Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a 2016 animated film based on the video game Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. The film was released in Japan on February 12th, 2016 and in North America on March 11th, 2016. The film was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures. The film was rated PG.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Director Seiichiro Nagahata

Hironori Ishigami

Producer(s) OLM
Studio(s) The Pokemon Company


Writer(s) Shin-ichiro Tomie

Emiko Tanaka

Distributor(s) Toho (Japan)

Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures (North America)

Type Animated
Genre(s) Adventure, Buddy, Drama
Country of Origin Japan

North America

Theatrical Release Date(s)
Japan - February 12th, 2016

North America - March 11th, 2016

Home Edition Release Date(s)
Japan - June 17th, 2016

North America - July 22nd, 2016

Age Rating(s)
Original Language Japanese


Budget $80,000
Box Office $10,000,000
Runtime 120 minutes (2 Hours)


The film begins as a Chimchar washes on a beach. Meanwhile, a cowardly Squirtle named Chrono tries to get into the Wigglytuff Guild, but he chickens out. Chrono walks to the beach where he finds a Chimchar lying on the beach unconscious. The Chimchar wakes up and wonders where she is. She tells Chrono that she cannot remember anything other than her name Riko and that she was a human before. After helping Chrono get his Relic Fragment back from the thieve Zubat and Koffing, Riko agrees to form and exploration team with Chrono and join the Wigglytuff Guild. After being welcomed into the guild by Chatot and Guildmaster Wigglytuff, Riko and Chrono become Team Pokepals.

On their first day at the guild, Riko and Chrono search for a missing pearl at the Drenched Bluff and their client Spoink gives them a huge reward, which Chatot takes a huge percent of their reward for their training. On the next day, Riko and Chrono are given a tour of Treasure Town by the guild apprentice Bidoof. While there, they meet Marill and his brother Azurill. When Azurill drops an apple and Riko retrieves it for him, she hears Azurill screaming for help. Thinking she must have imagined it, Chrono decides to head back to the guild for their next mission. Along the way, they meet a Pokemon named Drowsee who decides to help Marill and Azurill. When Drowsee bumps into Riko, she has a vision of Drowsee and Azurill on a mountain. Fearing that Azurill is in trouble, Riko and Chrono head to Mt. Bristle where Drowsee holds Azurill hostage. After fighting Drowsee, he is arrested and Marill and Azurill are reunited. That night, Chrono tells Riko about Time Gears, objects that control the flow of time in a region. Chrono states that no Pokemon ever disturbs Time Gears as if they were stolen, time in that region will stop completely. As Chrono is talking about Time Gears, a shadowy figure is running across a forest in the rain and then takes the Time Gear in the forest.

A few days later, Riko and Chrono are given their first offical exploration to an unexplored waterfall. At the waterfall, Riko has a vision that shows a shadowy figure jumping into the waterfall to find a cave on the other side. Riko and Chrono jump into the waterfall and find the cave and decide to explore it. They soon find a room full of gems with a giant gem in the wall. They find out that the giant gem is a trap and are washed away into a hot spring. They then return to the guild where Riko realizes that the shape she saw in the vision was actually Wigglytuff. Chatot then talks to Wigglytuff about it and says that he did go to the Waterfall Cave before. That night, Chrono talks about how exited he was that they were finally given their first exploration. He also says that Riko is helping him be brave. Chatot then comes in their room, telling them Wigglytuff would like to see them. Wigglytuff tells Riko and Chrono about how the guild is planning an expedition and that if they work hard, they can be chosen. Chrono promises that he and Riko will do their best to be picked for the expedition.

