Pokemon Sun and Moon Online is an online game available for Mac OS Snow Leopard-up and Windows 7. It allows players to battle each other online.

Differences from the 3DS version

  • Players can battle other players online.
  • The male and female characters have different appearances; the male player has brown hair and wears a cap, red jacket, and blue jeans while the female has long brown hair and wears a yellow and white T-shirt and blue jeans.
  • The player characters can be customized, by changing their hat, shirt, bottoms, gloves, accesories and shoes. They can also wear Trainer outfits and Pokemon costumes. These things can be bought at the Accessory Shop.
  • Pokemon from all generations can be found in Lukovua and the National Pokedex is automatically obtained at the start of the game.

Locations and Pokemon

Starter Pokemon

Enemy Pokemon

  • Route 19 - Pidove, Patrat, Yellnary,

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