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Developer(s) KinglerMaster (tbc)
Game Freak
Publisher(s) ThermoBurst
The Pokemon Company
Platform(s) Thermo Z
Wii U
Genre(s) Role-playing game
Monster collecting
Release Date(s)
February 16th, 2018
Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
215px-ESRB Everyone 10+.svg B cero PEGI 7 Usk12
Media Included Wii U Game Disc
Thermo Z Game Disc
Digital Download

Pokemon Stability Version is a Pokemon series RPG for the Thermo Z and Wii U. It was released on February 16th, 2018 internationally.




Type Chart

Aside from some changes to pre-existing types, a new type known as the Cyber type was added to the game. The Cyber type revolves around digital Pokemon or those with futuristic machinery or origins, as well as some extraterrestrials. Examples include Porygon, Elgyem, and Genesect.

The following Pokemon have been retyped (including those retyped outside of the Cyber type):

Icon Pokemon Original Type(s) New Type(s)
100MS Voltorb Electric ElectricCyber
101MS Electrode Electric ElectricCyber
137MS Porygon Normal Cyber
147MS Dratini Dragon DragonWater
148MS Dragonair Dragon DragonWater
150MS Mewtwo Psychic PsychicCyber
233MS Porygon2 Normal Cyber
469MS Yanmega BugFlying BugDragon
474MS Porygon-Z Normal Cyber
479MS Rotom ElectricGhost CyberGhost
479OMS Heat Rotom ElectricFire CyberFire
479FMS Fan Rotom ElectricFlying CyberFlying
479LMS Mow Rotom ElectricGrass CyberGrass
479WMS Wash Rotom ElectricWater CyberWater
479RMS Frost Rotom ElectricIce CyberIce
599MS Klink Steel SteelCyber
600MS Klang Steel SteelCyber
601MS Klinklang Steel SteelCyber
605MS Elgyem Psychic PsychicCyber
606MS Beheeyem Psychic PsychicCyber
627MS Rufflet NormalFlying FightingFlying
628MS Braviary NormalFlying FightingFlying
649MS Genesect BugSteel BugCyber
704MS Goomy Dragon Poison
705MS Sliggoo Dragon Poison
706MS Goodra Dragon DragonPoison

Type Chart Changes

The Cyber type's type matchups are as follows:

Power Types   Power Types
None None

Other Changes:

Grass is now strong against Fairy
Grass is now immune to Fairy
Ice now resists Flying
Ice now resists Water
Poison is now strong against Water

Battle Format

The game's battle format is greatly different than that of traditional Pokemon games. Rather than using a turn-by-turn format, players are able to move freely within a certain area, attacking as they please, dodging enemy attacks (although some are particularly difficult or impossible to dodge), and defending themselves to take less damage, similarly to the series' anime, to change and spice up gameplay a bit. Moves are now used through pressing certain buttons, making the battle system comparable to a fighting game.

Catching Pokemon

Unlike in previous Pokemon games, catching Pokemon works a bit differently. Rather than the player simply weakening the Pokemon and catching it, players also have an option of slowly gaining the Pokemon's trust, which will not only give them high friendship when caught but also give you a higher chance of catching the Pokemon. Some Pokemon take longer to trust the player than others; however, it is possible for almost all Pokemon.


The friendship mechanic plays a much bigger role in this game than previously. Rather than it simply deciding evolutions of certain Pokemon, the power of Return and Frustration, and certain in-game events, friendship plays a big role in a Pokemon's trust and loyalty. Pokemon with low friendship will likely disobey the player, and the more their friendship is decreased, the chance of said effect happening is raised. Higher friendship also brings effects from Pokemon-Amie in Gens 6 and 7, as Pokemon-Amie now raises friendship rather than the different and separate affection.



The Samazo region is the main region of the game. It is named after the Japanese word for diverse (さまざまな Samazamana). It is a rather large region split into five sections; North Samazo, West Samazo, Central Samazo, East Samazo, and South Samazo. The player starts in the central area, but flies to the north. They must then adventure the region in a clockwise order. However, Gyms can be fought in any order.