The next day, Riko and Chrono encounter the Zubat and Koffing who took Chrono's Relic Fragment earlier. Riko and Chrono meet their chief, Skuntank who attacks Riko with a cloud of gas. Zubat and Koffing tell Chrono that he should give up on being an explorer as he is cowardly. After Riko tries to cheer him up by telling him he is not a chicken, Chrono becomes determined to work hard and be brave. Then next day, Chatot tells the guild that Team Skull is temporarily joining the guild for their expedition, much to Chrono's shock. That night, Team Skull becomes hungry and decides to eat all of the guilds' Perfect Apples. The next day, Chatot assigns Riko and Chrono to head to Apple Woods to find more Perfect Apples. When they reach the Perfect Apple tree, they encounter Team Skull once again. Skuntank generously hits the tree causing Perfect Apples to fall off, but Chrono refuses to get the apples as he fears it might be a trick. Koffing and Skuntank then knock out Riko and Chrono with their "noxious gas combo" and take all the Perfect Apples (and also leaving Zubat behind). Realizing that they failed, Riko and Chrono return to the guild and give the news to Chatot, who then goes into a panic. Chatot punishes Riko and Chrono by not letting them have dinner. They then go to Wigglytuff's chamber where Chatot tells him that there were no Perfect Apples collected. Upon hearing the bad news, Wigglytuff begins to cry (and practically almost causes the guild to explode). Team Skull then comes in and gives Wigglytuff a Perfect Apple, causing him to stop crying. Wigglytuff and Chatot thank Team Skull for their generosity, but Chatot is still angry at Riko and Chrono.

The next day, Riko and Chrono are tired and weak from hunger, but three of the guild's apprentices Bidoof, Sunflora, and Chimecho offer them food that they saved from dinner the previous night. Chrono thanks them for the food, but then says that him and Riko have a high chance of not being chosen for the expedition due to their massive failure. But even so, Chrono and Riko are still determined to do their best at their training. A few days later, the expedition finally comes and the members have been chosen. Chatot reads off the names of the members on the memo, but then realizes that Wigglytuff has chosen everyone in the guild, including Riko and Chrono. After prepairing in Treasure Town, the guild sets off on their expedition to a place known as Fogbound Lake. Riko, Chrono, and Bidoof go through the Craggy Coast and Mt. Horn before arriving at the base camp at Foggy Forest. Upon arriving, Riko gets a feeling that she remembers the place but doesn't know why. Chimecho then tells the guild about Uxie, a Pokemon that is rumored to live in Fogbound Lake and can erase memories.Thinking that Riko might have came to Fogbound Lake and then got her memory erased by Uxie, Chrono decides to go to Fogbound Lake to look for Uxie. On their way to Foggy Forest, Chrono sees a red gem lying on the ground. He picks it up and decides to keep it. They eventually arrive a clearing in the forest where there are several waterfalls. Riko and Chrono meet up with Corphish, another apprentice at the guild, who is standing next to a statue of the legendary Pokemon Groudon. Upon touching the statue, Riko hears a voice that says to put the Drought Stone in Groudon's heart to lift the fog. Riko tells Chrono to put the red gem he found into the Groudon statue. As soon as he does, the statue's eyes light up and causes a huge flash of light which lifts the fog to reveal Fogbound Lake. Riko and Chrono decide to go to Fogbound Lake, but are stopped by Team Skull. Koffing and Skuntank try to knock them out again with their "noxious gas combo", but before they can, a Perfect Apple and Wigglytuff appear. Wigglytuff sends Riko and Chrono to explore Fogbound Lake and then begins to dance around while Team Skull try to think of something to do to Wigglytuff.

