Pokémon Ranger: The Emblems Of Light

Pokemon Ranger: The Emblems Of Light is a new Pokémon Ranger game available for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the first game to contain all 649 Pokémon. The main plot of the game is to stop an evil mastermind and his apprentice from creating a path to Arceus and have it take over the world for personal gain. To do this, they need 18 emblems hidden across the realm of Ultima, each guarded by a powerful Pokémon.

The Land Of Ultima

There are 20 different areas across the land of Ultima. They are:

Hostin Village Gray Town- The Normal Emblem Rojo City- The Fire Emblem The Teal Islands- The Water Emblem Voltsville- The Electric Emblem The Forest Of Seasons- The Grass Emblem Frostana- The Ice Emblem The Hitmon Arena- The Fighting Emblem Smogson- The Poison Emblem Benghazi Village- The Ground Emblem The Wing Isle- The Flying Emblem Bizarrtown- The Psychic Emblem Hiveland- The Bug Emblem Reverest Mountain- The Rock Emblem Phantom Hill- The Ghost Emblem Scalion City- The Dragon Emblem Shadoom Caverns- The Dark Emblem Mechatek Ruins- The Steel Emblem The Hall Of Origin

Partner Pokémon

Unlike in previous games, Partner Pokémon can evolve. They are:


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