In Pokemon Razind the player can explore Summoner Cave and at the very bottom will find a hall of ancient kings. While the kings have long since past away their spirits will fight the player who they believe is intent on becoming a King/Queen themselves. Defeating each one will yield the player a different Mega Stone/Orb. They appear to serve no purpose aside from being powerful final battles, it is said they are somehow related to the Summoner and Chess Set Legendaries.

Also within this area are the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Kings. While each can only be battled once, upon defeating them you can capture Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza respectively in the Pokemon's location.

First Chamber - Marble Chamber

  • Blaze King - Charizardite X, Charizardite Y
  • Infernape Lv90, Charizard (Mega Y) Lv92, Volcarona Lv90
  • Floral King - Venusaurite
  • Ferrothorn Lv90, Venusaur (Mega) Lv92, Ludicolo Lv90
  • Oceanic King - Blastoisinite
  • Slowking Lv90, Blastoise (Mega) Lv92, Seismitoad Lv90
  • Granite King - Aerodactylite
  • Probopass Lv90, Aerodactyl (Mega) Lv92, Crustle Lv90
  • Power King - Galladite
  • Hawlucha Lv90, Gallade (Mega) Lv92, Poliwrath Lv90

Second Chamber - Onyx Chamber

  • Mental King - Gardevoirite
  • Sigilyph Lv90, Gardevoir (Mega) Lv92, Exeggutor Lv90
  • Nature King - Pinsirite
  • Shedinja Lv90, Pinsir (Mega) Lv92, Galvantula Lv90
  • Darkness King - Sharpedonite
  • Tyranitar Lv90, Sharpedo (Mega) Lv92, Houndoom Lv90
  • Terra King - Cameruptite
  • Rhyperior Lv90, Camerupt (Mega) Lv92, Torterra Lv90

Third Chamber - Ruby Chamber

  • Voltage King - Ampharosite
  • Emolga Lv90, Ampharos (Mega) Lv92, Magnezone Lv90
  • Iron King - Steelixite
  • Scizor Lv90, Steelix (Mega) Lv92, Empoleon Lv90
  • Haunted King - Gengarite
  • Chandelure Lv90, Gengar (Mega) Lv92, Trevenant Lv90
  • Ruby King - Red Orb
  • Arcanine Lv95, Sudowoodo Lv95, Groudon (Primal) Lv98, Magmortar Lv95, Gigalith Lv95, Diggersby Lv95

Fourth Chamber - Sapphire Chamber

  • Frozen King - Abomasite
  • Walrein Lv90, Abomasnow (Mega) Lv92, Jynx Lv90
  • Mythical King - Altarianite
  • Whimsicott Lv90, Altaria (Mega) Lv92, Azumarill Lv90
  • Toxic King - Beedrillite
  • Drapion Lv90, Beedrill (Mega) Lv92, Nidoking Lv90
  • Sapphire King - Blue Orb
  • Dewgong Lv95, Mantine Lv95, Kyogre (Primal) Lv98, Mamoswine Lv95, Unfezant Lv95, Clawitzer Lv95

Fifth Chamber - Emerald Chamber

  • Classical King - Lopunnite
  • Sawsbuck Lv90, Lopunny (Mega) Lv92, Heliolisk Lv90
  • Stratosphere King - Pidegotite
  • Honchkrow Lv90, Pidgeot (Mega) Lv92, Swoobat Lv90
  • Draconic King - Salamencite
  • Kingdra Lv90, Salamence (Mega) Lv92, Hydreigon Lv90
  • Emerald King - Tyranitarite, Metagrossite, Garchompite
  • Dragonite Lv95, Tyranitar Lv95, Metagross Lv95, Garchomp Lv95, Hydreigon Lv95, Rayquaza (Mega) Lv98


  • The Blaze King is the only Regular Ancient King to give the player multiple Mega Stones (both Charizardites)
  • Tyranitar and Hydreigon are the only Pokemon to appear on multiple Ancient Kings' Teams, interestingly they appear on the Emerald King's Teams as well as their Secondary Type's respective King.
  • The Mythical King is the only Regular Ancient King who has a Pokemon not of his type
    • Although it gains the Fairy-Type upon Mega Evolution

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