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Developer(s) Game Freak logoStardustCitadelLogo
Publisher(s) Nintendologoayy
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogo
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA September 2017

25px-Flag of Japan2 September 2017
25px-Flag of Europe-1- September 2017
25px-Flag of Australia-1- September 2017

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action role-playing game
Series EnglishPokemonLogo
Predecessor Pokémon Sun and Moon (2016, Nintendo 3DS)

Pokémon Order and Chaos Versions (Pocket Monster Peaceful Order and Chaotic War Versions in Japanese) are a duology of Pokémon games, developed by Game Freak and Stardust Citadel and set to be published by Nintendo, to be released for the Nintendo Switch on September 2017. The game is the first of the new generation of the Pokémon series, known as Generation Alpha, which has a different direction from the main Pokémon series, story-wise and gameplay-wise.

The game takes place in Lindlora, a region based off the United Kingdom. The player takes control of a Pokémon student who becomes the assistant of the regional professor, Hawthorn. Hawthorn requests the player to investigate the region and study the Pokémon with the help of the new Active Pokédex, which allows the player to get information about the Pokémon without the need to capture them.

The game introduces eighty five new Pokémon while also including a lot of the Pokémon from previous generations, as well including Lindlorian variants of classic Pokémon. The cover mascots are Pidgeaceon, the Ascended Peace Pokémon and Warture, the Ascended War Pokémon. Players will also be able to transfer their Pokémon from the Pokémon Bank through the Switch Pokémon Bank app, which allows transfer from the Nintendo 3DS's Pokémon Bank as well from Pokémon Sun and Moon.



Order and Chaos diverges from the usual Pokémon formula. The game is an open-world experience, with the player being able to visit any of the locations the game has to offer without being stopped by HMs, which in this game can be used to find hidden secrets which are everywhere. The only place the player is not allowed to visit is the Royal Palace, which is only unlocked after the player defeats the Castle Captains. The player is given tasks from a number of people, starting with Professor Hawthorn. As the professor's new assistant, Hawthorn will request the player to visit certain locations in order to investigate certain species. As the player progresses with the tasks, the player eventually earns the title of Pokémon Trainer and the new tasks the player acquires will increase their Trainer Points, which are required to progress in certain situations.

Like in Pokémon GO, the player can find certain Pokémon under certain biomes, depending of their nature and their typing. With the new Pokédex, the player can utilize a sonar radar feature to see if there are wild Pokémon nearby. The game introduces a new mechanic called Trainer Stances. The player can switch from Active Stance or Passive Stance. The Active Stance allows the player to fight against wild Pokémon and Passive Stance allows the player to passby without having to fight against trainers and/or Wild Pokémon. This is made so that the player can easier get from locations without having random encounters.

Pokémon battles have been remade from scratch. The player can have one Pokémon outside of the Pokéball and while on Active Stance, the player can utilize their Pokémon to perform a First Strike on a Wild Pokémon, making it easier to fight against Wild Pokémon. Wild Pokémon can also do this for the player's Pokémon, so the player has to act carefully.

The battle system itself is now a more action-based system, instead of the usual turn-based system. Each participant on battle has a certain time to act and each one has either an Attack Turn and a Defense Turn. On Attack Turn, the player can perform the Pokémon moves until time runs out and it turns into the Defense Turn, where the player can utilize passive skills or try to outrun the opponent's moves. The battles take place in a three-dimensional cubical battlefield. In double or triple battles, the other Pokémon are controlled by CPU and the player can switch from Pokémon to Pokémon with a press of a button.

Another new addition is Trainer Skills. Pokémon-Amie returns from the mainstream games and the player can bond with their Pokémon, as they bond it increases the strength of the Trainer Skills, which are abilities that don't waste a Pokémon move and gives the Pokémon in the battlefield a temporary buff in combat. If the bond reaches maximum level, the player can perform a Synchronization, giving a major temporary boost to the Pokémon and also changing the Pokémon's appearance slightly so it makes the Pokémon to appear similar to their trainer.



