This is a list of all new Pokemon in Pokemon Sanity and Insanity. Pokedex entries will be completed evantually. new Pokemon. The majority of the new Pokemon names belong to WaterTrainer (This will change soon).


Pokemon Type Status Sanity Pokedex Entry Insanity Pokedex Entry
Peutosa Grass Starter It makes its home on high cliffs and eats other plants. It makes its home on high cliffs and practices its climbing skills.
Nervoppa Grass Starter Evolution It feels stronger so it reaches the ground. It is a deadly predator. It is braver then Peutosa and challenges anyone who threatens it.
Reptirose Grass/Dragon Starter Final Evolution It no longer needs food to survive and decides to live in peace. It offers fruit to children. Reptirose uses its new wings to fly and help young Peutosa. It has a keen sense of smell.
Mutheart Fire Starter Mutheart is born in volcanoes. It feeds on the volcanic ash it emits. Mutheart is said to come from volcanoes. It feeds on ash and lava.
Predyo Fire Starter Evolution Predyo runs across the desert at high speeds, leaving a trail of fire behind it. Predyo can leap as far a seven meters easily.
Wolame Fire/Ground Starter Final Evolution Wolame can generate smoke from its back sacs, using it to blind enemies. Wolame can stomp the ground to produce small earthquakes.
Sharpin Water Starter Sharpin can hold its breath for half an hour, similar to a whale. Sharpin is a mammal that is gifted with the ability to swim faster then most other fish.
Surfpin Water Starter Evolution Surfpin can stay underwater for an hour and hunts sharks. Surfpin enjoys floating on the top of waves, as it gets a view of the sky.
Arctifin Water/Ice Starter Final Evolution Arctifin has grown a tail and can stay underwater for four hours at a time. Arctifin loves to watch the stars at night. It knows all the constellations by heart.
Hamolia Normal Normal Hamoila is a common pet among Trainers and is not usually used for battling. Hamolia is a popular Pokemon for Trainers. It is not amazingly strong but is still useful.
Hamfuzz Normal Normal; Evolves from Hamstarr Hamfuzz comforts its children by letting them use it as a pillow. It can be very agressive to Trainers though. Hamfuzz offers to use itself as a pillow to those it trusts. It however has an agressive side to enemies.


Normal Paracaw can sense evil in humans and tries to protect the good. Paracaw is nicknamed "Savior of the Weak" as it protects growing Pokemon.
Heroclaw Normal/Flying Normal; Evolves from Paracaw Heroclaw can fly at 20 miles an hour. Humans have no hope to escape it, but Mawclaw usually only gives warnings. Heroclaw is a protector of all Pokemon. It occasionally joins in horde battles to prevent its friends from losing.
Batkaw Dark/Flying Normal; Evolves from Heroclaw Batkaw now punishes the evil and pecks at the unworthy with its long beak. Batkaw has adapted its wing to those of a bat to frighten evildoers. Batkaw is generally forgiving but holds massive grudges.
Kerstik Bug Normal Kerstik is afraid of humans and sticks to trees to hide. Paracaw occasionally flys around its trees. Kerstik shoots needles out of its back to protect itself.
Stickleaf Bug/Grass Normal; Evolves from Kerstik Stickleaf drops tree limbs on unsuspecting prey then sticks it to another tree for later. As a result of Paracaw's protection, Stickleaf has grown a sense of heroism.
Votsect Electric Normal Votsect can generate enough energy to power a city block. It is shy to other Pokemon. Votsect can climb up walls and send electricity though its legs.
Wireshock Electric Normal; Evolves from Volsect. Weashock can generate eletricity to power entire towns without even knowing it. It dumbfounds professors studing Pokemon.
Spidox Bug/Poison Normal Spidox only resides in dark caves and eats other bugs for its meals.
Aracinom Bug/Poison Normal; Evolves from Spidox. Aracinom comes out of its cave at nighttime to hunt prey. It can poison anything it bites. Even its webs are poisonous.
Moonky Psychic Normal Moonky is an extraterristrial mammal and tries to create piles of junk to reach the moon. It is rumored that Moonky came from the moon. Scientists are trying to find out how this is possible.
Lunape Psychic/Normal Normal; Evolves from Moonky Lunape has outgrown its wanting of the moon and admires it with joy instead of sadness. Using its new joy, it is stronger in battle. Lunape has the ability to read the minds of Pokemon. It uses this to its advantage in battle.
Darpup Dark Normal Darpup is said to be born only on full moons. It's bite can stun foes. Darpup has a special ability that lets it frighten anyone close to it.
Weremutt Dark Normal; Evolves from Darpup (Moon Stone at night) Weremutt has a special ability that freezes anyone in fear it makes eye contact with. As a result, it usually keeps its eye shut, using its nose to sniff out opponents. Weremutt roams fields at night. It has the power to poison a foe with one bite.
Glovee Bug Normal Glovee is used to glow dark areas for humans. It plays along, but is tricky to stay in one place. Glovee's natural habitat are caves, but it comes out at night to enjoy the breeze.
Glocoon Bug/Ground Normal; Evolves from Glovee Glocoon is used to glow dark areas like Glovee, but stays in one place very well. Mushrooms grow on Glocoon. They send nutrients to the growing Pokemon.
Glofly Bug/Flying Normal; Evolves from Glocoon Glofly are rare Pokemon and try to avoid humans.
Krochic Dark/Flying Normal; Evolves into Murkrow Krochic loves to scare other Pokemon, leaving as soon as it scares them. (Can only be caught in Pokemon Insaity) Krochic is celebrated around in Kindra Town in parties. One was said to save young children from a flaming building.
Sudotreedo Rock Normal; Evolves from Sudowoodo Sudotreedo is said to lure humans into deep woods then abondons them alone. Sudotreedo is agressive to Trainers, said to abondon them in the woods.
Lastic Normal Normal Lastic is made of a stretchy material that it uses to get to areas it cannot reach. Lastic's rubbery skin cannot feel pain. It is an advantage and disadvantage to Lastic.
Terraz Electric/Flying Normal
Petrovolt Electric/Flying Normal; Evolves from Terraz
Toron Rock Normal Toron uses its rocky shape to camaflouge itself. It is a shy Pokemon.
Oriture Rock Normal; Evolves from Toron Oriture feeds on steel and iron, making it a nuisence to humans. When Oriture eats steel and iron, it actually hardens its insides to make itself stronger.
Natoron Steel Normal; Evolves from Oriture Natoron has its own steel "armor" it uses to protect itself. It is happy to give chunks of it to humans as it regenerates.
Kecid Normal Normal; Evolves into Kecleon
Pachirize Electric Normal; Evolves from Pachirisu
Geckone Psychic Normal Geckone's exterior is made of stone. It's brain is a magical diamond. Geckone's IQ is estimated to be about 255.
Rubal Normal Normal
Rubunny Normal Normal; Evolves from Rubal
Floby Ice Normal
Nimblow Ice/Flying Normal; Evolves from Floby
Cirribus Ice/Flying Normal; Evolves from Nimblow
Rexite Ground/Fire Normal
Tarexite Ground/Fire Normal; Evolves from Rexite
Sandugg Bug/Ground Normal
Sandsactt Bug/Ground Normal; Evolves from Sandugg
Fyant Bug/Fire Normal Fyant burns its prey in groups for easy food.
Defyant Bug/Fire Normal; Evolves from Fyant Defyant is quicker then Fyant and now hunts on its own.
Dustidon Ground Normal
Zappy Electric Normal
Rushot Electric

