Pokémon Steel and Specter are new Pokémon games that will debut in 2018. They are the second sequels to Pokémon Sun and Moon and take place in the Alola Region 25 years after the events of Sun and Moon


  • Takes place 25 years after Sun and Moon
  • You play as Myrus, Son of Lillie and Sun or Lilac daughter of Lillie and Sun, Myrus is 15 years old and Lilac is 14 years old
  • Team Skull is now good and there is two new evil teams: Dark Aether Foundation and The Moon Cult
  • The Alola Region is now bigger and has three new islands: Polu Island, Oma' Oma Island and Ele'ele Island
  • Over 50 new Pokémon that are related to some older Alola Pokémon, as well as a few completely new ones
  • 15 New Alolan Forms
  • There are now 16 trials as well as gyms in the game, here is a list of them
  • However, there are still kahunas
  • You can customize yourself and your rival
  • Tons of new and familiar characters
  • 12 New Pokeride Features
  • Many more Poké Finder Locations:
  • A bigger Alola Pokédex
  • You can go to the Kanto Region in the post-game where the moon cult is fought
  • Create your own Z-Moves with the Z-Move Studio

Area Changes

  • The route where you live on is The richest area of Hau'oli in a huge mansion owned by Champion Sun and Professor Lillie
  • Iki Town is much bigger
  • Po Town is a much better place now that Team Skull is good
  • Akala Island now has a meadow that can be accessed from the Lush Jungle, however it is slightly different from the other meadows because of the eerie glowing tree in it's center
  • Some inaccessible buildings in Sun and Moon are now accessable
  • Gladion is now a bit like N character wise with him being a bit elusive and deep
  • Aether Paradise is now overgrown with plants and is now a floating Pokémon sanctuary
  • The Aether House on Ula'ula Island is now the Aether HQ with many underground floors
  • Power Plant on Blush Mountain is now accessable
  • Some more Pokémon can be seen in the overworld, such as Exeggutor on Exeggutor Island
  • There is now a safari zone on Route 17


Twenty five years after the events of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Sun and Lillie are happily married with two kids. Sun has been an undefeated champion since he was 11 and is currently known as the most powerful trainer in the world. Lillie is now the professor. Hau is the new Kahuna of Melemele and Gladion is known by few people but those who know him know him as the shadow Champion of Alola because Sun being the champion who protects Alola from the Inside and Gladion supports him on the outside. Lilac and Myrus are siblings and have been rivals since they were little. Lilac is the rival on default if you play as Myrus and Myrus is he rival if you choose to play as Lilac. Meanwhile during Lilac and Myrus's journey a dark organization is starting to show up silently and truths about the two teens lineage will be unveiled with the introduction of Lillie's Father Azuray Mohn being the leader of Dark Aether and the introduction of a shady but sadly familiar Character revealed to be Sun's birth father Darkness Slowly approaches, truths will be unveiled, and decisions will be forced to be made in this new adventure in the region of Alola!

New Pokémon

  • Three new starters and their evolutions that can be obtained later in the game
  • A Rock/Bug type Spider Monkey Pokémon
  • Ibearnate, the evolution of Komala
  • A two stage fire type pig Pokémon
  • An Alternate evolution of Bounsweet
  • A Pre-evolved form of Turtonator
  • A Pre-evolved form of Drampa
  • As well as evolving into Trumbeak, Pikipek has a new possible evolution
  • A small new Grass/Bug type that uses it's star shaped mouth to get food
  • Two new dragon type Pokémon
  • A handful of new evolutions
  • A Pokémon that seems to be based off a hula dancer
  • Three new Eeveelutions
  • A Pokémon that is based off a totem
  • A Manatee like Pokémon that lives off the coast of Ele'ele Island
  • A new duo of water Pokémon based off a swordfish and a dolphin
  • An anteater Pokémon
  • Three new Tapu's
  • 2 new Ultra Beasts

New Battle Mode

New Poké Ride Features

Kangaskhan-You can ride in Kangaskhan's pouch which lets you climb up some small ledges

Hippopotas-Lets you travel through Quicksand

Excadrill-Lets you travel underground

Scyther-Lets you slice through branches

Wailmer-Lets you dive underwater


Trial Captains-


Team Skull-

Elite 4

Aether Foundation (Spoilers)-

Amiibo Support

This game is on the Nintendo Switch, so it can use some exclusive Amiibo's for special gameplay

Nebby and Lillie Amiibo

Mimikyu Amiibo

Alolan Raichu Amiibo

New Areas

Polu Island

Polu Island is the fourth island you go to in the game. It's name is based off Hawaiian for Blue. It is based off the Hawaiian island of Lanai For more info on Polu Island, go to this link:

Oma' Oma Island

Oma' Oma Island is the second island you go to in the game. It's name is based off Hawaiian for Green. It is based off the Hawaiian Island of Molokai

Ele'ele Island

Ele'ele Island is the last island you go to in the game. It is similar to Poni Island, as it has only one city and the rest is wilderness. It's name is based off Hawaiian for Black. It is based off the Hawaiian Island of Niihau

Other new Areas

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