Pokemon Ranger: Legends Of Light is the newest installment in the series. It is the first to include all 649 Pokemon, and has a much longer, more challenging atmosphere to keep players playing longer. It is expected to be released early 2013. DO NOT EDIT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

Land Of Homara

Homara is where this game takes place. This land is far larger than the other games, and has 17 cities in it. Each city has new Pokemon, quests and missions to be found. The main goal of the game is to find 17 Light Gems before the villains do and stop the leader from using the gems to travel to the lair of Arceus and rule the world. Upon completion of the game, legendary Pokemon will also appear in areas that weren't there before. Once 648 Pokemon have been found, the player will be given an item that lets them find the hardest Pokemon to catch. The cities are:

Gray City

Scarleta City


Ayapa Village



Rocket City



Magenta City

Silph Village

Daffalon Island

Pebble Village

Ghoul's Isle

Dramonic City

Shadson Cove


In the middle of all this, there is a large tower being built throughout the main adventure, called Flare Tower.

The Doom Corps.

The Doom Corps. are the main antagonist team of the adventure. Important members are:

Spike, the Normal Admin, who tries to kidnap strong Pokemon to open up a way to the Grey Gem.

Corona, the Fire Admin, who tries to explore the caves under Scarleta City to find the Red Gem.

Riptide, the Water Admin, who tries to send teams into the ocean in order to find the Marine Cave and the Blue Gem.

Zoom, the Electric Admin, who tries to secretly invade a high-tech laboratory for notes on teleporting while searching the town for the Yellow Gem.

Blade, the Grass Admin, who tries to destroy an entire city and a forest in order to find the Green Gem.

Iceberg, the Ice Admin, who invades a city and takes the mayor hostage until he gets information on the location of the White Gem.

Block, the Fighting Admin, who secretly shuts down power to the city until he reaches the top of the Roller Building and takes the Maroon Gem.

Smog, the Poison Admin, who has kidnapped certain people and Pokemon to gain information and to get to the Purple Gem.

Dust, the Ground Admin, who has launched an all-out assault on the town to get into the mountains and take the Brown Gem.

Ace, the Flying Admin, who has went into the jungle and imprisoned anyone in order to find the Lavender Gem.

Trick, the Psychic Admin, who has brainwashed everyone to help him solve the puzzles guarding the Pink Gem.

Stinger, the Bug Admin, who tries to go into a cave and destroy everything until they find the Gold Gem.

Crash, the Rock Admin, who sends troops to mine the inside of the mountain to make an easy way to the top, where the Mahogany Gem is.

Banshee, the Ghost Admin, creates an illusion over the entire island, so she has an easier time getting the Violet Gem.

Explode, the Dragon Admin, turns the city against each other in a war so he can conquer and get the Indigo Gem.

Shadow, the Dark Admin, climbs the peaks around him to get to the top and grab the Black Gem.

Metalhead, the Steel Admin, second-in-command, starts giant seismic eruptions to create an entrance to the underground room where the Silver Gem is.

Mr. Winston, the leader of the Doom Corps, your father's friend, a former Ranger, builds Flare Tower secretly so he can use the power of all 17 gems and teleport to Arceus's realm, where he can control it and rule over the world.

List Of Pokemon

Partner Browser Partner Ability Location
Lillipup Normal
Darumaka Fire
Tympole Water
Blitzle Electric
Foongus Grass
Cubchoo Ice
Mienfoo Fighting
Trubbish Poison
Drilbur Ground
Pidove Flying
Elgyem Psychic
Dwebble Bug
Roggenrola Rock
Litwick Ghost
Axew Dragon
Pawniard Dark
Klink Steel
Gray City Area
Rattata Cutx1 Normal
Raticate Cutx2 Normal
Sentret Tacklex1 Normal
Furret Tacklex3 Normal
Dunsparce Cross Normal
Girafarig Psy Powerx3 Psychic
Buneary Tacklex1 Normal
Lopunny Crushx2 Normal
Bouffalant Tacklex5 Normal
Kecleon Psy Powerx1 Normal
Minccino Cutx1 Normal
Cinccino Cutx2 Normal
Snubbull Crushx1 Normal
Granbull Crushx2 Normal
Cleffa Tacklex1 Normal
Clefairy Tacklex2 Normal
Clefable Tacklex3 Normal
Igglybuff Crushx1 Normal
Jigglypuff Crushx2 Normal
Wigglytuff Crushx3 Normal
Spinda Tacklex1 Normal
Whismur Tacklex1 Normal
Loudred Tacklex3 Normal
Exploud N/A Normal
Patrat Cutx1 Normal
Watchog Cutx3 Normal
Bidoof Tacklex1 Normal
Bibarel Soakx2 Water
Audino Crushx2 Normal
Happiny Tacklex1 Normal
Chansey Tacklex3 Normal
Blissey Tacklex4 Normal


