie battling Kyouhei in the Pokemon League with his Blastcano and Hydreigon. In the Sun and Moon Manga, Sun is a silly and caring boy who wears his cap and goggles and always happy-go-lucky, wishes to be a Pokemon Champion, stop bad guys, and one day meet Black. In order for Sun to be a strong trainer, he needs a strong team and of course some friends along his journey. Together Sun along with Moon, Bridget, Roger, Holly, and Henry form a team called the Rookies will stop Team Plasma, Ghetsis, save Lukovua and Unova, and maybe save the world. Sun and his friends met two mysterious girls named Lulu the Princess of Peace and Martha the Princess of Love. It is revealed that Lulu is Concordia's ancestor and Martha is Anthea's ancestor. He also has a Galvantula name Galva his Galva gets along very well with Black's Tula as they decided to play together after he and his friends met Black. It is shown that Galva always get protected by Tula whenever she's in danger. However Sun is shown to be a good battler, great at climbing and loves swinging vines. According to Sun, he's mostly referred as country boy or jungle boy from his friends and family due to his messy clothes and mostly walking in barefoot till Moon made him new set of clothes and sneakers. Sun also has a sister name Star who is ten years old. Star, Shaun, and X joins with her brother Sun and the others at Sunset Forest. In the Pokemon Sun and Moon: Legends of Sunophia and Moonruphus manga, Cody is the main character. He has an Africpo and his main rival is X, a mysterious trainer who is in love with Irene.

This is list of his Pokemon in the Sun and Moon manga:

Coalcub>Lavadator>Blastcano (Male, nicknamed Blasto)

Galvantula (Female, nicknamed Galva)

Pansage>Simisage (Male, nicknamed Sager)

Rocketerer (Female, nicknamed Rocketty)

Deino>Zweilous>Hydreigon (Male, nicknamed Hydre)

Tirtouga>Carracosta (Female, nicknamed Carra)

At home:












Irene- The female playable character. If Cody is selected, Irene will be a cheerful hyper girl (Japanese: Esuka) who wants to be a Pokemon Master and a Pokemon Idol. She will have a Minccino. Irene is the counterpart of Moon. In the anime, Irene love to flirt with cute boys especially boys who are a little older than her. Her starter is a Coalcub and is Ash's traveling companion, she first appears in the first episode getting her starter Pokemon. In the second episode Ash and Irene battled but the battle is a tie so after the battle, Irene decides to join Ash and Dawn on their journey after she learns that Ash came all the way from Kanto and Dawn came all the way from Sinnoh. Her best friends are Bridget and Holly. Irene has a female Pansage and appears to be begging Cilan to trade his Pansage but Cilan refuse to trade his Pansage, despite their Pansages seem to get along very well. She also tells both Ash and Dawn if she could join on their journey before they accept her since Iris left the group and became the new Champion of Unova. Whenever Irene and Ash team up she always say "This is wicked awesome!" possible she has a secret crush despite she's only eleven years old and Dawn gets jealous. Unlike Iris, Irene appreciates him and doesn't call Ash a kid instead she finds Ash a fun Trainer to travel and couldn't understand why Iris calls Ash mean names and is afraid of Ice-types. She is the girliest trainer and she is way worse than Bianca except the bumping part. When Irene first met Iris, she doesn't like Iris right after she hurts Vanillite's feelings but after she finds out that Iris is the Champion of Unova, Irene gains respect for her. But she still won't forgive her for what she did to her Vanillite. It's possible that she and Iris are frenemies like in one episode where Iris and Irene are partners. Iris wasn't very excited about it and got very angry at Irene for calling her a kid and a big baby causing Iris to grow mad and promised that they'll battle the next time they meet. But Irene is best friends with Dawn right after they practice battle and doesn't mind when Dawn teams up with Ash possibly just to make them fall in love. It is revealed that Georgia is her closest friend after she first encounters her with Ash and his friends. According to Georgia, Irene is the closest friend she could ever have and they both think that Iris isn't a real Dragon Master. In the next episode, Georgia battles Irene and doesn't mind when Irene has some Dragon-Type Pokemon with her since they are best friends. However in some episodes, Irene has a big crush on Ash and is shown holding his hands or teaming up with him, causing Dawn to grow jealous right after Irene happily takes him to the ice-cream parlor. In some episodes Irene did told Dawn if Ash is her boyfriend causing her to blush and refused to say another word. In most episodes, Irene told Dawn that she'll stop flirting with Ash but only if Dawn admits that Ash is her boyfriend. In one episode, Irene notice that Dawn was blushing and wonders if she ever likes Ash from the start. Irene seems to have similar traits to Brock, both are great cook, supports friends and family, act as the navigator. The only difference is that Irene battles more often, participate both Contests and Gym battles, flirts boys, and loves fashion and sweets. In the Sun and Moon Manga, Moon is eleven and a half years old and used to have a gigantic crush towards Black. She always call him Blacky and always dreams to be his girlfriend which makes White very jealous despite that Moon was only just a kid. Moon always want to team up with Black and win his heart but couldn't since Black is too old to date with Moon. It is revealed that Moon first met Black at the age of eight but was rejected after she realized that Black cares about White or Bianca. Despite that Moon knew that she's too young to date and decides to find a perfect boy to date with. After feeling rejected by Black, Moon felt heart broken until she realized that Black 2 has feelings for her and felt comfortable whenever she talks about her feelings to him. It's revealed that Black 2 has a crush on Moon when they first encountered. Moon also has a cousin name Shaun who is ten years old. Shaun, Star, and X later joins with Sun and the others at Sunset Forest. Before she met Black 2, Moon gave Black a Cottonee in Nimbasa City with a box of chocolate and a letter wishing him luck possibly that she moved on or wants to be friends with Black. Moon is also shown to be a great battler and loves competing Pokemon contests. It's also revealed that Sun also has feelings for Moon after saving Moon's life and mentions that Moon is like a princess causing her to blush and giggle. It is unknown if Moon returns her feelings to Sun or has a secret crush on Sun.

