Pokémon Sun 2 and Moon 2 are new Pokémon games that will debut in 2018. They are the sequels to Pokémon Sun and Moon and take place in the Alola Region 2 years after the events of Sun and Moon


  • Takes place 2 years after Sun and Moon
  • You play as Myrus, the boy. Or Lilac, the Girl
  • Team Skull is now good and there is a new villain
  • The Alola Region is now bigger and has three new islands: Polu Island, Oma' Oma Island and Ele'ele Island
  • Over 20 new Pokémon that are related to some older Alola Pokémon
  • 18 New Alolan Forms
  • There are no longer trials, and there are now gyms, 16 of them:
  • However, there are still kahunas
  • You can customize yourself and your rival
  • Tons of new and familiar characters
  • 12 New Poké Ride Features
  • Many more Poké Finder Locations:
  • A bigger Alola Pokédex
  • You can go to the Kanto Region in the post-game

Area Changes

  • The route where you live on is now a small town, called Hau'oli Outskirts
  • Iki Town is much bigger
  • Po Town is a much better place now that Team Skull is good
  • Some inaccessible buildings in Sun and Moon are now accessable
  • Lillie is now the professor of Alola and has her own house
  • Aether Foundation is much bigger
  • Power Plant on Blush Mountain is now accessable
  • Some more Pokémon can be seen in the overworld, such as Exeggutor on Exeggutor Island
  • There is now a safari zone on Route 17


Two Years after the events of Pokémon Sun and Moon, a new trainer is ready for a new adventure. You get to play as Myrus, or Lilac, and discover a brand new Alola region with new characters, new Pokémon and alot of new adventure!

New Pokémon

  1. Pikyu
  2. Aloraikyu
  3. Monstokyu
  4. Dhemysport
  5. Starrboard
  6. Rolipoli
  7. Mightior
  8. Flupchuck
  9. Swashiwishi
  10. Drankid
  11. Drandad
  12. Turtops
  13. Mechotonator
  14. Teebalian
  15. Fortunkey
  16. Bruxbaby
  17. Koalatose
  18. Comatoasty
  19. Snuggly
  20. Salasharp
  21. Tapu Pua'a
  22. Tapu Honu
  23. Tapu Popoki
  24. Alolan Growlithe
  25. Alolan Arcanine
  26. Alolan Paras
  27. Alolan Parasect
  28. Alolan Jynx
  29. Alolan Gastly
  30. Alolan Haunter
  31. Alolan Gengar
  32. Alolan Seel
  33. Alolan Dewgong
  34. Alolan Koffing
  35. Alolan Weezing
  36. Alolan Clefairy
  37. Alolan Clefable
  38. Alolan Mewtwo
  39. Alolan Abra
  40. Alolan Kadabra
  41. Alolan Alakazam

New Battle Mode

New Pokeride Features

Kangaskhan-You can ride in Kangaskhan's pouch which lets you climb up some small ledges

Hippopotas-Lets you travel through Quicksand

Hippowdon-Lets you travel underground


Gym Leaders-


Team Skull-

Elite 4

Aether Foundation (Spoilers)-

New Areas

Polu Island

Polu Island is the third island you go to in the game. It's name is based off Hawaiian for Blue. It is based off the Hawaiian island of Lanai For more info on Polu Island, go to this link:

Oma' Oma Island

Oma' Oma Island is the fourth island you go to in the game. It's name is based off Hawaiian for Green. It is based off the Hawaiian Island of Kauai

Ele'ele Island

Ele'ele Island is the last island you go to in the game. It is similar to Poni Island, as it has only one city and the rest is wilderness. It's name is based off Hawaiian for Black. It is based off the Hawaiian Island of Niihau

Other new Areas