Crushx1 Normal
Ambipom Crushx3 Normal
Teddiursa Cutx1 Normal
Ursaring Cutx2 Normal
Zangoose Cutx5 Normal
Glameow Tacklex1 Normal
Purugly Tacklex3 Normal
Azurill Crushx1 Normal
Meowth Cutx1 Normal
Persian Cutx2 Normal
Zigzagoon Tacklex1 Normal
Linoone Tacklex2 Normal
Deerling Cutx2 Grass
Sawsbuck Cutx4 Grass
Tauros Tacklex4 Normal
Slakoth Crushx1 Normal
Vigoroth Crushx3 Normal
Slaking Crushx5 Normal
Eevee Tacklex1 Normal
Togepi Cutx1 Normal
Miltank Tacklex3 Normal
Smeargle Crushx2 Normal
Skitty Cutx1 Normal
Delcatty Cutx2 Normal
Ditto N/A Normal
Munchlax Tacklex2 Normal
Snorlax N/A Normal
Kangaskhan N/A Normal
Castform Crushx1 Normal
Herdier Tacklex2 Normal
Stoutland Tacklex3 Normal
Lickitung Crushx2 Normal
Lickilicky Crushx3 Normal
Porygon Cross Normal
Porygon2 Cross Normal
Porygon-Z N/A Normal
Regigigas N/A Normal Twist Mountain, after main story. Must have captured Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.
Meloetta N/A Normal The Gray Cafe, after main story. Talk to bartender and listen to the story, "The Music of Gray City". Meloetta will appear in center of the city and fight you.
Arceus N/A Normal The Hall Of Origin, after main story. You fight Arceus as the final boss, but you can capture him whenever you would like. Aquire the Azure Flute from Flare Tower and bring it to Batbite Cavern, to the room where you fought Exploud. A staircase will appear and take you to the Hall of Origin. You can now fight Arceus.
Scarleta City Area