Meanwhile, Riko and Chrono explore Steam Cave and halfway through the cave, the begin to hear loud roars coming from the top. Riko then tells Chrono about how she remembers the place and that they might be close to finding the key to finding out how she lost her memory and became a Pokemon. Riko and Chrono then journey deeper into Steam Cave. Meanwhile, back at the Groudon statue, Skuntank just stands around while Wigglytuff is still dancing. Wigglytuff then stops, thinking that they are now playing a game where they make silly faces. Skuntank finally decides to take down Wigglytuff. Later, Riko and Chrono reach the top of Steam Cave, but are stop by the legendary Groudon. Corphish leads the other members of the guild to the Groudon Statue, where they find Wigglytuff gone. They then decide to follow Riko and Chrono to Steam Cave. While running, Corphish asks Chatot about Groudon who explains that if someone were to fight Groudon, it would be like throwing their life away. Back on the top of Steam Cave, Riko and Chrono prepare to fight Groudon. They manage to defeat it, but it turns out the Groudon was an illusion made by Uxie, the guardian of Fogbound Lake. Uxie then takes Riko and Chrono to see the true Fogbound Lake. They discover that Fogbound Lake has a Time Gear in it, which makes Riko's heart race. Uxie then explains that the area around the lake has been surrounded by fog to protect the Time Gear and that the Groudon they fought was an illusion. When Chrono asks Uxie if a human has ever come to Fogbound Lake, he tells him that no human has ever come and he only erases memories of Fogbound Lake, not memories entirely. The guild soon arrives at Fogbound Lake and watches the spectacular view. The guild then decides to head back to Treasure Town and make a promise to Uxie to not tell anyone about Fogbound Lake.

After returning to guild from the expedition, a famous explorer named Dusknoir visits the guild. Chrono and Riko learn that Dusknoir is a famous explorer and is sometimes referred to as the Great Dusnoir. Riko and Chrono are then told that someone has come to see them. The visitors are Marill and Azurill who have asked Riko and Chrono to help look for their lost item known as a Water Float. They then find a ransom note from Team Skull who want to get back on Riko and Chrono after what happened at Fogbound Lake. The note says that they hid the Water Float at Amp Plains, which is home to many Electric type Pokemon. Chrono promises Marill and Azurill that they will get their item back and Riko and Chrono head to Amp Plains. While there, Marill and Azurill head to the Kecleon Market, where Dusknoir is talking to the Kecleon Bros. When Marill and Azurill tell Dusknoir that Riko and Chrono are at Amp Plains, Dusknoir realizes that they are in trouble and heads to Amp Plains. Riko and Chrono make it to the deepest part of the plains, but are attack the the Electrike Tribe lead by Manectric. After they defeat the tribe, Manectric tries to attack Riko and Chrono again when Dusknoir appears and tells the tribe that Riko and Chrono weren't trying to take their territory. Manectric then leads the tribe away and Riko, Chrono, and Dusknoir return to Treasure Town. They then head to the beach where Chrono tells Dusknoir about Riko's ability to see and hear things from the past and future after touching something. Dusknoir tells them that Riko has an ability known as the Dimensional Scream. The Dimensional Scream is an ability where someone can see through time when touching an important thing. Chrono also tells Dusknoir Riko's name, which surprises him. Chrono asks Dusknoir if Riko's name means anything to him, and Dusknoir says the name does not mean anything, but Riko can see Dusknoir hiding a faint smile. Bidoof then appears to tell them that everyone needs to report to the guild immediately.

When everyone comes to the guild, they discover that the Time Gear in Fogbound Lake has been stolen. Although Uxie is said to be fine, all time in Fogbound Lake has stopped. The guild learns that a mysterious thief is stealing the Time Gears. Dusknoir tells the guild that he knows that the thief is a Pokemon known as Grovyle and that he is stealing the Time Gears to cause time to stop. The guild decides to look for other places that could have Time Gears. Riko and Chrono are assigned to go to Quicksand Desert, and Riko senses that there is a cave hidden in the quicksand. Chrono is reluctant at first, but then remembers Waterfall Cave and believes in Riko. Riko and Chrono jump into the quicksand and discover an underground cave. They then find an underground lake that holds a Time Gear. They try to get closer, but are stopped by Mesprit, the guardian of the lake. After they fight Mesprit, Grovyle appears and tries to take the Time Gear. Riko and Chrono try to stop him, but Grovyle attacks them and jumps into the lake and takes the Time Gear, causing time to stop in Quicksand Lake.

