Pokemon Poison Flora and Quake Steppe are the Generation 02 paired games created by Empire Robin. It take place in the Aytris region, a region based on Australia and it include 35 new mega evolutions and 160 new pokemon in the region.

New stuff

  • Field effects returned with some new ones
  • The HM dive is now replaced with a scuba diving suit available to you.
  • HM cut is also replaced with a item called explorer blade which can cut trees, bushes and webs.
  • Last resort, Pokemon traits, contests and poke-athlon returned.
  • The game camera will follow behind you, like a regular RPG, instead of the top view 
  •  You can play the game in 1st person view.
  • You can now walk with all the six pokemon in your party.
  • Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile can be found in the wild, but are hard to find.
  • Chaos pokemon returned with 28 new chaos pokemon.
  •  Players have to reach at least four hearts in pokemone-amie with an individual pokemon before it can be mega evolved. 
  • Pokemon amie would be revamped and have many more games, and be more like a mini arcade.
  • Many characters use mega evolution  – few of the gym leaders, and all of the elite four.
  • Elite four no longer have a specific type but focus on different stats: Speed, HP, Defense and Sp.Attack.
  • The champion will a poison type team and also focus on Attack.
  • Many past kanto, johto, sinnoh and unova legendaries will reappear like ORAS
  • Trainer customazation do returned


  1. Kiwi that become a peacock. Its Grass to Grass/Dark
  2. Sheep with steel wool Its Fire to Fire/steel
  3. Tiger shark. Its Water to Water/Ground

Gym leader

  1. Flynn (Flying) jet badge
  2. Amelia (Fight) sock badge
  3. Toby (Dark/Sound) symphony badge
  4. Scarlett (Fire) flash badge
  5. Kamaria (Water) reef badge
  6. Hunter and Mikayla (Fossil) chaser badge
  7. Savannah (Ground) wild badge
  8. Charles (Magic) myth badge

Team Blitz

Team Circus


Professor Acacia- a black woman in her 30s. She gives you the pokedex and she studies the evolution of pokemon through time. How their abilities and appearances over time.

Tyler- a tall british talking black haired skateboarder. He cares very deeply for his pokemon and focus on competing in the pokemon league. He have the starter stronger than your.

Hannah - a attractive stereotypical blonde with very long hair. She very optimistic and funny and only want to catch pokemon she can use in pokemon contests. She have the starter weaker than your.

Zane- a tough short silver haired lonewolf. He very quiet and serious and try catch only endangered and abandoned pokemon to protect them. He have a lemur pokemon that is fairy/fighting.

New Status Problems

Immobilizing Statuses (frozen, sleep and paralyze)

  1. Stopped- Psychic
  2. Blinded- Shining
  3. Fear- Dark, Ghost and BUg
  4. Petrify- Dragon

Damaging Statuses (Burn, Confused, Poison)

  1. Drown- Water
  2. Depress- Dark and Mutant
  3. Bleed- Grass, Steel and Normal
  4. Sprain- Rock, Steel and Fighting

Elite four and Champion

  • Griffin (SPD) age 22 a athlete with Mega Weavile
  • Hudson (DEF) age 44 a war veteran with Mega Aggron
  • Eloise (HP) age 18 a cook with Mega Slacking
  • Hayley (SP.ATK) age 16 a singer with Mega Exeggutor
  • Oliver (Poison/ATK) age 30 a explorer with Mega Nidoking

Mega Evolutions

  1. Meganium Grass/Fairy
  2. Typhlosion Fire/Shining
  3. Fereligatr Water/Dark
  4. Octillery Water/Steel
  5. Cloyster Water/Ice
  6. Starmie Water/Cosmic
  7. Slowking Water/Magic
  8. Slaking Normal/Fighting
  9. Claydol Ground/Psychic
  10. Rotom Electric/Fairy
  11. Dusknoir Ghost/shining
  12. Walrein Ice/Water
  13. Breloom Grass/Fighting
  14. Wailord Water/Flying
  15. Beautifly Bug/Magic
  16. Dustox Bug/Mutant
  17. Zangoose Normal/Steel
  18. Seviper Poison/Dark
  19. Mantine Water/Flying
  20. Torkoal Fire/Steel
  21. Poliwrath Water/Fighting
  22. Politoad Water/Sound
  23. Weavile Dark/Ice
  24. Ferrothorn Grass/Steel
  25. Nidoqueen Poison/Ground
  26. Nidoking Poison/Ground
  27. Exploud Sound
  28. Heliosk Electric/Fire
  29. Gallade Psychic/Dark
  30. Gardevoir Psychic/Steel
  31. Crawdaunt Water/Fire
  32. Cacturne Dark/Grass
  33. Milotic Water/Fairy
  34. Primeape Fighting
  35. Spiritomb Ghost/Magic

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