This is list of her Pokemon in the anime:

Coalcub>Lavadator>Blastcano - Her starter Pokemon. Blastcano used to hide in Irene's bag when he was still a Coalcub. Coalcub evolved to Lavadator when Irene battle Trixie and evolved to Blastcano when attacked by Ghetsis' rampaging Hydreigon. it is revealed that Blastcano is male when he got hit by Cinncino's Attract.

Vanillite>Vanillish>Vanilluxe - Irene mentions that her aunt works at an ice cream shop at an unknown town where there's group of Vanillites and Vanillshes living there. After Irene sets on her journey, her aunt gave Irene a Vanillite which is a newborn and told her to take good care of Vanillite and raise her into a fine Vanilluxe.

Mincci>Minccino>Cinccino -

Maractus - This Maractus follows Irene everywhere ever since she found Irene's earring and gave it to her, at first Irene wonders why Maractus keeps following her according to Cilan that this Maractus wants to travel with Irene. Irene accepts Maractus and she caught her with her pokeball. Irene's Maractus knows Vine Whip and Drain Punch, even though Maractus can't learn Vine Whip.

Venipede>Whirlipede>Scolipede - Like Ash's Charizard, Dawn's Mamoswine and Iris' Excadrill, Scolipede is very disobedient to Irene. She only prefers to loaf around instead of listening to Irene's commands. Scolipede used to listen to Irene when she was a Venipede until she evolved into a Whirlipede. She is revealed to be female when she got hit by Cinccino's attract but is immune to it.

Druddigon - Irene first met Druddigon when he was very hungry and lost in the forest, she decides to place a plate of Pokemon food, berries, and candy for Druddigon. After that the same Druddigon follows Irene, he rescues her after she was attack by a group of Heatmors. Irene thanks him and ask Druddigon if he wants to travel with her. Druddigon agreed and went in his pokeball. It is shown that Irene's Druddigon is male after he is battling against Ash and Cilan in a double battle.