Burnx2 Fire
Simisear Burnx3 Fire
Torkoal Cross Rock
Darmanitan Psy Powerx3 Fire
Heatmor Crushx2 Fire
Tepig Tacklex1 Fire
Pignite Tacklex3 Fighting
Emboar Tacklex5 Fighting
Vulpix Burnx1 Fire
Ninetales Burnx4 Fire
Slugma Tacklex1 Fire
Magcargo Tacklex2 Rock
Numel Crushx2 Ground
Camerupt N/A Ground
Flareon Burnx3 Fire
Charmander Burnx1 Fire
Charmeleon Burnx3 Fire
Charizard N/A Flying
Growlithe Crushx2 Fire
Arcanine Crushx5 Fire
Ponyta Cutx2 Fire
Rapidash Cutx4 Fire
Chimchar Tacklex1 Fire
Monferno Tacklex2 Fighting
Infernape Tacklex4 Fighting
Torchic Burnx1 Fire
Combusken Cutx2 Fighting
Blaziken Cutx5 Fighting
Magby Burnx1 Fire
Magmar Burnx4 Fire
Magmortar Burnx5 Fire
Cyndaquil Burnx1 Fire
Quilava Burnx2 Fire
Typhlosion N/A Fire
Entei N/A Fire Scarleta City, after main story. When there, a cave will open up, and it will contain a maze with many Fire Pokemon inside. At the end, you will find a man in front of Entei, who tells you only you can capture it. He allows you to try and battle it.
Moltres N/A Flying Volcano Summit, after main story. At the very top is a door only able to be destroyed with 5xWater. Through that door is Moltres.
Heatran N/A Steel In the room where you fought Charizard, after main story. There is a new path that has opened up. Inside is a huge puzzle involving lava cooled to make a bridge. Once you make the bridge, you can go on and fight Heatran.
Ho-Oh N/A Flying Scarleta City, after main story. Must have captured Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. Climb to the top of the skyscraper and find the man with hot air balloon rentals. Go on one and you will crash at an island with a tin tower on it. At the top is Ho-Oh.
Puddletown Area
Ducklett Cutx1 Flying
Swanna Cutx2 Flying
Shellos Soakx1 Water
Gastrodon Soakx2 Ground
Wingull Soakx1 Flying
Pelipper Soakx3 Flying
Lotad Tacklex1 Grass
Lombre Tacklex2 Grass
Ludicolo Tacklex3 Grass
Slowpoke Psy Powerx1 Psychic
Slowbro Crushx4 Psychic
Slowking Psy Powerx2 Psychic
Totodile Crushx2 Water
Croconaw Crushx3 Water
Feraligatr N/A Water
Psyduck Psy Powerx1 Water
Golduck Psy Powerx2 Water
Shellder Soakx1 Water
Cloyster Tacklex3 Ice
Wailmer Crushx4 Water
Wailord N/A Water
Clamperl Soakx1 Water
Huntail Crushx2 Water
Gorebyss Tacklex2 Water
Frillish Psy Powerx1 Ghost
Jellicent Psy Powerx3 Ghost
Mantyke Cross Water
Mantine Cross Water
Relicanth Cutx2 Rock
Barboach Soakx1 Ground
Whiscash Crushx3 Ground
Poliwag Tacklex1 Water
Poliwhirl Tacklex2 Water
Poliwrath Crushx5 Fighting
Politoed Soakx5 Water
Squirtle Tacklex1 Water
Wartortle Tacklex2 Water
Blastoise Tacklex4 Water
Krabby Cutx1 Water
Kingler Cutx3 Water
Wooper Soakx1 Ground
Quagsire Soakx2 Ground
Lapras Cross Water
Mudkip Tacklex1 Water
Marshtomp Tacklex2 Ground
Swampert N/A Ground
Corphish Cutx1 Water
Crawdaunt Cutx4 Dark
Tirtouga Tacklex1 Rock
Carracosta Tacklex3 Rock
Carvanha Crushx2 Dark
Sharpedo Crushx4 Dark
Horsea Tacklex1 Water
Seadra Tacklex2 Water
Kingdra N/A Dragon
Corsola Crushx1 Rock
Qwilfish Tacklex1 Poison
Chinchou Recharge Electric
Lanturn Recharge Electric
Staryu Cutx2 Water
Starmie Cutx3 Psychic
Seel Crushx1 Water
Dewgong Cross Ice
Tentacool Tacklex1 Poison
Tentacruel Tacklex3 Poison
Alomomola Cutx1 Water
Basculin Cutx1 Water
Finneon Tacklex1 Water
Lumineon Tacklex2 Water
Luvdisc Cutx1 Water
Remoraid Crushx1 Water
Octillery Crushx3 Water
Vaporeon Soakx3 Water
Goldeen Tacklex1 Water
Seaking Tacklex2 Water
Palpitoad Tacklex2 Ground
Seismitoad Tacklex5 Ground
Piplup Cutx1 Water
Prinplup Cutx3 Water
Empoleon Cutx5 Steel
Magikarp Tacklex1 Water
Gyarados N/A Water
Panpour Soakx2 Water
Simipour Soakx3 Water
Buizel Tacklex2 Water
Floatzel Cross Water
Marill Crushx1 Water
Azumarill Crushx2 Water
Oshawott Soakx1 Water
Dewott Soakx3 Water
Samurott N/A Water
Feebas Tacklex1 Water
Milotic N/A Water
Suicune N/A Water Puddletown, after main story. A cave will have opened up, and inside is a huge maze filled with many Water Pokemon. At the very end is Suicune and a man who tells you onlly you can capture Suicune, then lets you battle.
Kyogre N/A Water In the Marine Cave, after main story. The door that was blocked by many boulders has mysteriously been cleared, and on the other side is Kyogre.
Keldeo N/A Fighting Marine Island, after main story. There is a shrine on the island where three pedestals are. If you captured have Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, Keldeo will come out and battle you.
Ayapa Village Area
Emolga Cutx1 Flying
Pachirisu Recharge Electric
Plusle Tacklex1 Electric
Minun Tacklex1 Electric
Pichu Recharge Electric
Pikachu Recharge Electric
Raichu Recharge Electric
Mareep Electrifyx1 Electric
Flaaffy Electrifyx2 Electric
Ampharos Electrifyx3 Electric
Magnemite Crushx1 Steel
Magneton Crushx2 Steel
Magnezone Crushx5 Steel
Zebstrika N/A Electric
Jolteon Electrifyx3 Electric
Shinx Crushx1 Electric
Luxio Crushx2 Electric
Luxray Cross Electric
Elekid Tacklex1 Electric
Electabuzz Tacklex3 Electric
Electivire Tacklex5 Electric
Tynamo Cutx1 Electric
Eelektrik Cutx2 Electric
Eelektross Cutx5 Electric
Voltorb Crushx2 Electric
Electrode N/A Electric
Raikou N/A Electric Ayapa Village, after main story. A cave will have opened up, and inside is a huge maze
Zapdos N/A Flying Ayapa Lab, after main story. A door will be inside that can only be opened with 5xCut. It leads to the roof where Zapdos is.
Rotom N/A Ghost Ayapa Plains, after main story. A scientist will be out there asking if you would like to capture Rotom.
Thundurus N/A Flying Ayapa Plains, after main story. A pillar will be out there and can be broken with 5xCrush. Once broken, Thundurus will battle you, angry at you for breaking the pillar.
Falliptown Area
Chikorita Cutx1 Grass
Bayleef Cutx3 Grass
Meganium Crushx4 Grass
Cottonee Tacklex1 Grass
Whimsicott Tacklex2 Grass
Petilil Tacklex1 Grass
Lilligant Tacklex2 Grass
Amoonguss Crushx3 Poison
Oddish Cutx1 Poison
Gloom Cutx2 Poison
Vileplume Cutx3 Poison
Bellossum Cutx3 Grass
Sunkern Crushx1 Grass
Sunflora Crushx2 Grass
Bulbasaur Tacklex1 Poison
Ivysaur Tacklex3 Poison
Venusaur N/A Poison
Seedot Tacklex1 Grass
Nuzleaf Cutx2 Dark
Shiftry Cutx4 Dark
Budew Tacklex1 Poison
Roselia Tacklex2 Poison
Roserade Cutx4 Poison
Hoppip Cutx1 Flying
Skiploom Cutx2 Flying
Jumpluff Cutx3 Flying
Bellsprout Tacklex1 Poison
Weepinbell Crushx2 Poison
Victreebel Crushx3 Poison
Tangela Tacklex1 Grass
Tangrowth Tacklex5 Grass
Turtwig Crushx1 Grass
Grotle Crushx2 Grass
Torterra Crushx4 Ground
Carnivine Cutx2 Grass
Cacnea Cutx1 Grass
Cacturne Cutx3 Dark
Treecko Cutx1 Grass
Grovyle Cutx3 Grass
Sceptile Cutx5 Grass
Maractus Tacklex2 Grass
Exeggcute Psy Powerx1 Psychic
Exeggutor Psy Powerx3 Psychic
Cherubi Cutx1 Grass
Cherrim Cutx2 Grass
Tropius Cross Flying
Leafeon Cutx3 Grass
Shroomish Tacklex1 Grass
Breloom Crushx3 Fighting
Snover Crushx2 Ice
Abomasnow Crushx4 Ice
Pansage Cutx2 Grass
Simisage Cutx3 Grass
Ferroseed Crushx1 Steel
Ferrothorn Crushx5 Steel
Snivy Cutx1 Grass
Servine Cutx2 Grass
Serperior N/A Grass
Virizion N/A Fighting
Shaymin N/A Grass
Frosttown Area
Delibird Cutx1 Flying
Smoochum Tacklex1 Psychic
Jynx Tacklex2 Psychic
Snorunt Crushx1 Ice
Glalie Crushx4 Ice
Froslass Cutx5 Ghost
Vanillite Tacklex1 Ice
Vanillish Tacklex2 Ice


