Pokemon Saga Reborn is a Pokemon Game, that doesn't use the standard RPG gameplay, and instead uses Action RPG gameplay, similar to the PokePark series. 



The Obsatte and Srin Regions

Click here for a list of the Routes and the Wild Pokemon. 

Gym Leaders

Forgive the awkward strech of this table.

Picture? Name Typing Location Badge Pokemon TM
Wingo Flying Airloft City Soaring Badge

Pidgey Lv. 14


Lv. 16


Air Slash

Nate/Natelie Normal Casinno City Risk Badge

Raticate Lv. 21 

Minccino Lv. 21


Final Gambit

Toxianne Poison Redji Town Toxicated Badge

Grimer    Lv. 27

Nidoqueen Lv. 30

Bradly Bug Tynee Town Metamorphis Badge

Butterfree Lv. 31

Vivillon  Lv. 31

Pinsir    Lv. 35

Gruely Dark Soulight Town Eerie Badge

Zoroark Lv. 35

Houndoom Lv. 36

Absol     Lv.  40

Climberton Ground Arcania Ledge Stonecrush Badge

Donphan Lv. 38

Sandslash Lv. 40


Lv. 45

Violetona Dragon Dragon Rust City Fang Rush Badge

Dragonair Lv. 47

Sliggoo Lv. 50


Lv. 51

Garchop Lv. 53

Souliam Ghost Gravid Town Soulsnatch Badge

Bannette Lv. 51

Cofagrigus Lv. 53

Spiritomb Lv. 54

Shedinja Lv. 56

Gengar Lv. 59

Infernado Fire Vineline City Bomb Burst Badge

Delphox Lv. 59

Flareon Lv. 61

Volcarona Lv. 64

Talenia Fairy Pixeldo City Mythight Badge

Florges Lv. 61

Sylveon Lv. 62

Mawile   Lv. 63

Gardevoir Lv. 65

Wally Wave Water Atnautis City Shell Locke Badge


Lv. 62

Vaporeon Lv.  63

Clawitzer Lv. 63

Gyrados Lv. 66

Plantom Grass Vineline City Seedling Badge

Chesnaught Lv. 63

Leafeon  Lv. 62

Ferrothorn Lv. 64

Abomasnow Lv. 65

Marty  Fighting Millson Town Mixed Badge

Conkeldurr Lv. 63

Pangoro Lv. 65

Gallade Lv. 66

Lucario Lv. 67

Robin Steele Steel Ryots City Sharpened Badge

Metagross Lv. 62

Klefki Lv. 64

Magezone Lv. 64

Scizor Lv. 65

Aggron Lv. 67

Comm. Voltage Electric



Outage Badge

Heliosk    Lv. 64

Elektross Lv. 65

Stunfisk   Lv. 65

Gavantula Lv. 67

Amphoros Lv. 68

Seer Phyonna Psychic



Magicalite Badge

Alakazam Lv. 66

Reuniclus Lv. 67

Gothitelle Lv. 68

Sigilyth Lv. 70

Malamar Lv. 71

Metagross Lv. 74

I will adjust the levels as needed. I am almost certain they are too high. 

Elite Four and Champion

Picture? Name Type League Pokemon
Frice Ice Obsette Avalugg Lv. 77
Reginald Rock Obsette
Sicily Normal Obsette
Phantamay Ghost Obsette
Morris Mixed Obsette
Shockra Electric Srin
Eathan Ground Srin
Fernando Fairy Srin
Dragitash Dragon Srin
Mary Mixed Srin

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