In Box

Emolggu>Emolga - Whenever her Emolga wants to battle, Irene always sent her Druddigon for her Emolga to Professor Maple so both Emolgas will play together. Irene's Emolggu evolves into Emolga after she have her battle with Cilan, her Emolga is female. The problem is that her Emolga, Vanillite, and Maractus are as hyper as Irene and they can be very mischievous despite that her Emolga has a cheerful personality.










Elanbow>Elansic>Elanba - Irene was planning to trade her Elanbow for Cilan's Pansage. Although Cilan refuse to trade his Pansage, Irene explains how Elanbow evolve into a beautiful Elanba and the Champion Ima owns an Elanba.

At home

Purrlion - Purrlion belongs to Irene's mom Kariz a florist who once was a Pokemon Trainer and won the Pokemon League. Purrlion was Kariz's first Pokemon she started with. Irene explains that her mom battles Alder before with her Swanna but sadly Kariz lost to Alder. Although her mom lost, Irene wants to be the greatest trainer like her mom.

This is list of her Pokemon in the Sun and Moon manga:

Coalcub>Lavadator>Blastcano (Female, nicknamed Blazeko)

X- X is a determine trainer but is very mysterious. In the Sun and Moon manga, X is close friends with Sun. X, Shaun and Star joins with Sun after he and his friends arrived at Sunset Forest. X notice that N has been spying on his friends, X doesn't like N and suspects if N isstill working with Team Plasma and why he knows so much about them. In the Adventures manga, X temporary joins Sun's shortly before he left the group and departs to Johto stating that he wants to be a better Trainer and will battle Sun one day. He is last seen riding the plane to Johto.

Professor Maple- A Pokemon Professor who studies pokemon. She will come to the player's house and let him/her choose a starter Pokemon.She will give the player a Master ball after he/she defeats Fredrick.

Professor Juniper- The Pokemon Professor from Unova. She will give the player a Super Rod when he/she first arrives into her house. Later, it is revealed that she is Professor Maple's sister.After you get to her lab at Nuvema town, Professor Juniper will give you one of the Unova starters.

John Maple - Professor Maple's husband, when you first encounter him John will give you HM Cut after you beat Ronny. You'll meet him again while he's with Trixie, after he's done talking with her John will register his phone number and give you the Dowsing Machine.

Cedric Juniper- Professor Maple and Juniper's father when you first encounter him you'll see him talking to Savannah the Elite Four, Cedric explains that Savannah is Lenora's daughter the Gym Leader of Nacrene City.You'll meet him again but this time with Emma, Cedric explains that Emma is Elesa younger sister and the reason why Emma is traveling in Ritto so she will be the next Gym Leader in Nimbasa City, later Cedric will give the player TM strength. Cedric will upgrade the player's pokedex after he/she will set sail to Castelia City.

Professor Fennel- Professor Juniper's assisstant. She will give the player either Throh (Pokemon Sun) or Sawk (Pokemon Moon) and add the Random Communicator in the player's Pokemeter after the player helps her to rescue her Munna and Musharna from Team Plasma at Route 23.