Normal; Evolves from Zappy

Raizid Rock Normal
Raizodon Rock/Water Normal; Evolves from Raizid (Male)
Darchrys Rock/Dark Normal; Evolves from Raizid (Female)
Glydril Water/Flying Normal
Shrubsea Water Normal
Scrubsea Water Normal; Evolves from Shrubsea
Weedsea Grass Normal
Kelpsea Grass Normal; Evolves from Weedsea
Armostyl Rock Normal Armostyl is often sighted in caves. It helps humans mine for gemstones.
Metastyl Rock Normal; Evolves from Armostone Metastyl hides in deep caves waiting for evolution. Metastyl can still defend itself though.
Ankylostyl Steel Normal; Evolves from Armorock Ankylostyl has a pointed tail, used for cracking open coconuts. It resides in the deepest of caves.
Blimswish Flying Normal Blimswish is friendly and offers rides to humans. When it is angry, it attacks them. Blimswish is generally friendly. It lets humans ride its back.
Blimness Dark/Flying Normal; Evolves from Irimp Blimness is like Irimp but can fit five humans at once. It also can control its temper quite well. Blimness is said to fly though the underworld when it is alone. Its eyes can see in the darkness well.
Roobeo Fighting Normal
Roobeop Fighting/Psychic Normal; Evolves from Roobeo
Cuburn Fire Normal
Grizzburn Fire Normal; Evolves from Cuburn
Kidlit Fire Normal Kidlit is a nimble Pokemon and often races with other speedy Pokemon like Rapidash.
Billaze Fire Normal; Evolves from Kidlit Billaze is amazingly fast and is considered the fastest by many. Billaze wants joy for all of humanity.
Miroreflect Steel Normal Miroreflect is used to create stronger materials.
Reflectron Steel/Psychic Normal; Evolves from Miroreflect Reflectron can create mirrors between worlds.
Aquad Water/Fighting Normal Aquad sticks in groups and practices with each other.
Smaqua Water/Fighting Normal; Evolves from Aquad Smaqua is the leader of an Aquad group. It is protective of its children and scares other Pokemon away.
Guppish Water Normal
Egwater Water/Grass Normal; Evolves from Guppish
Glyfin Water/Psychic Normal; Evolves from Guppish
Seagic Water/Steel Normal; Evolves from Guppish
Amagwl Water/Rock Normal; Evolves from Guppish
Valenheart Water Normal; Evolves from Luvdisc
Toxidon Poison Normal
Snapike Poison/Ground Normal; Evolves from Snapike
Lissnick Poison Normal; Evolves into Seviper
Viperside Poison/Flying Normal; Evolves from Seviper
Zangi Normal Normal; Evolves into Zangoose


