This page is intended to show the locations, teams and levels of the rivals in the game.


Marcus/Melody will always use the Starter stronger against yours. They battle the player twice in every sub-region, they are also found after the game outside the Pokemon League where the player can rematch them once per day.

Battle 1 - Raton Town

Starter (Base) Lv5

Battle 2 - Paloma Tunnel

Starter (Middle) Lv18, Tibire Lv15, Aron Lv14

Battle 3 - Hierba City

Starter (Middle) Lv28, Fowlcrass Lv24, Aron Lv23

Battle 4 - Route 24

Starter (Middle) Lv36, Fowlcrass Lv33, Lairon Lv33, Timpai Lv31

Battle 5 - Sello Town

Starter (Final) Lv46, Thycrass Lv43, Aggron Lv42, Taughtimp Lv42

Battle 6 - Route 38

Starter (Final) Lv51, Thycrass Lv47, Aggron Lv48, Taughtimp Lv46, Flygon Lv45

Battle 7 - Origin Crater

Starter (Final) Lv55, Thycrass Lv53, Aggron Lv52, Terraught Lv52, Flygon Lv53

Battle 8 - Victory Road

Starter (Final) Lv70, Thycrass Lv66, Aggron Lv67, Terraught Lv68, Flygon Lv67, Shakromassa Lv66

Post-Game Battle - Pokemon League

Starter (Final) Lv88, Togekiss Lv85, Shakromassa Lv84, Terraught Lv84, Flygon (Mega) Lv86, Thycrass Lv85


Julie is the player's secondary Rival and will use a team comprised of the Gym Leader Types. She will also battle the player after completing the game at the Fuego Temple once a day.

Battle 1 - Paloma City

Stadone Lv12, Relicanth Lv9, Rivettore Lv10, Cryonet Lv9, Onix Lv10, Roggenrola Lv12

Battle 2 - Route 15

Poltageon Lv22, Onix Lv18, Roggenrola Lv19, Gastly Lv19, Beedrill Lv18, Wrenusk Lv20

Battle 3 - Psiquico City

Poltageon Lv30, Wrenusk Lv27, Haunter Lv26, Herdinear Lv26, Exeggcute Lv27, Torrat Lv30

Battle 4 - Terra Basin

Gryucius Lv48, Ryosube Lv45, Starmie Lv45, Gengar Lv46, Exeggcutor Lv46, Magmortar Lv45

Battle 5 - Polar Cave

Gryucius Lv60, Ryosube Lv58, Bliskrant Lv57, Gengar Lv58, Terralig Lv57, Magmortar Lv56

Battle 6 - Victory Road

Gryucius Lv68, Ryosube Lv64, Bliskrant Lv64, Volcarona Lv65, Terralig Lv65, Gothitelle Lv63

Post-Game Battle - Fuego Temple

Gryucuys Lv88, Machamp Lv85, Bliskrant Lv84, Volcarona Lv84, Terralig Lv85, Gothitelle (Mega) Lv86


Richard does not initially start battling the player until they've recieved their fifth Gym Badge. He will then fight the player at various locations and use unusual Pokemon all of which are part of 3 stage evolutions. After completing the game Richard can be battled in the Agua Temple once per day.

Battle 1 - Agua City

Giagen Lv47, Regmarem Lv44, Deino Lv45

Battle 2 - Suelo City

Guraigen Lv55, Regmarem Lv53, Zweilous Lv52, Telebralap Lv52, Porygon2 Lv53

Battle 3 - Lucha City

Guraigen Lv63, Regmarem Lv61, Zweilous Lv62, Smokrassin Lv62, Porygon-Z Lv61, Feralolalax Lv61

Battle 4 - Victory Road

Colokraigen Lv70, Regmarem Lv65, Hydreigon Lv67, Smokrassin Lv67, Porygon-Z Lv65, Feralolax Lv68

Post-Game Battle - Agua Temple

Colokraigen Lv88,Regmarem Lv84,Hydreigon Lv85,Smokrassin Lv84,Porygon-Z(Mega) Lv86,Feralolax Lv85

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