Pokémon Stadium 3 is a stage from the Pokémon series that appears as a starter stage in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse. It resembles the two previous Pokémon Stadiums, however, it is not the same. The idea of the stage is based on this version of Pokémon Stadium.


Pokémon Stadium 2


Home Stage to Pikachu, Zoroark, Purin, Mewtwo
Availability Starter
Size Medium

Pokémon Stadium 3 resembles the two previous Pokémon Stadiums in appearance. However, it is not the same. The stage features a medium sized platform in the middle of a colossal stadium, with spotlights and fireworks, while night, and an invisible crowd. There are also two small platforms in the edges. At times, the stage transforms into different environments. The stage can transform into the following:

  • Bug - This layout features tall grass that covers the stadium and rustles when players move through it. The grass is as tall as Fox, but the player can see their character moving through it. There are also some trees and a small river in the background. Pokémon such as Caterpie, Weedle, Yanma, Ledian, Ninjask and Wrumple appear in the background.
  • Dragon - Large mountain outcroppings cover the stage. These mountains as blueish-grey and have the height of Ganondorf, to about three of them. Players can battle on top of these mountains and items will roll whenever they appear on them. Pokémon such as Altaria, Flygon and Garchomp appear in the background.
  • Dark - The stage darkens, with a moon in the background, shining light on the left side of the stage. A black, metal, spiked courtyard fence is just beyond the characters with a large gate at the centre saying "Keep Out". At times, Murkrow appears in the background and sits on the fence.
  • Steel - A large cinderblock is in the centre of the stage. There two floating platforms on the two edges of the stage made of steel. The conderblock will break when it receives enough damage, similarly to Shadow Moses Island's walls. There are also two very small cinderblocks on the corners of the stage which cannot be broken. Pokémon such as Steelix and Mawile appear in the background.

Music Played

Bolded ones must be unlocked.

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