Normal; Evolves into Yanma
Hydrop Water/Psychic Normal
Lubeet Bug Normal; Evolves into Volbeet (Leveling) or Illumise (Moon Stone)
Neobeet Bug/Electric Normal; Evolves from Volbeet
Neomise Bug/Electric Normal; Evolves from Illumise
Solshrub Grass Normal
Solstance Grass Normal; Evolves from Solshrub
Razzip Normal Normal
Panpa Normal Normal
Oppanda Normal Normal; Evolves from Panpa
Dronemite Bug Normal; Evolves from Combee (Male with a Thunderstone) Dronemite is under the spell of Vespiquen, but still can make some decisions on its own.
Ivyvine Grass Normal; Evolves into Carnivine
Staroon Rock/Psychic Normal; Evolves into Lunatone
Oreon Rock Normal; Evolves from Eevee In the center of its heart rests a diamond. Its eyes can see in the dark fairly well.
Nimbeon Flying Normal; Evolves from Eevee
Posieon Poison Normal; Evolves from Eevee
Flutteon Bug Normal; Evolves from Eevee
Gaslite Ghost/Fire Normal
Candgas Ghost/Fire Normal; Evolves from Gaslite


Psyhic Normal
Psycast Psyhic Normal; Evolves from Psycharm
Tutum Ghost Normal
Karman Ghost Normal; Evolves from Tutum
Caspeek Fire Normal
Scarerie Ghost/Fire Normal; Evolves from Gaspeek
Wererie Ghost/Fighting Normal; Evolves from Scarerie
Torpet Grass Normal; Evolves into Tropius
Sqiudart Water Normal
Lisquid Water/Dark Normal; Evolves from Sqiudart
Herover Grass Normal
Forestone Grass/Rock Normal; Evolves from Herover
Mountree Grass/Rock Normal; Evolves from Forestone
Chromite Steel Normal
Chrodon Steel Normal; Evolves from Chromite
Skeledeep Water/Ghost Normal
Moofork Ice Normal
Moosickle Ice Normal; Evolves from Moofork
Avalow Ice Normal
Avachill Ice Normal; Evolves from Avalow
Avaplow Ice/Flying Normal; Evolves from Avachill (Male)
Nawhale Water/Flying Normal
Unihorn Water/Flying Normal; Evolves from Unihorn
Delichic Ice/Flying Normal; Evolves into Delibird
Delistork Ice/Flying Normal; Evolves from Delibird
Creekit Bug Normal
Breepep Bug Normal; Evolves from Creekit
Bashopper Bug/Flying Normal; Evolves from Breepep
Bearpert Fighting/Flying Normal
Foal Ice/Ground Normal
Spiripup Normal Normal
Spirion Normal/Dark Normal; Evolves from Spiripup
Conflagrant Poison Normal
Transmooda Grass (Spring); Fire (Summer); Bug (Autumn); Ice (Winter) Normal
Stariage Water Normal; Evolves from Starmite
Parasima Posion/Flying Normal
Lavason Fire Normal
Piloson Flying Normal
Ribofly Dark/Flying Normal; Evolves from Piloson
Clamagon Dragon/Flying Normal; Evolves from Piloson
Fairily Fairy/Flying Normal; Evolves from Piloson
Solaran Fire Legendary

Solaran controls the planet's core, and knows that one day it may melt. In order to keep it from happening sooner, it collects coal to heat it.

Lunaro Water Legendary Lunaro commands the tide of the sea. It has a pure heart.
Cellance Grass Legendary Cellance controls plant growth and is responsible for crop circles. Cellance is blind, but can sense heat.
Gazear Fighting/Psychic Legendary Gazear keeps Solaran, Lunaro, and Cellance under control and keeps itself hidden to Trainers. If startled, Gazear will send powerful plasma beams out of its eyes.
Hallowpump Grass/Ghost Legendary Hallowpump was created by a mystical energy. It is actually friendly to humans, but they do not realize it. Its roots are said to reach miles underground. When a spirit went inside a pumpkin, the pumpkin grew a face and arms on its long stalk. It is said to inspire the first jack o' lantern.
Majin Dark/Ghost Legendary Majin controls an evil dimension and steals from others. Majin is a being of pure evil. It is said it influences the evil side of humans and Pokemon.
Ersting Psychic/Fairy Legendary Ersting is the spirit of sanity. It can cure the insane of their insanity. Ersting is the spirit of sanity. It can cure the insane of their condition.
Dustingur Psychic/Dark Legendary Dustingur is the spirit of insanity. Its mere presence can bring a full grown human into the depths of insanity.

Dustingur is the spirit of insanity. It can turn a full grown human into the depths of dark insanity.

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