Glaceon Crushx3 Ice
Spheal Crushx1 Water
Sealeo Crushx2 Water
Walrein N/A Water
Beartic Crushx5 Ice
Swinub Tacklex1 Ground
Piloswine Cross Ground
Mamoswine Tacklex5 Ground
Cryogonal N/A Ice
Regice N/A Ice
Articuno N/A Flying
Rocket City Area
Throh Crushx3 Fighting
Sawk Tacklex3 Fighting
Meditite Psy Powerx1 Psychic
Medicham Psy Powerx3 Psychic
Tyrogue Tacklex1 Fighting
Hitmonlee Crushx5 Fighting
Hitmonchan Tacklex5 Fighting
Hitmontop Cutx5 Fighting
Mankey Crushx1 Fighting
Primeape Crushx3 Fighting
Mienshao Cutx3 Fighting
Timburr Tacklex2 Fighting
Gurdurr Tacklex4 Fighting
Conkeldurr N/A Fighting
Machop Crushx2 Fighting
Machoke Crushx4 Fighting
Machamp N/A Fighting
Riolu Cutx1 Fighting
Lucario Cutx4 Steel
Makuhita Crushx1 Fighting
Hariyama N/A Fighting
Gapraville Area
Stunky Tacklex1 Dark
Skuntank Tacklex2 Dark
Gulpin Crushx1 Poison
Swalot Crushx3 Poison
Seviper Cutx4 Poison
Nidoran Cutx1 Poison
Nidoran Cutx1 Poison
Nidorina Cutx2 Poison
Nidorino Cutx2 Poison
Nidoqueen N/A Ground
Nidoking N/A Ground
Zubat Cutx1 Flying
Golbat Cutx2 Flying
Crobat Cutx5 Flying
Garbodor Tacklex3 Poison
Grimer Crushx1 Poison
Muk Crushx3 Poison
Ekans Cross Poison
Arbok Cross Poison