North Samazo is easily the most traditional part of the region, with the cities and areas being very natural and old-fashioned. It is in a constant debate with the southern part of the region on whether tradition or technology is more important.

West Samazo is the most advanced and expensive part of the region. It contains many mansions and most of its inhabitants are rich. However, its westernmost areas are of a hot and sandy climate and environment. It is the least populated part of the region, excluding the center.

Central Samazo is the smallest part of the region and also where the player originates from. It does not have many features; its most notable features are its Pokemon Champion's Tournament and Professor Baobab's Pokemon Lab.

East Samazo is the most populated part of the region, featuring many attractions, such as a Pokemon Amusement Park, Hotel, beautiful beach, and Department Store.

South Samazo is the most technological, advanced, and polluted side of the region. It is constantly in a feud with North Samazo on whether tradition or technology is more important.

Samazo Locations


Pt Sinnoh
The Sinnoh region is a Pokemon region from Generation IV. It is the region where the Pokemon world was rumored to start, as Arceus, the supposed creator of the Pokemon universe, hatched here and created this region. The player initially comes here to learn more about Arceus and the creation trio, but after learning there is a Pokemon League here, decides to partake in Sinnoh's Pokemon League challenge as well.

Pokemon Ranch

Replacing the Pokemon Day Care, the Pokemon Ranch is a facility given to the player that can be bought for $20000 in-game. Once obtained, the player gets to keep this farm to themselves; this works as a larger PC box of sorts where Pokemon can roam freely and the such. The player can also breed Pokemon here; up to 3 Breeding Rooms can be unlocked, all of which allow Pokemon to breed within them. After receiving an Egg, the player must hatch the egg as usual. A friendly man known as Papo and his daughter Gloria take care of your Pokemon while you're away.

Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution works considerably different in this game than in Gen 6. Rather than the player simply entering Mega Evolution through transforming during battle, the player has the option of Mega Evolving outside of battle, making it usable as if it was a regular Pokemon. However, in this state, the Pokemon cannot learn any new moves by any method except for TMs/HMs and tutoring (where they may learn new moves through this method), and they must hold the Mega Stone at all times as otherwise they will revert to their normal form. Mega Evolutions will wear off after a certain amount of time, with the time limit varying depending on the Mega Stone. Once the Mega Evolution is done being used, the player must wait for the Mega Stone to recharge before it is used again.

Many new Mega Evolutions are introduced to this game.

HM Slot

The HM Slot is a separate move slot that is exclusively meant for HMs. This is done so that trainers do not limit their Pokemon's movepools with HMs, while still being able to use them, both in and outside of battle. HM Moves are not limited to HM Slots; however, it is recommended to use at least one in an HM Slot, to have a varied moveset. The move in an HM Slot can still be used in battle.

Arcane Jewels

Arcane Jewels are a new feature in the game that work as special attributes that change a Pokemon's performance. These Jewels are equipped in a secondary item slot, being completely unrelated to the primary item slot. However, Arcane Jewels cannot be used instead of a regular item, making them restricted to their slot. Arcane Jewels have many effects in battle, such as boosting certain types of moves, applying some effects, or raising stats.



NOTE: Locations in each section of Samazo are listed from northernmost to southernmost.

Locations in North Samazo:

Name Description
Hyogor Town A small, old-fashioned town up in the northern mountains. The city, similarly to Pacifidlog Town of the Hoenn region, is built on natural material; in this case, the entire city is built on a series of glaciers.
Shynwell Town A town with lots of lore behind it; it is said to be where the Pokemon of peace and war fought and also where the Pokemon of peace rests. It features a retirement home, making it a common place for seniors to reside in.
Jumokel Town A very small town located deep in the woods. If not for its famous herbal medicine and nearby Pokemon Gym, this town would generally be forgotten.
Mizumor Town A town that's popular for Fisherman; it features a large lake and river running through it, making it one of the best spots in the region to fish. It features a popular seafood restaurant known as Frank's Fish, owned by the player's uncle.