Ima- The champion of Lukovua. When the player first encounter her, Ima give the player a Pokemon egg. She will also help the player to stop Team Plasma from taking over the world. She will give the player a Light Stone (Pokemon Moon) or a Dark Stone (Pokemon Sun) after the player recieve a national pokedex. It is revealed that Ima is Alder's daughter and her starter is her Volcarona as a Larvesta. She also once trained with Cheren. Ima ask the player to go to Dragonspiral Tower where Zekrom (Pokemon Sun) or Reshiram (Pokemon Moon) awaits the player, after you get the Light Stone or the Dark Stone from Ima. It is revealed that Ima had a mother, but she died by illness when she was four. In the anime, Ima's mother is alive but she's very worried over her husband and his flirting ever since Ima accidently told him that he's getting older causing him to act like a child. When Alder finally see his daughter's home, at first he's expecting a hug from his daughter. Instead she slammed the door in front of his face showing that she doesn't want to see him. Later in that scene Ash told Ima on why she doesn't want to see her father, until she told him and his friends the main reason why she doesn't want to see him in the first place. When Ima was three, her father would always tell her that there's nothing to be afraid as long as he's there and gave her a Larvesta. But at the age of five, Alder left on a long journey, causing Ima to be heartbroken. Since then her mother and siblings took care of her and waiting for her father's return until she moved on and starts her Pokemon journey. It's revealed that Ima was once a Top Coordinator, winning every single contests from all over the regions before she become the champion. After Dawn learned that Ima was a Top Coordinator, she requests to have a battle with her. When they did Ima defeated Dawn's Piplup and Pachirisu against her Lilligant and Volcarona. After the battle, Ima states that Ash and Dawn would make a great duo as long as they believed in themselves and eachother, and winked at them causing both to blush. In later episodes, Irene battle Ima with her Cinccino but lost to Elanba's Tidal Wave. According to Ima, the Lukovua's Contests have triple performances where Coordinators use three Pokemon in all rounds. Unlike the Contests from Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, Lukovua's contests also have the Dance Competition where each Pokemon gets the turn to be the main dancer before the Appeal Rounds and the Contest Battle. Wallace the Hoenn Champion did mention that he and Ima battled at the Lukovua's Grand Festival but lost due to her Lilligant's Quiver Dance and Petal Dance combination, along with her ability Own Tempo. According to Wallace, Ima was the first person to defeat him in Contests. In one episode Wallace comments how Ima is a stunning and wonderful Champion but blushed after he mentions her name and looked at her. In another episode, Wallace romanticly stares at Ima after she held his hand and expects another battle the next time they meet.

Bridget- If the player is female Bridget will be your rival, she is very tomboyish, great at battles and loves to play sports, Bridget will choose a starter that is advantage she will battle the player and help stop Team Plasma. She can have her post-ending battle on every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. In the anime she is Ash's rival and friend, unlike Paul or Trip, Bridget is like a older sister to Ash.Even after their battle Bridget always give Ash an advice on how to be a strong trainer.She also helps Iris on how to have a stronger team. She has an Africpo as her starter, and even a Scraggy that knows Beat Up, even though Scraggy cannot learn Beat Up. In the Pokemon Sun and Moon Manga, she is very strict over Roger because of his bad habit.

Holly- Like Bridget, Holly will be your rival if the player is female, she is very sweet, shy, ask lots of questions,and gets frighten very easily. She also dislikes Ghost-type Pokemon. Holly will choose a starter that is disadvantage she will battle the player and later on she will be Professor Fennel's assisstant at the end of the game. She can be battled in the post-endings on every Tuedays, Fridays and Saturdays. In the anime Holly and Irene delivers Ash's badge case but got stolen by a Mincci, luckily Ash got his badge case while Irene happily catch her first pokemon Mincci. Irene told Ash that they should battle sometimes more often which makes Iris very jealous. Holly and Irene also lost to Ash but they are great friends and rivals. In the Sun and Moon Manga, Holly has a Munna name Mushie her Mushie gets along very well with Black's Musha as they decided to play together after she and her friends met Black, White, Cheren, and Bianca. It is shown that Mushie gets protected by Musha if she is attacked.

Roger- If the player is male Roger will be your rival, he loves to read many different comic books sometimes he is immature who doesn't think before he acts ,Roger will choose a starter that is advantage he will battle the player and stop Team Plasma. He can have his post-ending battle on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In the Sun and Moon Manga, he likes to annoy Bridget alot and makes her get frustrated.

Henry- Like Roger,Henry will be your rival if the player is male, he is smart, wise, and supports his companions. He seems to be smarter than Roger and Cody. Henry will choose a starter that is disadvantage he will battle the player and later on he will be Professor Fennel's assisstant at the end of the game. He can be battled in the post-endings on every Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. In the Sun and Moon Manga, Henry carries his laptop along with his journey. Henry also has to make sure that Bianca keeps her dirty hands from his laptop since he told her to stay away from his laptop.

