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Developer(s) Stardust Citadel
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) TBA
Release Date(s)
TBA 2017

Pokémon Order and Chaos Versions are a pair of role-playing games set to be released at the same time for an yet unspecified system. They are the first games of a new Pokémon generation entitled Generation Alpha, a new generation series that are composed of the new game mechanics created by Stardust Citadel, with no intention of replacing the original series. It takes place in the region of Lindlora, which is a region that takes inspiration from many locations of the world.



For the first time in the franchise, the game is open-world, meaning that the player is free to go wherever they want without limitations, with the exception of the path for the Elite 4. Pokémon are unique to certain locations, like in Pokémon GO, a certain type of Pokémon is more likely to appear in a location that it fits (example, a Grass-type Pokémon like Oddish can be found on fields), although some Pokémon will be limited to certain regions (for example: there might be fields in one city, although not all Pokémon that can be found on fields will be able to appear in that certain field). As the player progresses through out the game, the levels of the Pokémon and the trainers increase. Pokémon can be spotted in the overworld, removing the random encounters. Players can choose on whenever or not they should fight the Pokémon by switching stances, Passive Stance means that the player will ignore wild Pokémon battles, although trainer battles cannot be avoided this way, Agressive Stance means that the player can be attacked by Wild Pokémon.

Players can have their Pokémon out of the Pokéball, like in HeartGold/SoulSilver, which can be utilized to increase the Pokémon's friendship levels. Additionally, Pokémon out of the Pokéball can utilize their abilities outside of the field, such as the ability Anticipation which can be used to "sense" if there is a Pokémon nearby preparing an attack. Some Pokémon can only be found with the help of certain equipment, such as some ghost Pokémon can only been seen with the Spirit Scope. Additionally as the player progresses, more Pokémon become available for capture. The main goal stays the same with the player having to fight Gym Leaders and then fighting the Elite 4 to become the Pokémon Champion.

The Pokémon battles take on a more action RPG twist. The battles take place in a three-dimensional field and each player is given an attack turn and a defense turn, in which the players can utilize to use their best attacks or to from defend and flee from attacks. As such, the Pokémon moves have been fully revamped to work on this field of combat. Mega Evolutions are still available in this game, although they are a temporary power-up for balancing purposes. A new feature is the Friendship System, in which at certain points of the game, the player will be able to meet the previously defeated Gym Leaders in certain locations as well other traveling trainers and the players can become friends with them, allowing for the player to have traveling partners, whom can assist the player in double or triple battles, as well unlocking Trainer Skills.

Trainer Skills is a new mechanic in which the trainer can help the Pokémon in combat by giving it a temporary buff. Through this, the player can help the Pokémon in combat as well increasing their bond. Once a bond level between a Pokémon and a Trainer is high enough, a "Human Evolution" takes place, in which fully evolved Pokémon can "evolve" again, recieving an updated appearance based on the trainer as well recieving all the Trainer Skills all at once. This, like the Mega Evolutions, is a temporary power-up.


  • Two new types: Light and Cyber is added in the game.
  • New moves and ablities are added in the game.
Click here to see the new moves and the new abilities here.
  • New Mega Evolutions have been added.

Trainer Skills

Skill Effects
Cheer Up! Increases Attack and decreases Defense, Speed and Accuracy.
Focus! Increases Special Attack and Special Defense.
Hold On! CONDITION: Pokémon is at 1/4th of it's health.
Heals 1/18th of the Pokémon's health, increases Attack and Defense.


Character Description Role
Darius ()
Keila ()
The main protagonist of the game. Coming from a different country, the protagonist is a Pokémon enthusiast who seeks to learn more about them through Professor Cypress, one of the smartest people in the field of Pokémon studies. With a goal to travel around the world learning more about them, they volunteer to help Cypress to study species from afar region. Although silent through out the adventure, the player can give it a new look to the player as well answering question given to this character. Player Character
Professor Cypress () The Pokémon Professor of Lindlora, specialized on Pokémon behavior, whom guides the player through the new gameplay elements introduced through out the game. A calm-headed, smooth talking and overall nice person, Cypress is the inventor of the Active Pokédex, which allows Pokémon to be recognized by the PokéDex without being caught, although not all information will be available through the system without catching a Pokémon. Pokémon Professor
Jay () A traveling Pokémon trainer who tags along with the player character, introducing them to the many locations of the Lindlora region. He serves as an overall guide to the game's overworld mechanics as well the new Friendship system. Jay won't appear after a while, although the player does have the option to make Jay a traveling partner. He can be found occasionally through out the adventure and the player can have a battle against him. Partner
Jewel () The star of the Pokécinema, a retired Pokémon trainer who dedicates her life to the movies as a famous actress whom participated in many famous Pokécinema productions. She apppears through out the adventure seeking new talents for the her company, as she seeks to move on as a director. She constantly bumps with the player and is followed by several paparazzis wherever she goes. She serves as the tutorial for the Pokécinema portion of the game. Recurring Character
Roswell () An retired gold medalist atlhete, Roswell travels around the Lindlora region seeking to promote his latest incentive: the Pokéolympics. Like Jewel, the player will be meeting him through out the adventure with him talking about his work. Unlike Jewel, Roswell is usually seen alone. He serves as the tutorial for the Pokéolympics portion of the game. Recurring Character

Team Force

Team Force is the new villianous team introduced in this game. Their goals are yet to be revealed.