Locations in West Samazo:

Name Description
Yufuko City A rather rich city with wealthy inhabitants. It features high-class restaurants and attractions, many mansions, and hedges shaped to resemble Pokemon. It is West Samazo's wealthiest city. It features a Gym, which is one of the mansions itself.
Yuutsa Town A rather depressing and negative town that is the way it is due to being a human and Pokemon graveyard, resulting in many inhabitants and visitors to be sad about their losses. It is comparable to Lavender Town of Kanto.
Erekutor City A bustling city with game corners, dirty apartments, and various bars. It is considered to be the poorest place in the West side of Samazo; as a result, it is often looked down upon by W-Samazo's other cities. It features a gym underground, in the sewers.
Kyoi City A Pokemon city that is heavily driven by academics; it cares for education more than anything, and is considered the perfect place to live the last days of your life. It is the location of the PTU, or Pokemon Trainer University.

Locations in Central Samazo:

Name Description
Kaisi Village A small village and the player's hometown. Its most well-known feature is Professor Boabab's Pokemon Laboratory.
Saigoro City A famous city tat hosts the Pokemon Champion's Tournament, the final test for trainers in Samazo. It also features skilled trainers itching for battles.

Locations in East Samazo:

Name Description
Isogashe City The biggest city and capital of the Samazo region. It features many attractions (including the Pokemon Universal Championship, Samazo National Hotel, and various restaurants), and is similar to similarly enormous cities such as Castelia City and Lumiose City.
Tanoshel City The region's second largest city and a common attraction for tourists. It features the Pokemon Amusement Park and a large, popular park known as Tanoshel Park. A gym is located within Tanoshel Park.
Shisol City Another popular city featuring a department store and beautiful beach. It also has many smaller hotels (although the don't compare to Samazo National Hotel) and is home to the Pokemon Universal Championship.
Mekal Town A small town that wouldn't be noticed if it weren't for its engineering workshop and huge marshes, as well as a secret gym in a marsh nearby. The region's Safari Zone is located near here.

Locations in South Samazo:

Name Description
Denkir City A large city with a huge power plant in the center that supposedly fuels all of Samazo's electricity. It is generally dirty and polluted and sadly, not much people in the area care to clean it.
Tobakor Town Also known as the "Gaming City", Tokabor Town is home to gamers of all kinds, and features various arcades, gaming tournaments, and even the Game Freak HQ. It also features an arcade-based Gym.
Sensore City A city with the military base of the region, hosting the region's weapons and the such. Not many live here and it is restricted to many due to its purpose and environment.
Suiyo Town A small town by the sea with a dock, harbor, and many ships, for various purposes. It also features a beach that, unlike East Samazo's more popular kind, is made more for calmness and relaxation due to its few visitors, quiet atmosphere and environment, and beautiful scenery.



Team Destiny

Team Mystic


For a more in-depth and descriptive form of the Pokedex, see here.

Starter Pokemon

The Samazo region offers up to three choices on Starter Pokemon: the Grass-type Pokemon Wisterit, the Fire-type Pokemon Calflame, and the Water-type Pokemon Pourchin.

Wisterit, the Seed Pokemon Grass
Wisterit GrassVintom GrassGhostSpiritree GrassGhost
Calflame, the Calf Pokemon Fire
Calflame FireCattlava FireTauroast FireRock
Pourchin, the Sea Urchin Pokemon Water
Pourchin WaterEchinumb WaterPoisonSpinox WaterPoison