Team Chronos

Team Chronos is the main villianous team of Order and Chaos. They are led by a faceless man known as Knox. Seven other members take forced control of parts of the region and it is up to the player to stop their reign. Team Chronos wants to awaken the Sleeping Giants, Doveace, the Peace Pokémon and Griffar, the War Pokémon. They fought endlessly until a balance was reached between the two through a mysterious mythological Pokémon known as Yinyan, who quieted the Giants and put them in a long sleep. Knox and his men wants to awake one of them in order to reach their goals of a world destruction, but not in a physical sense but in a more mental sense. Through endless order or endless chaos, Knox wants the world to fall into despair.

Lindloran PokéDex

LinDex Pokémon Description Type
001 Graser Grass Spider Pokémon Grass Bug
002 Grasulla Grass Tarantula Pokémon Grass Bug
003 Widrasow Grass Black Widow Pokémon Grass Bug
004 Firine Fiery Canine Pokémon Fire
005 Duorine Two-Headed Canine Pokémon Fire
006 Cerebog Three-Headed Canine Pokémon Fire Ghost
007 Delphin Dolphin Pokémon Water
008 Dolphis Oceanic Dolphin Pokémon Water
009 Duskhin Dusky Dolphin Pokémon Water Dark
010 Vampre Vampire Bird Pokémon Flying Poison
011 Birdracul Vampire Bird Pokémon Flying Poison
012 Hologhoul Hologram Pokémon Cyber Ghost
013 Poltergram Virtual Poltergeist Pokémon Cyber Ghost
014 Flowire Fire Flower Pokémon Grass Fire
015 Flowce Ice Flower Pokémon Grass Ice
016 Flowhunder Thunder Flower Pokémon Grass Electric
017 Flowloud Cloud Flower Pokémon Grass Flying
018 Thunloud Cloud Pokémon Electric
019 Darkloud Heavy Cloud Pokémon Electric Dark
020 Odicold Nordic Pokémon Ice
021 Vikicool Viking Pokémon Ice Fighting
022 Operice Singer Pokémon Ice Fairy
023 Electrihog Electric Hedgehog Pokémon Electric
024 Jolknight Knight Hedgehog Pokémon Electric Steel
025 Hedgark Genetic Hedgehog Pokémon Dark Fighting
026 Umbroach Cockroach Pokémon Bug Dark
027 Coltisune White Fox Pokémon Ice Light
028 Yakogori Black Fox Pokémon Ice Dark
029 Snapet Puppethead Pokémon Ghost Dark
030 Batirus Error Pokémon Cyber Bug
031 Misnumber Glitch Pokémon Cyber Bug
032 Bulbent Incandescent Bulb Pokémon Light Electric
033 Bulbescent Fluorescent Bulb Pokémon Light Electric
034 Justicot Robot Pokémon Steel Fighting
081 Doveace Peace Pokémon Light Flying
082 Pidgeaceon Ascended Peace Pokémon Light Flying
083 Griffar War Pokémon Dark Fighting
084 Warture Ascended War Pokémon Dark Fighting
085 Yinyan Balance Pokémon Light Dark

Pokémon Type Changes

Pokémon Original Typing New Type
137MS Normal Cyber
233MS Normal Cyber
474MS Normal Cyber
048MS Bug Bug Psychic
049MS Bug Bug Psychic
054MS Water Water Psychic
055MS Water Water Psychic

Lindloran Forms

LinDex Pokémon Description Type
Firchu Pichu Tiny Mouse Pokémon Fire
Firechu Pikachu Mouse Pokémon Fire
Firaichu Raichu Mouse Pokémon Fire
Tronix Onix Rock Snake Pokémon Rock Grass
TBA Steelix Iron Snake Pokémon Steel Grass
TBA Munchlax Big Eater Pokémon Ice
TBA Snorlax Sleeping Pokémon Ice
TBA Genesect Paleozoic Pokémon Cyber Steel




Castle Guardians

The Castle Guardians replaces the Gym Leaders. Unlike Gym Leaders, they are not type specialized. Their teams vary depending of when the player fights them, to check their teams, here.