Crushx1 Bug
Drapion Crushx5 Dark
Croagunk Tacklex1 Fighting
Toxicroak Tacklex5 Fighting
Koffing Tacklex2 Poison
Weezing N/A Poison
Dunetown Area
Diglett Crushx1 Ground
Dugtrio Crushx2 Ground
Stunfisk Cross Electric
Baltoy Psy Powerx1 Psychic
Claydol Psy Powerx3 Psychic
Excadrill Cutx4 Steel
Gligar Cutx1 Flying
Gliscor Cutx5 Flying
Rhyhorn Crushx2 Rock
Rhydon Crushx4 Rock
Rhyperior Crushx5 Rock
Phanpy Tacklex1 Ground
Donphan Tacklex3 Ground
Golett Tacklex2 Ghost
Golurk Tacklex5 Ghost
Sandile Cutx1 Dark
Krokorok Tacklex2 Dark
Krookodile Tacklex4 Dark
Sandshrew Cutx1 Ground
Sandslash Cutx3 Ground
Cubone Crushx1 Ground
Marowak Crushx2 Ground
Trapinch Tacklex1 Ground
Vibrava Tacklex2 Dragon
Flygon N/A Dragon
Hippopotas Crushx1 Ground
Hippowdon N/A Ground
Landorus N/A Flying
Groudon N/A Ground
Magenta City Area

Boss Pokemon

Bouffalant: Two Doom Corps members see you inside Batbite Cavern and send a Bouffalant against you. It will use headbutts as a primary attack. When down to 1/4 health, it will become enraged and start using Hyper Beams.

