Pokemon Rose Red/Helleborus Green
Developer(s) Gamefreak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) New Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series Pokemon
Predecessor Pokeon Firered/Blue

Pokemon Rose Red & Helleborus Green are remakes of Pokemon Firered & Leafgreen released for the New Nintendo 3DS during 2016 on April 2, released as the first games of Generation 7.


Available Pokemon


Bold means that the gymleader is new

Gymleader Name Type Pokemon TM & Badge
Brock Rock

074GeodudeLevel 12: Magnitude, Rollout, Rock Polish, Tackle (Sturdy)

095OnixLevel 14: Rock Tomb, Rock Throw, Rage, Bind (Weak Armor)

Smackdown- Boulder Badge
Misty Water

079Slowpoke Level 18: Confusion, Water Gun, Yawn, Curse (Oblivious)

121Starmie Level 22: Bubblebeam, Psywave, Swift, Recover (Natural Cure)

Scald- Cascade Badge
Captain Light Electric

081Magnemite Level 24: Spark, Magnet Bomb, Thunder Wave, Sonic Boom (Sturdy)

026Raichu Level 21: Electro Ball, Quick Attack, Feint, Play Nice (Static)

587Emolga Level 18: Pursuit, Nuzzle, Spark, Charge (Static)

Thunderbolt-Lightning Badge
Erika Grass

154Meganium Level 32: Petal Dance, Natural Gift, Reflect, Poison Powder (Leaf Guard)

071Victreebel Level 28: Leaf Tornado, Knock Off, Acid, Sleep Powder (Chlorophyll)

189Jumpluff Level 28: Leech Seed, Bullet Seed, Fairy Wind, Stun Spore (Infiltrator)

Energy Ball- Rainbow Badge


New Features


  • Helleborus Green was originally called Orchid Blue but was changed to Helleborus Green.
  • Both versions are named after flowers (or atleast kinds of flowers.)
  • It's been hinted that there may be some hidden battles after you finish the post-game.
  • Orchid Blue was changed to Helleborus Green due to Blue not actually getting a remake.
  • Hamclub13 suggested Orchid when asked about blue flowers-however in the end Orchid Blue wasn't used.
  • Captain Light is one of the few gymleaders who use a pokemon from Generation 5
  • Erika is the only gymleader to have a starter pokemon

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