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After Bidoof had retreated into its Poke Ball, I headed downstairs, ready to go. In case you've forgotten, I'm a Pokemon Trainer, and I was getting ready for my first Pokemon Tournament. I was so excited... and nervous, but I had a simple strategy... hopefully. Anyways, I got into the car and waited for my mother to put her stupid make-up on. Finally she finished and we drove to the Pokemon Gym.

When we got there, it was completely crowded, filled with spectators, Trainors, and Pokemon. Evry minute I was there I became more nervous and excited.

"Remember Chris, it doesn't matter if you lose. Just have fun," Mom said.

Not knowing what she said, I replied "Yeah. Sure."

I headed into the Gym. Immediately the announcer cried "May the Trainors please get their Poke Balls ready."

This was it...

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