Boxart of the Bootleg.

Pokemon ShadowFall Version is a bootleg Pokemon game. It contains a hacked ROM of FireRed, with lots and lots of differences.

One thing to note is that it does use profane language never used in a Pokemon game, and is translated horribly from it's native country of Russia.


  • Several "new" pokemon as well as some newer pokemon from future generations. Also contains Digimon for some reason.
  • Mega Evolutions "added" although they work very differently.
  • New routes and towns.
  • Player characters sprites changed.
  • Starter Pokemon are different.


Player Characters

Image Character Info
Sabrina Sabrina The female protagonist. Oddly enough, this is the first choice in the bootleg, as opposed to BOY.
Red the trainer Red Red remains unchanged from the original game.


Mega Evolutions

Image Character PokeDex Info Source
Mega Magnezone Mega Magnezone fucking elf monster magnet o. bricken zap zap pwer. Darkface13
Mega serperior by darkheroic-d6isc3t Mega Serperior elf elf vine o drug. fuck die. Darkheroic
Mewthree by Psyentists Mega Mewthree mew mew mothafucka. blast psi beam pew pew. Psyentists
MegaDunsparce Mega Dunsparce X cry to the god you fuck. elf monster got here shit. Unknown
MegaDunspaceY Mega Dunsparce Y god you stupid fuck. genie weed dreams drug bag FUCK. Unknown
Klunkadunk Mega Klinklang shit is motherfuka train? drug bag fukk! locomotive111
Mega bellossom by locomotive111-d6mjbbb Mega Bellossom tell me sesame street carries flowers? no shit it don't bert. locomotive111
Mega golurk by locomotive111-d6idra5 Mega Golurk how about go lurk somewhere else. like butt. locomotive111

New Pokemon

Image Character PokeDex Info Source
Mewthree by Icaro382 Mewthree powerful poke ball mothafucker. clone three fucking damn. Icaro382
Caelcer by Shard Caelcer splice dna motha fucker. motha of genetic mutant. Pyroaura98
Mew-RZ Mew-RZ man yo betta fuk off elf monster dangerous fuck yeah. porygon mewtwo shit. Bonnyjohn
Glaminus by hyshirey-d72f90x Glaminus ice water tomorrow or any day. but watch out dude. Hyshirey
Paladrake by smiley fakemon-d6ydy64 Paladrake shit man sword on tank action. elf monster steam dang. smiley-fakemon
Pokeween-anchurl Anchurl anchor motha fcker. the even parallel a Furler's devecystsloping "barnacles". Bogleech
Pokeween-expinal Expinal was even retconned an ululation/ting6ing type 7767to pure tingling 54fter Vools caught th777676555e rrence. wea of both physical d metaphysical particles, Expinal's design seems to loosely sym]box5rtlize an awakenetd xhghgospine. will weep for children. Bogleech
Pokeween-FRENDD FRENDD tethered all the way through the black zones to another aberrant pok[[[mon seeminW3gly knit together from pure junk-data. tits only known move, also called "GOOD?," another simply replenishes pok[[[mon's pseudomaFUCKTABer at th3e cost of its own. Bogleech

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