Riko and Chrono return to the guild, where Dusknoir is determined that the third lake guardian Azelf is at another lake protecting a Time Gear. After Dusknoir has Riko touch a crystal Bidoof found in Crystal Cave and has a vision of Grovyle attacking Azelf, the guild sends Riko and Chrono to Crystal Cave. After solving a puzzle that takes them to Crystal Crossing, they make it to Crystal Lake, where Grovyle is attacking Azelf just like in Riko's vision. Before Grovyle can steal the Time Gear, Azelf activates a trap, preventing Grovyle from taking the Time Gear. Riko and Chrono try to fight Grovyle, but he is to strong for them and knocks Riko unconscious. Chrono, who is unable to move or speak sees Dusknoir preparing to attack Grovyle, but he escapes and Dusknoir disappears after him. Chrono then looses consciousness and the guild brings the unconscious Riko, Chrono, and Azelf back to Treasure Town.

When Riko and Chrono recover from their wounds, the guild is brought to the town square where Dusknoir tells the town that he and Grovyle are from the future and that Grovyle came to the past to steal the Time Gears and to cause the Planet's Paralysis, where the Pokemon world turns into complete darkness and time has completely stopped. Dusknoir, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf hatch a plan to capture Grovyle and bring him to justice. A few days later, Grovyle is captured and all of the Treasure Town residents and the guild watch as Dusknoir opens a Dimensional Hole to take Grovyle back to the Future. Dusknoir bids farewell to everyone, but just before he leaves, he asks for Riko and Chrono to come up. Dusknoir then says that its too late for farewells and he then grabs Riko and Chrono and takes them to the Future with him. All of the villagers and the guild members watch in shock, but before they can do anything, the Dimensional Hole closes, leaving Riko and Chrono trapped in the Future.

Riko and Chrono wake up to find themselves trapped in a prison. They begin to wonder where they are, then Chrono remembers that Dusknoir grabbed them and pulled them in the Dimensional Hole. The doors of the prison then open and a bunch of Sableye appear and blindfold them. Riko and Chrono find themselves tied up against a pillar. They then see Grovyle, who is also tied up. Chrono begins to ask what is going on, and Grovyle tells them that Dusknoir and the Sableye plan to execute them. They quickly come up with a plan and manage to escape the execution. When the reach the outside, Riko and Chrono are shocked to find their world in the future of complete darkness, despite the Time Gears being in their place. Chrono is distraught and tries to go and talk to Dusknoir but Grovyle stops him, telling him that Dusknoir plans to get rid of them. Chrono refuses to believe him as he thought that Dusknoir is a good Pokemon. Grovyle then leaves them and tells them that they should go on their own and not let the Sableye catch them. Chrono is distraught and he doesn't know what to believe anymore. Riko tells them that they will return to their world alive. They then hear the Sableye coming, and Riko and Chrono run through Chasm Cave. When they get out of the cave, they see small lights, although there is no light in the future and the sun never rises. Chrono then tells Riko that he is sad and confused that Dusknoir turned his back on them. Riko then tells him that they will be okay and she decides to find Grovyle. Chrono is reluctant at first as he still believes that Grovyle is the bad guy, but he realizes that Grovyle might be able to get them back home. Chrono thanks Riko for helping him through their adventures and tells her that he is lucky to have a friend and partner like her. Riko and Chrono then set out to find Grovyle. They manage to catch up to Grovyle and free him from a rouge Spiritomb.

Chrono asks Grovyle about why their world is covered in darkness and why time has stopped, even with the Time Gears in their proper place and why Dusknoir wants to destroy them. Grovyle explains that the Planet's Paralysis started when the structure of time, Temporal Tower began to collapse. The tower then collapsed and it head occupant Dialga, the legendary Pokemon of time, survived the collapse, but became corrupted from the darkness into a tyrannical being known as Primal Dialga. Grovyle also explains that Dusknoir is an agent sent by Primal Dialga to Chrono's world to capture Grovyle to prevent him from taking the Time Gears and preventing the Planet's Paralysis to retain it's tyrannical status. Grovyle explains that he went back in time to take the Time Gears to Temporal Tower to prevent it's collapse. Chrono asks Grovyle if he knows a way to get them back to their time. Grovyle says that he can help them get back with the help of his close friend Celebi. Unsure but determined, Riko and Chrono agree to help Grovyle find Celebi.