Captain Description
Thompson Thompson's battle strategy involves outmanuvering the opponent and outsmarting them. As such, Thompson's team involves fast Pokémon that have several abilities dedicated to outrun the player. Winning against him awards the player with the Sonic Medal and the Look Out! Trainer Skill, which increases speed temporarily during the defensive turn.
Lisle Lisle's battle strategy involves exhausting the opponent's resources. As such, Lisle's team involves Pokémon with high defense and supportive abilities to maintain them alive during the course of battle. Winning against her awards the player with the Heal Medal and the Stand Still! Trainer Skill, which increases defense temporarily during the defensive turn.
Vickers Vickers's battle strategy involves ambushing the opponent. Vickers's has a varied team, but they have fast moves and high speed, meant to catch the player off guard once their attacking turn start. Winning against her awards the player with the Striker Medal and the Now! Trainer Skill, which increases the attack move speed for one move, allowing the player to use an attack faster than usual.
Colt Colt's battle strategy involves building an outlasting team. Colt's team has many Pokémon that can increase defensive stats and can pass it to others, meaning to have a strong team that can dish out offenses and outlast the player's team. Winning against him awards the player with the Stronghold Medal and the Withstand! Trainer Skill, which decreases the damage recieved from an opponent move.
Sykes Sykes's battle strategy involves tricking the opponent. As such, her team includes Pokémon with abilities that can mislead the player on her next moves. Winning against her awards the player with the Jester Medal and the Fake Out! Trainer Skill, allowing the player to fake out a move.
Chaffee Chaffee's battle strategy involves pure strength. As such, his Pokémon are deadly, he often just attacks but in dire situations, Chaffee can set up to defeat the player by utilizing varied abilities. Winning against him awards the player with the Titan Medal and the Strike At Once! Trainer Skill, allowing the player to massively improve one attack move, but instantly ending their attacking turn.
Kukri Kukri's battle strategy involves a sure strike. As such, Kukri's Pokémon have incredible accurate moves and wants to make sure that their Pokémon moves land. Winning against her awards the player with the Sniper Medal and the Focus! Trainer Skill, which increases the accuracy of the player's Pokémon next move.
Wesson Wesson's battle strategy is something that he calls "Domino Dancing". His team has Pokémon with abilities that can hurt or inflict status effects on the next Pokémon on the battlefield, making it so that each player's Pokémon afterwards are quickly deal with. Winning against him awards the player with the Outlast Medal and the Trap! Trainer Skill, improving the efficacy of moves like Stealth Rock.

Masters Council

The Masters Council replaces the Elite Four.

Masters Description Team
Estmund Estmund is the Master of Strength, and as such his Pokémon are focused on sheer strength. Estmund's Pokémon have incredibly high stats in physical strength and defense, although not farring to well when it comes to Special stats. 464MS248MS697MS306MS638MS395MS
Vedette Vedette is the Master of Speed and as such her Pokémon have incredibly high speed. Her team is based around keeping damage against the opponent, and as such the Pokémon have attacks that can inflict status effects such as Poison and/or attacks that hit the player multiple times like Infestation. 768MS637MS596MS545MS558MS416MS
Alejandro Alejandro is the Master of Defense. Alejandro's Pokémon can inflict and withstand high damage. In order to defeat his teams, the player must be ready to be able to defeat it at the first turn or require to counteract the strategies used by Alejandro in order to keep his Pokémon on the battlefield. 297MS675MS454MS062MS652MS784MS
Lexine Lexine is the Master of Special. Her Pokémon are dedicated to utilizing skills that take advantage of their Special Attack and Defense. Despite not having high physical attack or damage, Lexine's Pokémon don't have much issue countering those weaknesses. 354MS429MS477MS094MS609MS778MS
Count Reinhardt Count Reinhardt is the Grand Master of the Masters Council. The strongest trainer in the region and the only one besides the player to be able to perform Synchronization with their Pokémon, as well being able to Mega Evolve his Gallade and has equipped Z-Crystals for all his team. His Pokémon are varied and each one requires careful thinking to be defeated. 503MS475MS625MS621MS589MS681MS

Pokémon Warriors Arena

The Pokémon Warriors Arena is a special battle competition, similar to the Battle Frontier and the Pokémon World Tournament. It is available at any time the player wants to, but the player can only advance ranks after beating the Castle Captains and later the Royal Family.

Recruit Rank

Soldier Rank

Cavalier Rank

Knight Rank

Warrior Rank

General Rank

Paladin Rank

Baron Rank

Lord Rank

Vanguard Rank

Trainer Team
Sir Riley 448MS359MS376MS373MS217MS464MS

Promotional Events


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