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This is the list of new abilities introduced in Pokémon Order and Chaos.


Name Effect
192 Grudge Power When physically attacked, this ability will increase the Pokémon's strength and speed and decrease it's accuracy.
193 Vampirism If the opposing Pokémon is hit with the Poisoned status effect, the user of this ability will recover the HP the opponent loses.
194 Rebuild If the Pokémon is hit by a non-damaging move, they will heal 1/8th of their maximum HP.
195 Boiling Point If hit by a Fire-type move, this will raise the Pokémon's special attack by 2.
196 Bug Repelent Makes the user immune to Bug-type moves.
197 Miracle If the user is defeated in combat, there is a 25% chance of the Pokémon reviving with 1/4th of it's health. Only works once.
198 Immunity Break Allows the user to hit the opponent with an attack that they would normally be immune against, although it deals damage like a move that is not supereffective would deal.
199 Underdog If the Pokémon has lower stats than it's opponent, stats are increased by one stage.
200 Quick Draw If both Pokémon use the same move, the Pokémon with this ability goes first.
201 Prediction The user recieves half damage from high priority moves.

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