They finally manage to find Celebi, who tells them that she can help them get back to the past through the Passage of Time, which is through a Dusk Forest. They manage to make it to the Passage of Time, but are ambushed by Dusknoir and his Sableye minions. Even though they are about to be killed, Grovyle has hope. Grovyle begins to explain that he had a human partner with him when he was traveling back in time, however, the partner was lost during the time travel. Grovyle says that even if he dies, his partner will complete the mission. Dusknoir begins to laugh and tells Grovyle to say the name of the partner. Grovyle says that his partner's name was Riko, and Chrono tells him that Riko is right here with them. Grovyle is shocked to find his partner had been taken to the future to be executed with him. Dusknoir then explains that he knew that it was Riko for a long time as he searched the world to find her. When he arrived in Treasure Town and met Riko and Chrono, he discovered that one of them had the Dimensional Scream, and when Chrono told him Riko's name, he knew that it was her all along. Since Riko had amnesia and was transformed into a Chimchar, Dusknoir convinced her to betray Grovyle as she could not recognize him or her enemy. Dusknoir and his Sableye prepare to kill the four, and Chrono urges Celebi to transport them to the Passage of Time, but Primal Dialga appears and almost destroys it. However, Celebi manages to reactivate the Passage of Time and allows Riko, Chrono, and Grovyle to go through to go back to the past. Chrono worries that Dusknoir will capture Celebi, but she says she will escape and that they will never catch her. Riko, Chrono, and Grovyle go through the Passage of Time and return to the past.


TBA as Riko, a human girl who was transformed into a Chimchar.

TBA as Chrono, a Squirtle who becomes Riko's partner.

TBA as Grovyle, a Pokemon from the future determined to prevent time from stopping

TBA as Dusknoir, a "famous explorer" who later becomes a main antagonist

TBA as Wigglytuff, the guildmaster of the Wigglytuff Guild

TBA as Chatot, Wigglytuff's right hand man

TBA as Bidoof, an apprentice at the Wigglytuff Guild

TBA as Sunflora, an apprentice at the Wigglytuff Guild

TBA as Loudred, an apprentice at the Wigglytuff Guild

TBA as Chimecho, an apprentice at the Wigglytuff Guild

TBA as Croagunk, an apprentice at the Wigglytuff Guild

TBA as Corphish, an apprentice at the Wigglytuff Guild

TBA as Diglett, an apprentice at the Wigglytuff Guild

TBA as Dugtrio, an apprentice at the Wigglytuff Guild

TBA as Zubat, a member of Team Skull

TBA as Koffing, a member of Team Skull

TBA as Skuntank, the leader of Team Skull

TBA as Uxie, the guardian of Fogbound Lake

TBA as Mesprit, the guardian of Quicksand Lake

TBA as Azelf, the guardian of Crystal Lake

TBA as Celebi, a legendary Pokemon able to travel through time and a friend of Grovyle

TBA as Marill, a young Pokemon who Riko and Chrono help several times in the film

TBA as Azurill, Marill's younger brother

TBA as Drowsee, a wanted criminal who kidnaps Azurill

TBA as Primal Dialga, an alternate version of Dialga that lost control from the darkness and is the main antagonist

TBA as Torkoal, the Treasure Town elder

TBA as Kecleon, a shopkeeper in Treasure Town

TBA as Purple Kecleon, another shopkeeper in Treasure Town

TBA as Kangaskhan, a resident in Treasure Town that manages a storage

TBA as Sabeleye, Dusknoir's minions

TBA as Manectric, the leader of the Electrike tribe of Amp Plains

TBA as Electrike, the members of the Amp Plains tribe

Release and Reception

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was released in Japan on February 12th, 2016 and in North America on March 11th, 2016. The American version of the film was originally going to be released on March 4th, but was moved to the next week to avoid competition with Disney's Zootopia. During it's opening weekend, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon grossed a total of $10,000,000.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon received very positive reviews from fans and critics alike. The film was praised for it's emotional story and character development. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon holds a 72% on Rotten Tomatoes.