Samazo Pokedex

Section Dex No. Regional Dex No. Pokémon Type
Central Samazo Pokedex
C001 001 000MS Wisterit
The Seed Pokemon
C002 002 000MS Vintom
The Spirit Vine Pokemon
Grass Ghost
C003 003 000MS Spiritree
The Wisteria Pokemon
Grass Ghost
C004 004 000MS Calflame
The Calf Pokemon
C005 005 000MS Cattlava
The Hardening Pokemon
Fire Rock
C006 006 000MS Tauroast
The Magma Bull Pokemon
Fire Rock
C007 007 000MS Pourchin
The Sea Urchin Pokemon
C008 008 000MS Echinumb
The Toxic Urchin Pokemon
Water Poison
C009 009 000MS Spinox
The Toxic Urchin Pokemon
Water Poison
C010 010 000MS Hummzap
The Hummingbird Pokemon
Electric Flying
C011 011 000MS Trocharge
The Hummingbird Pokemon
Electric Flying
C012 012 519MS Pidove
The Tiny Pigeon Pokemon
Normal Flying
C013 013 520MS Tranquill
The Wild Pigeon Pokemon
Normal Flying
C014 014 521MS Unfezant
The Proud Pokemon
Normal Flying
C014 014 000MS Mega Unfezant♂
The Fiery Bird Pokemon
Fire Flying
C014 014 000MS Mega Unfezant♀
The Frost Bird Pokemon
Ice Flying
C015 015 406MS Budew
The Bud Pokemon
Grass Poison
C016 016 315MS Roselia
The Thorn Pokemon
Grass Poison
C017 017 407MS Roserade
The Bouquet Pokemon
Grass Poison
C018 018 000MS Dimibush
The Bush Pokemon
C019 019 000MS Teleshrub
The Psychic Shrub Pokemon
Grass Psychic
C020 020 000MS Kineshrub
The Psychic Shrub Pokemon
Grass Psychic
C021 021 000MS Possham
The Roadkill Pokemon
C022 022 000MS Impossum
The Fraud Pokemon
North Samazo Pokedex
N001 023 613MS Cubchoo
The Chill Pokemon
N002 024 614MS Beartic
The Freezing Pokemon
N002 024 000MS Mega Beartic
The Protective Pokemon
Ice Fighting
N003 025 615MS Cryogonal
The Crystallizing Pokemon
N004 026 000MS Feargloo
The Timid Pokemon
N005 027 000MS Bravgloo
The Brave Pokemon
Ice Fighting
N006 028 000MS Snowmy
The Snowman Pokemon
N007 029 000MS Frigiman
The Snowman Pokemon
Ice Fairy
N008 030 361MS Snorunt
The Snow Hat Pokemon
N009 031 362MS Glalie
The Face Pokemon
N009 031 362MMS Mega Glalie
The Frozen Jaw Pokemon
N010 032 478MS Froslass
The Snow Land Pokemon
Ice Ghost
N010 032 000MS Mega Froslass
The Spirit Pokemon
Ice Ghost
N011 033 220MS Swinub
The Pig Pokemon
Ice Ground
N012 034 221MS Piloswine
The Swine Pokemon
Ice Ground
N013 035 473MS Mamoswine
The Twin Tusk Pokemon
Ice Ground
N014 036 095MS Onix
The Rock Snake Pokemon
Rock Ground
N015 037 208MS Steelix
The Iron Snake Pokemon
Steel Ground
N015 037 208MMS Mega Steelix
The Invulnerability Pokemon
Steel Ground
N016 038 459MS Snover
The Frost Tree Pokemon
Grass Ice
N017 039 460MS Abomasnow
The Frost Tree Pokemon
Grass Ice
N017 039 460MMS Mega Abomasnow
The Icicle Tree Pokemon
Grass Ice
N018 040 215MS Sneasel
The Sharp Claw Pokemon
Dark Ice
N019 041 461MS Weavile
The Sharp Claw Pokemon
Dark Ice
N020 042 163MS Hoothoot
The Owl Pokemon
Normal Flying
N021 043 164MS Noctowl
The Owl Pokemon
Normal Flying
N021 043 000MS Mega Noctowl
The Silent Pokemon
Ghost Flying
N022 044 000MS Scarabice
The Dung Beetle Pokemon
Bug Ice
N023 045 000MS Dunglaci
The Dung Beetle Pokemon
Bug Ice
N024 046 000MS Bugleam
The Glow Worm Pokemon
N025 047 313MS Volbeat
The Firefly Pokemon
N026 048 314MS Illumise
The Firefly Pokemon
N027 049 129MS Magikarp
The Fish Pokemon
N028 050 130MS Gyarados
The Atrocious Pokemon
Water Flying
M009 050 130MMS Mega Gyarados
The Atrocious Pokemon
Water Dark
N029 051 456MS Finneon
The Wing Fish Pokemon
N030 052 457MS Lumineon
The Neon Pokemon
M010 052 000MS Mega Lumineon
The Colorful Pokemon
Water Fairy
N031 053 000MS Frozube
The Ice Cube Pokemon
N032 054 000MS Tumorice
The Tumor Pokemon
N033 055 000MS Golemass
The Ice Cube Pokemon
N034 056 263MS Zigzagoon
The Tiny Raccoon Pokemon
N035 057 264MS Linoone
The Rushing Pokemon
N036 058 000MS Hoppa
The Grasshopper Pokemon
Bug Grass
N037 059 000MS Caeleaf
The Grasshopper Pokemon
Bug Grass
N038 060 000MS Bounsect
The Grasshopper Pokemon
Bug Grass
N039 061 000MS Beevil
The Control Pokemon
Bug Ghost
N040 062 000MS Waspirit
The Hypnotic Pokemon
Bug Ghost
N041 063 000MS Jewelore
The Crystal Pokemon
N042 064 000MS Orwreck
The Crystal Pokemon
N043 065 000MS Gemyth
The Crystal Dragon Pokemon
Rock Dragon
N044 066 703MS Carbink
The Jewel Pokemon
Rock Fairy
M011 066 000MS Mega Carbink
The Radiative Jewel Pokemon
Rock Psychic
N045 067 585MS Deerling
The Season Pokemon
Normal Grass
N046 068 586MS Sawsbuck
The Season Pokemon
Normal Grass
N047 069 590MS Foongus
The Mushroom Pokemon
Grass Poison
N048 070 591MS Amoonguss
The Mushroom Pokemon
Grass Poison
N049 071 000MS Stumpy
The Tree Stump Pokemon
Grass Poison
N050 072 000MS Grasslack
The Tree Stump Pokemon
Grass Poison
N051 073 000MS Venomoak
The Poison Tree Pokemon
Grass Poison
N052 074 535MS Tympole
The Tadpole Pokemon
N053 075 536MS Palpitoad
The Vibration Pokemon
Water Ground
N054 076 537MS Seismitoad
The Vibration Pokemon
Water Ground
N055 077 000MS Jestor
The Jack-in-the-Box Pokemon
Dark Ghost

