Pokemon Oxygen & Nitrogen
Developer(s) Green screen studios
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)

Wi-Fi Battle

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Role-Playing Game (RPG)
Media Included 3DS Card

This Pokemon game is like most main series Pokemon games, except that is a bit more story driven. Sure, the exploration and random battling are still main points, as well as leveling up your Pokemon, but more events in the game require a certain set of conditions be met.


Note: The name used is the boy trainer default. The girl's name is Anna.

The Airus Region. A beautiful, lush region with people and Pokemon the respect the land and air around them. As you can see, the population is very eco-freindly, and therefore, Pokemon were abundant and of many varieties. However, one group threatened to burn it all to the ground!

You are Jacob, a trainer that, today, is leaving his home to begin his quest to become the Pokemon Champion! But, before he leaves his room, the TV flashes on.

Yes, the Arson Gang has returned! This band of fire-loving, Pokemon-possessing evildoers have burned down many cities and forests before, but the current champion, Rictor, shut down their HQ and arrested their leader, Blazre. But now that they've got a new leader, their special Pokemon (Pokenon) and fiery ways are back! You must not let them ruin you're chances of becoming a star trainer!


Main Characters

Jacob The boy defualt trainer, Jacob is ready to tackle the Gym Leaders of Airus and save the region from the evil Arson Gang!
Anna The girl default trainer, Anna is ready to capture and breed the Pokemon of Airus while rising through the ranks to Champion and stopping the Arson Gang!
Embre The son of criminal and former Gang Head Blazre, Embre is determined to burn all of Airus down to lay down a new region of terror and fire!
Rictor The famous trainer that arrested Blazre, Rictor is the current Pokemon Champion, but has made it clear that all of his glory is nothing without the Pokemon themselves.

The Gym Leaders

Oxygo/Nitriga These Gym Leaders (Oxygo in Oxygen Version, Nitriga in Nitrogen) are famous for their cunning use of Normal Pokemon and Flying Pokemon. Can you show the world that their tricks are too easy?
Burton Burton is a former mineworker from Rockfall Town. He specializes in Rock and Steel Pokemon, and is never too weak for anything. Can you knock down the big Onix?
Cevelia Info Coming Soon.
Shade Always creepy and always ominous, Shade Specialises in ghost type pokemon and works in a graveyard. Can you brave his Gravtone?
Shado Almost nocturnal, Shado hides in the well....shadows. His dark past has led him down a dark path to dark type pokemon. Will his umbreon blend in too well?
Jonathan Info Coming Soon.
Ominis Ominis was a diver who found a fossil that would prove a worthy find. He now dives for treasure and artifacts while he and his water types wait for their next challenger. Will his omastar sink your spirit?
Georgik Swinging through the forests on a daily basis, this grass type gym leader makes aipom look ameture. Can you swing the battle around?

The Elite Four

Thomas Info Coming Soon.
Percy Info Coming Soon.
Maloda Info Coming Soon.
Grace Info Coming Soon

New Pokemon

All Pokemon except Sinnoh Pokemon are found in Airus. However, there are also 145 new Pokemon to catch! There are 140 New Pokemon, and 5 mega evolutions!

Note: All numbers are the new Pokemon, so 001 is Leafu, not Bulbasaur.


Name Evolutions Bio Pokedex entry Type Level Up To
Leafu The Grass Starter Pokemon of Airus, this leafy Pokemon has the power to KO a couple weak Pokemon, but its true power has yet to be revealed. Grass When Level 16: Evolve into Leafuso
The next evolution in the Leafu "species", this Pokemon packs more power to the punch. Grass When Level 36: Evolve into Leafusolar
With the power to break solid brick, call upon the energy of the Sun, and even heal itself, this Pokemon is the ultimate Grass type Grass/ice When Level 100: Learn Special Move: Leafusolar Blast


Name Evolutions Bio Pokedex entry


Level Up To
Candlet candlet -> flickle-> torflame

This Pokemon is exactly as it sounds: a candle. However, this weak Pokemon does something no other Pokemon can do: it supplies an unlimited light.

Fire When Level 16: Evolve into flickle
flickle candlet -> flickle-> torflame The evolution from the candle is a candle stick. You know that french candle from beauty and the beast, thats the general design. This candle now can learn moves like fire spin. Fire When Level 35: Evolve into torflame
torflame candlet -> flickle-> torflame Torflame now is a torch with a scorching flame, a metalicstand for a body and limbs. it whacks a punch and is famous for its fire punches doing so much damage Its roaring flame inspires those around it and its punches can set a volcano off Fire/steel When Level 42: Learn Special Move: passion inferno


Name Evolutions Bio Pokedex entry Type Level Up To
Dolphno Dolphno is a blue dolphin with a white underbelly and a large tail This pokemon brings joy to those around it. It can jump up to 5 feet and summersult with ease Water Get to level 16 to evolve into
CO CO water/ground CO


Name Evolutions Bio pokedex entry Type Level Up To
Toomle Ghost/Rock 18 for Gravtone
Gravtone it is said this tombstone is possesed by the spirit that was burried above it. it waits for those who wander the semitarys at night and drag them down inside its grave. Ghost/Rock


Name Evolutions bio pokedex entry type level up to
Luvli luvdisk ->luvli a more sleek design and a more prominent special stat its a fix required for this game. it has spots on the sides with a pinkish base colour its spots glow when people fall in love and allows it to float in the air. water/fairy

More Info to come

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