N- N has return but this time he will help the player, N will appear in most places to stop Team Plasma and his father Ghetsis. N will battle the player, after the battle N told the player how you remind him of a trainer he battled two years ago he will give you Zekrom (Pokemon Moon) or Reshiram (Pokemon Sun). N will be battle at the pokemon league with his Sunophia (Pokemon Moon) or Moonruphus (Pokemon Sun).

Hilbert/Hilda- The true champion in the game. He/She will appear at Sunrise Mountain. When the player talks to him/her, he/she will say nothing but battle you. After he/she has been defeated, he/she will disappear. Hilbert will appear if the player is a boy, and Hilda will appear if the player is a girl. Hilbert/Hilda will be battle again after the player defeats the elite four.

Alder- The retired champion of Unova, who has been replaced by his daughter, Ima. He can only be seen resting at his home.He will be battled in any seasons. When the player first encounters him, he'll give the player TM surf it's revealed that he is Ima's father, he cares about her and loves her alot, he'll always make sure she doesn't get hurt. Alder told the player when Ima was about five years old, her Larvesta was stolen from Team Plasma, he refuse to let Ima go because it was to dangerous for her but Ima ignores him and rescues Larvesta. After Ima rescues her Larvesta, it evolved into a Volcarona and Alder was glad to see Ima was okay. It is revealed that Alder used to have a wife, but she died by illness.

Looker- A detective investigating, Looker will also help the player stop new Team Plasma's scheme later. The player first met him in Route 21. Looker will also give the player a Vs. Recorder when he/she first encounter him. Looker also gives the player to disguise as Team Plasma in order to sneak into new Team Plasma's Hideout in Lukovua, but only having one of the grunts to ruin it. He will also give the player a Golden Flute and TM waterfall after the new Plasma Grunts are all captured.

Cynthia- Cynthia, once again, appears in these games. Her team was completly changed except her Garchomp, Glaceon, Togekiss and Milotic. She will have a Karakurusu and any of the three official elemental dragons (Enogoon, Whirlgoon or Forestgoon, depending on the player's starter).


Team Plasma- The villain team who returned from Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. But like Black 2 and White 2, new Team Plasma goal is to make Pokemon turn against their trainers by brainwashing them, and use Sunophia and Moonruphus to take over Lukovua. One by one, they will be arrested by Looker, Bridget/Roger, Holly/Henry, Ima, or Professor Maple if the player defeats them.

Ghetsis- The villain team's boss and the father of N, who has returned from two years ago after captivity. His plan is to use one of the two legendary Pokemon, Sunophia (Pokemon Moon) or Moonruphus (Pokemon Sun) and rule the Lukovua region. He will vanish after the player defeats him.When the player first met him he confront to the player at Mystic Forest saying how you ruined his plans at the castle when he was almost crowning his son, he knows the player will be there, he even recognize his/her face even from the past will one day seek revenge when the time comes. Ghetsis wants to make sure Team Plasma will invade the Lukovua region and control every Pokemon.When the player encounters him again he was the one that fired the Admins for their failures and how they were terrible Admins, he couldn't stand. He also let the Shadow Triad spy on the player since he knows that N is teaming up with the player. Ghetsis also wanted the Shadow Triad to spy on the player since he wants vengance more than victory even getting rid of the player.

Lenet- A high female Admin, who first appears in Sunset City. Her main Pokemon is an Electrakiss. Lenet later appears in the Chargestone Cave and apoligies, after that she gave the player a Rainbow Wing.Lenet told the player how the Pokemon were abused.

Sarah- Another high female Admin, who steals Munna and Musharna in Route 23. Her main Pokemon is a Thiefrat. Sarah later appears at Crystal Lake and apoligies, after that she gave the player TM explosion.Sarah told the player that N used to be Team Plasma leader.

Acer- A high male Admin, who takes over SilverMoon Mountain. His main Pokmon is a Scorpedo. Acer later appears at Relic Castle and apoligies, after that he gave the player a Silver Wing.Acer told the player why Ghetsis used N.

