Pokemon Rain and Shine
Developer(s) Gnaremood
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
8-Player Mode
Age Rating(s)
Rated PG
Genre(s) RPG,Adventure
Series Pokemon
Predecessor Pokemon Sun and Moon
Successor N/A
  Pokemon Rain and Pokemon Shine is an upcoming game of Pokemon Series.These games mark the first games made by Gnaremood.

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Name Hometown Description
Raine She is a lonely girl who wants to get stronger
Shaun He is energetic boy who is always happy
Nurse Mary replaces Nurse Joy
Officer Fern best policeman in the Occulushade Police Department
Mom Your loving mom
Professor Spring Pokemon Professor
Leila Dawn A timid assistant of the professor
Dusk Brown Leila's childhood friend
Team Storm main antoganist

Occlushade Region

The Occlushade is a region made of many islands.The main climate is tropical.The region is divided into 3 resulting in multiple pokedexes

Cities,Routes and Locations

Theta Island

is the eastern area of the region.It contains the 3rd and 4th gyms

Name Description Population
Tehrain Town A town that worships the rain
Amber Root Village A farming village that prospers
Hora Hora City A city with a beautiful resort

Center Point Island

is the central area without their own pokedex.It contains your home town and the 1st and 2nd gyms


Regular Pokedex(Before the upgrade to Theta Dex)

Pokedex No# Name Pokedex Info. Primary Type Secondary Type
#001 Posseed Possessed Seed Pokemon Grass Ghost
#002 Possprout Possesed Sprout Pokemon Grass 


#003 Treevil Evil Tree Pokemon Grass Dark
#004 Cuburn Fire Cub Pokemon Fire
#005 Kindle-Cub Hot Head Pokemon Fire
#006 Bearaze Destructive Pokemon Fire
#007 Pondig Water Mole Pokemon Water Ground
#008 Pondive Diving Mole Pokemon Water Ground
#009 Molake Swimming Mole Pokemon Water Ground
#010 Patrudge Stepping Bird Pokemon Flying Ground
#011 Chirpuddle Water Bird Pokemon Water Flying