Exploud: When you find Spike in the Origin Room of Batbite Cavern, he will explain the origin of Regigigas, then send out an Exploud. It will use body slams and shoot beams from its mouth. When down to 1/4 health, it will become enraged and start throwing boulders.

Zangoose: When you reach the forest, after defeating all the other members, a member will come out and send out a Zangoose. It will slash and leap at the line. When down to 1/4 health, it will become enraged and start using Hyper Fangs and Fury Cutters.

Sawsbuck: When you reach the entrance to the Great Tree and put in the correct code, a member will come out and send out a Sawsbuck. It will use ramming attacks, shooting sharp leaves, and creating vines. When down to 1/4 health, it will call out a create a stampede of Deerling all around him. They must be captured to continue the fight.

Ditto: When finding the PokeFlute, a member will come into the room and send out a Ditto. Ditto will transform into Bouffalant, Exploud, Zangoose, and Sawsbuck. When down to 1/4 health, it will start causing explosions all over the field.

Kangaskhan: When you encounter Spike in Slaking's chamber, he will explain the origin of Meloetta, then sends out a Kangaskhan. It will create earthquakes and send out balls of energy. When down to 1/4 health, it will start using Hyper Beams and throwing boulders everywhere.

Lickilicky: When heading to Twist Mountain to confront Spike, you run into the two Doom Corps members again, and they will send out Lickilicky. It will create earthquakes, charge at the line, or shoot balls of energy. When down to 1/4 health, it will grow in size and start creating huge earthquakes which cannot be touched.

Slaking: When going down into the chamber, you see Spike using the Slaking to try and break down a door. When he sees you, he will explain the origin of Arceus and sends Slaking to attack as a last resort. Slaking will slam his fists on the ground, punch, and use Hyper Beam. When down to 1/4 health, it will cause rocks to fall from the ceiling continuously.

Porygon-Z: After Spike is arrested, you must solve the room's puzzle and open the door. Once inside, you see Porygon-Z guarding the Grey Gem. It is the first Legend of Light. It will teleport to random places on the field, shoot multiple lasers in random directions, create shields around itself, and summon thunderbolts. When down to 1/4 health, it will multiply into several clones, each able to use thunderbolts. The real Porygon-Z will now create spinning holograms and use a larger thunder attack. Once beaten, it will give you the Grey Gem.

Darmanitan: When you arrive in Scarleta City, you are told to stop the Doom Corps who have been causing havoc. When you beat all the members, a member will send out a Darmanitan. It will shoot fireballs, open up fissures in the ground, and raise lavaspouts. Once down to 1/4 health, it will enter Zen Mode, becoming more defensive and attacks by shooting fiery beams, sending boulders at you by telepathy, and teleporting followed by an explosion.

Emboar: When you find Corona, she will explain the origin of Entei and send out Emboar, who she has used to open up the fissures. It will use fiery punches, create fiery body slams, and cause explosions. Once down to 1/4 health, it will become enraged, start shooting fireballs everywhere, and will summon Tepigs to help him.

Camerupt: When you reach the cavern, an Doom Corps member will send out a Camerupt. It will charge towards the line, breathe fire, and create earthquakes. Once down to 1/4 health, it will summon a sandstorm to hurt your Styler little by little, and will erupt huge fireballs.

Charizard: When you reach the bridge, the bridge will be cut and you will drop down to a room with a Charizard. It will fly for the line, shoot fireballs, and create fiery gusts of wind. Once down to 1/4 health, it will create lava spouts that cannot be removed across the field.

Infernape: When you find Corona across the bridge, she will explain the origin of Heatran, then send out Infernape. It will spin around while on fire, charge toward the line while on fire, and use fiery punches. Once down to 1/4 health, it will cover itself with fire and will hurt the styler if it comes in contact with it.

Blaziken: When you corner Corona and two members, she will explain the origin of Moltres, and the members will send out a Blaziken. It will send out a fiery blast, use kicking attacks, and send fireballs in all directions. Once down to 1/4 health, it will summon Combusken to help while now creating explosions.