Arcane Jewels

For a more detailed list of Arcane Jewels, see here.

Basic Jewel Combo Jewel Aero Jewel Toxic Jewel Geo Jewel Crag Jewel
Volu Jewel Necro Jewel Ferro Jewel Pyro Jewel Hydro Jewel Phyllo Jewel
Electro Jewel Mento Jewel Cryo Jewel Thirio Jewel Umbra Jewel Amo Jewel
Techno Jewel EX Jewel Joy Jewel Boost Jewel Sturdy Jewel Power Jewel
Protection Jewel Tele-Jewel Resistance Jewel Rapid Jewel Dodge Jewel Precision Jewel
Venom Jewel Zap Jewel Drowsy Jewel Magma Jewel Snow Jewel Dizzy Jewel

Pokemon League

Samazo's Pokemon League is different than that of previous generations. Rather than each gym revolving around a specific type, the gyms revolve around a specific theme. So, for example, the Kewaso Town Gym is based on a cave, with the gym being designed after one, and the Gym Trainers and Leader using Pokemon that inhabit caves. There are a total of 6 Gyms in Samazo, in constrast to previous generations' 8. Upon obtaining all 6 Gym Badges, the player can challenge the Pokemon Champion's Tournament, which is an enormous tournament where trainers will battle, with losing trainers being removed from the tournament. That who wins not only wins a trophy, but access to fight the Elite Four in the same tournament battlefield. Defeating the Elite Four allows you to fight the Champion, who once defeated, allows you to take the title of Champion yourself and enter the Hall of Fame.

The game's gyms can be challenged in any order, but the gyms' difficulty varies based on how many badges the player has. Therefore, unlike previous Pokemon games, the Pokemon League is more of a side-quest than actual focus.

Gym Leaders

To view information on a Gym Leader, click on their name.

Gym Leader Theme Location Badge
Natalie Forest Jumokel Woods Nature Badge
Keira Mansion Yufuko City Advanced Badge
Terrance Sewers Erekutor Sewers Murky Badge
Donna Cave Tanoshel Park Joy Badge
Foster Swamp Mekal Marsh Swamp Badge
Frederick Arcade Tabakor Arcade Byte Badge




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