Character Description Role
Hyram () Not much is known about Hyram, only that he is the leader of the team. Leader
Dacre () TBA Member
Tammi () TBA Member
Selby () TBA Member
Luther () TBA Member
Toby () TBA Member
Robin () TBA Related

Lindlora Pokédex

Click here for a more indepth version of the PokéDex.
LinDex Pokémon Description Type
001 Delphin Dolphin Pokémon Water
002 Dolphis Oceanic Dolphin Pokémon Water
003 Duskhin Dusky Dolphin Pokémon Water Dark
004 Firine Fiery Canine Pokémon Fire
005 Duorine Two-Headed Canine Pokémon Fire
006 Cerebog Three-Headed Canine Pokémon Fire Ghost
007 Graser Grass Spider Pokémon Grass Bug
008 Grasulla Grass Tarantula Pokémon Grass Bug
009 Widrasow Grass Black Widow Pokémon Grass Bug
010 Vampre Vampire Bird Pokémon Flying Poison
011 Birdracul Vampire Bird Pokémon Flying Poison
012 Hologhoul Hologram Pokémon Cyber Ghost
012 Poltergram Virtual Poltergeist Pokémon Cyber Ghost
013 Flowfire Fire Flower Pokémon Fire Grass
014 Flowice Ice Flower Pokémon Ice Grass
015 Thunloud Cloud Pokémon Electric
016 Darkloud Heavy Cloud Pokémon Electric Dark
017 Odicold Nordic Pokémon Ice Fighting
018 Vikicool Viking Pokémon Ice Fighting
019 Valkyrice Valkyrie Pokémon Ice Fighting
020 Electrihog Electric Hedgehog Pokémon Electric
021 Jolknight Knight Hedgehog Pokémon Electric Steel
022 Umbroach Cockroach Pokémon Bug Dark
023 Coltisune White Fox Pokémon Normal Ice
024 Pupprudget Puppet Pokémon Ghost
025 Bleetle Computer Bug Pokémon Cyber Bug
026 Meetligno Computer Glitch Pokémon Cyber Bug
027 Bulbent Incandescent Bulb Pokémon Light Electric
028 Bulbescent Fluorescent Bulb Pokémon Light Electric
081 Doveace Peace Pokémon Light Flying
082 Pidgeaceon Ascended Peace Pokémon Light Flying
083 Griffar War Pokémon Dark Fighting
084 Warture Ascended War Pokémon Dark Fighting
085 Yinyan Balance Pokémon Light Dark
N/A Robot Rotom Plasma Pokémon Electric Fighting

Lindloran Forms

Icon Pokémon Type Ability
095CMS Onix Normal Clear Body
Sturdy (Hidden Ability)
143SMS Snorlax Normal
Adaptability (Hidden Ability)



City/Town Population Description
Someries City
Donnington City
Windsor Town
Bristol City
Boarstall Town
Kimbolton City
Woodcroft City
Halton Town
Lumley City
Mortharm Town
Scargill City
Askerton City
Beetham Town
Linstock City
Piel Town


Gym Leaders

Name Type Description
Kali Dark Fought alongside Abha.
O 261MS Poochyena Lv. 10
Tackle (Normal) Howl (Normal)
Sand Attack (Ground) Bite (Dark)
C 509MS Purrloin Lv. 15
Scratch (Normal) Growl (Normal)
Sand Attack (Ground) Pursuit (Dark)
O 262MS Mightyena Lv. 18
Crunch (Dark) Thief (Dark)
Sand Attack (Ground) Snarl (Dark)
C 510MS Liepard Lv. 20
Fury Swipes (Normal) Torment (Dark)
Sand Attack (Ground) Pursuit (Dark)
Abha Light Fought alongside Kali.
Ling Ghost
Fay Fairy
Duke Dragon
Newton Cyber
Sigal Poison
Tierra Ground
111MS Rhyhorn Lv. 40
Drill Run (Ground) Rock Blast (Rock)
Chip Away (Normal) Scary Face (Normal)
Argyros Steel

Elite Four

Name Type Description
Haluk Bug
Halstein Rock
Kaimana Water
Guntur Electric
??? ???





Event Pokémon

Similar to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, certain Event Pókémon were released as somehwat an ad for an upcoming game, be it from Stardust Citadel or affiliates.

Crimson the Roserade: Invasion

Following the announcement of Crimson the Roserade: Invasion, several event Pokémon based upon the Crimson the Roserade franchise were released to be scanned via QR Codes.

Pokémon Description
Crimson (Roserade) ()
Lv. 50
Type: Grass Poison

Ability: Poison Point
Nature: Brave


Poison Jab (Poison)
Giga Drain (Grass)
Petal Dance (Grass)
Swords Dance (Normal)

Frozerade (Roserade) ()
Lv. 50
Type: Ice Poison

Ability: Natural Cure
Nature: Mild


Acid Spit (Poison)
Blizzard (Ice)
Sheer Cold (Ice)
Megahorn (Bug)

Lord Garchomp (Garchomp) ()
Lv. 50
Type: Dragon Ground

Ability: Rough Skin
Nature: Impish


Flamethrower (Fire)
Earthquake (Ground)
Outrage (Dragon)
Iron Tail (Steel)

One-Hit Wonder

Pokémon Description
Amaia (Mienshao) ()
Lv. 35
Type: Fighting

Ability: Reckless
Nature: Bold


High Jump Kick (Fighting)
Double Team (Normal)
Focus Punch (Fighting)
Drain Punch (Fighting)


Pokémon Description
Thermo (Kingler) ()
Lv. 50
Type: Water

Ability: Hyper Cutter
Nature: Adamant


Agility (Psychic)
Crabhammer (Water)
Knock Off (Dark)
Superpower (Fighting)


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