Baron- Another high male admin, who attacks Michelle and her Liepard. His main Pokemon is a Volcanohound. Baron later appears at Dragonspiral Tower and apoligies, after that he gave the player TM dark claw.Baron told the player that Team Plasma train at the underground before they are reformed.

Derek- The strongest Admin, as well as the leader of the five Admins, appears in Plasma Castle. His main Pokemon is a Steelino. Derek later appears at Dragon Cave and apoligies, after that he gave the player TM mega impact.Derek told the player why N only saw abused Pokemon.

Shadow Triad- The high rank Admins, when the player first encounter them it is revealed that are still royal to Ghetsis and tell more backstory. After the Shadow Traid later appears at Mystic Forest they apoligies the player, after that they give the player the Adamant Orb, Lustrous Orb, and the Griseous Orb.

Seven Sages- With the exception of Ghetsis, when the player encounters each one of them, the player battles each sage after he/she first encounters Ghetsis. Each Sage has one of the six elemental dragons, Zinzolin has Enogoon, Ryoku has Forestgoon, Giallo has Whirlgoon, Rood has Voltagoon, Bronius has Psykikogoon and Gorm has Dracugoon. Like Black 2 and White 2, each sage excluding Rood and Zinzolin who are at Unova are with either old Team Plasma or new Team Plasma. Gorm and Bronius are with old Team Plasma while Ryoku and Giallo are with new Team Plasma.

Other characters

Cheren- A boy whose goal is to become a Pokemon Champion and one of the friends of Hilbert/Hilda who's currently the gym leader of Aspertia City. Ima had once trained with him before she became Champion. Cheren said he met Roger/Bridget at the Victory Road and battle him/her, but he won the battle. In the Sun and Moon Manga, Moon, Sun, and friends met Cheren at Aspertia City after they heard that Cheren is the Gym Leader. Sun battle Cheren's Delcatty but had trouble defeating it due to it's Cute Charm ability but not until it was defeated by his Reuniclus who happens to be female.

Bianca- Professor Juniper's assisstant, and one of the friends of Hilbert/Hilda. Bianca said she met Henry/Holly at Nuvema Town and battle him/her, but she won. In the Sun and Moon Manga, Bianca gets along very well with the Rookies right after she gave them a tour around Nuvema Town.

Colress- Former member of Team Plasma who helps the player through the story. When first encounter, Colress tells the player how he disagrees with old Team Plasma. On the next encounter, Colress is at the Contest Hall, speak to him and he'll happily trade his Rotom for a Porygon-Z. Then Colress challenges the player, with his previous team from Black 2 and White 2 excluding both his Beheeyem and Rotom who are replaced by Castform and Porygon-Z. Like Black 2 and White 2, Colress can be battled every day in a different area. Colress' Castform knows different weather based moves depending on the season. In Spring, Castform knows Rain Dance and Hydro Pump, in Summer it knows Sunny Day and Fire Blast, in Autumn it knows Sandstorm even though Castform doesn't have that form, in Winter Castform knows Hail and Blizzard. In the Sun and Moon manga, Colress is Moon's father. Before Moon began her journey, Moon always loved her father very much. When Moon began her journey, she finds out that Colress was Team Plasma boss, since then decides to hide from him. However, Colress could easily find his daughter with the help of his Beheeyem. On the next chapter Colress almost found his daughter until Sun saved his friend and ran as far away as possible before Colress left. To Moon everything was fine until her father finally found her and Sun at a forest. First Moon has deep hatred for her father and refused to accept him nor listen to him. Until Colress explains to her the real reason why he joins Team Plasma. Ghetsis hypnotizes him and forced him to join Team Plasma right before he gave her a Pokemon egg that contains a Swablu. After hearing the truth, Moon finally accepts him as her father and promised not to run away again. It's hinted that Colress is very protective over his daughter and dislikes Sun. Like in one chapter Sun taught Moon to climb trees, much to Colress dismay. Another chapter, Colress was angry at Sun for messing up his tablet and brought Moon with him for dangerous adventures.

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