Magmortar: After defeating Blaziken, Corona will explain the origin of Ho-Oh, then send out a Magmortar as her final Pokemon. It will shoot fireballs. create lavaspouts in random directions, and cause small explosions. Once down to 1/4 health, it will create random bursts of flames around the field.

Typhlosion: After Corona is arrested, you must solve the puzzle in the room. The door will open and Typhlosion will be guarding the Red Gem. It is the second Legend of Light. It will use a fiery charge attack, throw fireballs, and use Fire Fang. Once down to 1/4 health, it will create pools of lava that cannot be destroyed, and will also start creating waves of fire. Once defeated, it will give you the Red Gem.

Feraligatr: Once you arrive, a Doom Corps member will see you and let loose a Feraligatr on the town. You must capture it. It will bite, slash, use Hydro Pump, and send a giant wave over the field. Once down to 1/4 health, it will summon rain, make his attacks stronger, and call for Totodiles.

Jellicent: Once under water, you will see the Doom Corps. When you get close enough to them, they will send out Jellicent. It will spray a burst of water, spin with its tentacles out, or shoot ghostly orbs. Once down to 1/4 health, it will create a whirlpool around it, which damages you if you touch it. It will also create ghosts that fly around the field for a short while.

Poliwrath: Once on the beach of the the new island, Riptide will be there. He will explain the origins of Keldeo, then send out Poliwrath. It will do body slams, shoot a beam of water, and use punches and kicks. Once down to 1/4 health, it will start creating earthquakes that damage anything they touch.

Swampert: ​Chasing after Riptide, you encounter two Doom Corps members who send out a Swampert. It will blast a beam of water, throw a giant mudball, or surround itself in a shield of water and charge. Once down to 1/4 health, it will turn the field into mud, making him move faster and him being able to dig under the ground and jump out.

Kingdra: Once you go into the Marine Cave entrance, you see Riptide, who explains the origin of Suicune, then sends out Kingdra. It will spray water blasts everywhere, send a meteor down from the sky, and will create fireballs to surround itself. Once down to 1/4 health, it will summon small meteors to fall nonstop, and it will also send fireballs in any direction super fast.

Seismitoad: Inside the Marine Cave, you see a Seismitoad lifting boulders out of the way of a door. Two Doom Corps members will see you and send the Seismitoad after you. It will throw boulders, send a giant ball of water towards you, create whirlpools, and throw balls of mud. Once down to 1/4 health, it will start hopping rapidly across the screen while summoning Palpitoads to help.

Gyarados: Once in the main chamber, a Doom Corps member lets a Gyarados loose on you. It will shoot Hyper Beams, shoot blasts of water, and will swing its body around, breaking any lines. Once down to 1/4 health, it will start diving under and rushing back out, giving little time to capture it.

Samurott: Having followed Riptide, you corner him, who explains the origin of Kyogre and then sends out Samurott. It will throw sharp shells at you, charge, create small earthquakes, and send waves across the screen. Once down to 1/4 health, it will create waterfalls that continually move around, hurting the stylus.

Milotic: Once Riptide is arrested, you must solve the puzzles and go through the door. You will find Milotic in front of the Blue Gem. It is the third Legend of Light. It will spray water blasts, shoot beams from its mouth, send psybeams in every direction, and slash. Once down to 1/4 health, it will fill the field with water and summon several other water Pokemon to assist it.

Ampharos: Once you arrive, you will encounter Zoom, and he will tell you about the origin of Thundurus, then sends out Ampharos. It will summon thunderbolts, shoot a huge laser is any direction, and give off a bright light around itself that hurts the stylus if it touches it. Once down to 1/4 health, it will make the sides of the field electrified so they cannot be touched.

Zebstrika: Once you enter the lab, a Doom Corps member will be waiting for you with a Zebstrika. It will run towards the line surrounded by lightning, shooting a huge ball of lightning, or surrounding itself in a barrier for a short time.






















'Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop':






Nidoqueen, Nidoking: