Pokemon Rainbow Version involves easy play over a VERY hard game! It is appropriate for skilled players, or ones who are learning to play... really.


  1. Regulis
  2. Insectus
  3. Nightix
  4. Rockius
  5. Pax
  6. Spiritus
  7. Frostius
  8. Animus
  9. Toxicus
  10. Aeris
  11. Shockix
  12. Infernis
  13. Oceanus
  14. Brawlius
  15. Mindix
  16. Metalus
  17. Dragonis
  18. Cosmicus


Name Image Description
Rain Rain is a little boy who was brought over from his Unova adventure to save N, a helpless little boy who was stolen from his home. Rain is the main hero in the game
Sun Sun is a little girl with a somewhat relation to Rain. She replaces Rain if you are playing as a girl, obviously

Name Image Description
Looker Looker is a member of the international police. He mistakens Rain or Sun for a theif every time he sees them and attacks with his Lillipup. Early on, Lillipup is nothing, but he eventually grows into a Herdeir and then a Stoutland
George George is a boy who hides his past in fear someone will find he hates Pokemon. However, he is a rather powerful mid-boss the player will encounter after every boss battle, having own Yanmega and Jupiterara in his final fight, alongside others.

Name Image Description

Petal is a little girl who was abandoned by her family and made to tend a massive rose in her shame. She owns a Snivy, Pansage and Sewaddle, and her battlefield insists of sunlight that heals Grass (Pax) Pokemon once in a while. Her TM is Magical Leaf (Never misses)


Aaron was once human, but after a painful transformation into a Pineco, he has sworn revenge. His team consists of Venipede, Dwebble and Swadloon, and his battlefield insists of long grass that makes attacks less accurate. His TM is Bug Bite (Steals the target's item)

Cindy Cindy is a seemingly friendly killer whale. Her team consists of a Horsea, Wooper and Dewott, and her battlefield tactic is the fountain, upping the power of Water (Oceanus) attacks. Her TM is Aqua Jet (Priority Level 1)

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