Motion Picture Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the English version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was released on March 10th, 2016.

Track Listing

  1. Okay - Arshad
  2. Cannonball - Kieza
  3. Coming to the Rescue - O-Town
  4. Wonderland - Angela Via
  5. To Know the Unknown - Innocence
  6. I Believe in You - Erin Bowman
  7. Ordinary Miracle - Sarah McLachlan
  8. Towards the Sun - Rhianna
  9. The Time Has Come - Marti Lebow
  10. Living in the Shadow - Chris Barczynski
  11. If Only Tears Could Bring You Back - Midnight Sons
  12. Open My Eyes - Dani Marcus
  13. Feel the Light- Jennifer Lopez


The score for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was composed by Arata Iiyoshi and Hideki Sakamoto. The score used in the film are re-arranged songs directly from the game. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Original Motion Picture Score was released on March 18th, 2016, a week after it's release in North America.

Track Listing

  1. A Storm at Sea
  2. Meeting Chrono
  3. Taking Back the Relic Fragment
  4. The Birth of an Exploration Team
  5. Title Theme
  6. Joining the Guild
  7. First Day
  8. Search for the Pearl
  9. An Unfair Reward
  10. A Tour of Treasure Town
  11. Meeting Marill and Azurill
  12. The Scream
  13. Saving Azurill
  14. The Mystery of Time Gears
  15. The Very First Exploration
  16. A Hidden Cave
  17. A Familiar Shape
  18. Team Skull
  19. Searching for Apples
  20. A Heavy Failure
  21. Restless Night
  22. The Expedition Party
  23. Journey to Fogbound Lake
  24. A Familiar Place
  25. Groudon's Heart
  26. Journey Through Steam Cave
  27. Fighting Groudon
  28. The Secret of Fogbound Lake
  29. Meeting Dusknoir
  30. A Ransom Note
  31. Through the Electrike Territory
  32. The Dimensional Scream
  33. Grovyle the Thief
  34. Search for the Time Gears
  35. Through the Desert of Quicksand
  36. Encountering Mesprit
  37. A Cave of Crystals
  38. Dusknoir in Pursuit
  39. The Planet's Paralysis
  40. Capturing Grovyle
  41. Dusknoir's Secret
  42. Into the Future
  43. Escaping an Execution
  44. Grovyle's Trust
  45. The Tale of Temporal Tower
  46. Finding Celebi
  47. The Passage of Time
  48. Ambushed
  49. Back to the Past
  50. Retrieving the Time Gears
  51. Return to the Guild
  52. Hunt for The Hidden Land
  53. A Strange Inscription
  54. A Dangerous Predator
  55. Through the Sea of Time
  56. Through the Hidden Land
  57. Dusknoir's Final Judgement
  58. History Will Change
  59. Grovyle's Sacrifice
  60. Climbing Temporal Tower
  61. Primal Dialga's Final Battle
  62. Time is Restored
  63. Riko's Last Wish
  64. A Wish for Peace
  65. Memories of Riko
  66. Dialga's Thanks
  67. A Happy Ending
  68. Beyond the Sky (End Credits)

Home Media

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon will be released on DVD in August 12th, 2016. The DVD release will include a second disk for special features.

Special Episodes

The Special Episodes from Explorers of Sky will be adapted into 20-40 minute specials that will be featured in the film's DVD release.

List of Special Episodes

  1. Bidoof's Wish (23 Minutes)
  2. Igglybuff the Prodigy (30 Minutes)
  3. Today's "Oh My Gosh" (25 Minutes)
  4. Here Comes Team Charm (35 Minutes)
  5. In the Future of Darkness (40 Minutes)

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