Pokémon Morganite Version and Pokémon Amber Version are a pair of titles in the seventh generation of the Pokémon series, developed for the New 3DS. Featuring ??? new Pokémon, the games also introduce several new features and bring back old features.


Nymph Badge

Awakened in the middle of the night by a large crash, the player character (default names Morgan and Ambrosia) wanders out of the house to investigate. Following local Pokémon researcher Professor Mesquite to Route 1 with their friend (name and gender opposite the player's choice), the two find Mesquite attacked by a feral MachopM/AbraA and pick one of three Pokémon from Mesquite's briefcase each.

After a brief battle, the feral Pokémon flees, its red aura fading. Mesquite introduces himself and explains that the strange Pokémon is one of many spotted across Desosil, stronger than typical specimens. The next morning, he delivers the Pokédex to the player, having decided that they are the best candidate for researching the feral Pokémon after seeing their skills in battle.

Setting off from Savono City, the player and their friend move northeast to Melodia Town, where they spot a street performer being hassled by a pair of men in hunting gear. After a quick battle, they vow to tell their leader about this 'new factor in the plan' and leave. Both the player and their friend are confused. The street performer thanks them and gives them some Poké Balls and Potions for the road.

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Elite Four



New Features

  • Sound: The new type Sound has been added. It is super-effective against Water, Fighting, and Fairy, not very effective against Rock, Steel, Flying, and itself, weak against Rock, Ground, and Flying, and resists Water, Fairy, and itself.
  • Feral Pokémon: Strange feral Pokémon are scattered through the overworld. These Pokémon can be distinguished by their unique red tint and have increased stats, but their catch rate is heavily lowered. They play a role in the plot as well. A list of Feral Pokémon can be found here.
  • Pokédex Plus: By completing tasks like getting 50 K.Os with a Pikachu or breeding a Venusaur, players unlock Pokédex Plus entries. Each Pokémon has three entries that add more depth to things like behavior and physiology.
  • Techniques: Replacing HMs, Techniques are passive skills like Abilities. Rather than using a move slot, Pokémon naturally have Techniques from the start that are unlocked by gaining Badges.
  • amiibo Support: After becoming Champion, players can use amiibo at the Shrine of Statues in ??? City to summon Pokémon forth. These Pokémon tend to be rare in-game, have exclusive moves, and earn more EXP like traded Pokémon. A list of Pokémon and their corresponding amiibo can be found here.

Returning and Changed Features

  • Walking Pokémon: Returning from HeartGold and SoulSilver, players can once again walk alongside Pokémon. The process is no longer based on the first Pokémon in the player's party - instead, players can select any Pokémon in the party.

New Moves

New Abilities

Retyped Pokémon and Moves


# Name Pokédex Entry Type Ability

On the top of every hour, Krowkoo begins singing loudly to communicate with its flock. It keeps an eye on its surroundings from a safe perch, rarely leaving.

Though it resembles many Flying-types, Krowkoo cannot fly due to its sturdy wooden body. It compensates by finding its way into high places and diving onto enemies.

Grass Overgrow
Grass Flying Overgrow
Grass Flying Overgrow

Young Canduels often group together to live, sparing with each other to gain strength and gathering food for each other. They have a strong sense of honor that guides them.

The flame in Canduel's metal body burns incredibly intensely, even moreso when it is provoked. Canduels tend to defend other Pokémon in the wild, even when it puts them at heavy risk.

Fire Steel Blaze
Fire Steel Blaze
Fire Steel Blaze

Squillate's powerful claws allow it to punch through obstacles with ease. It is said the force delivered in one punch is enough to stun any prey, even those much bigger than it.

Delivering force through punchs, Squillate can launch itself far distances underwater. Each blow is strong enough to create flashes of light, which it uses to challenge nearby Pokémon.

Water Torrent
??? Water Fighting Torrent
??? Water Fighting Torrent

Teslug's small squishy body is covered in a thin membrane generating constant power. It releases this surge unvoluntarily when frightened or startled, often against random targets.

Capabling of generating a terawatt of power over a night's rest, Teslug is often studied by scientists as a clean power source. The power it stores is used as defense in the wild.

Bug Electric Lightning Rod
evolves from Teslug at lv13

The massive generator in Lampydison's abdomen creates the strange electrical patterns on its wings. It uses this power to light its way through forests at night.

Lampydison's generator provides the power for its attacks, allowing it to continue fighting for days on end. It often flies into cities to feed on their power grids.

Bug Electric Lightning Rod
Motor Drive

Sagaceom is said in myth to be a being of pure intellect with no emotion. It can create plans millisecond by millisecond and carry them out with incredible precision.

Sagaceom is incredibly wise, said to be a living wellspring of knowledge. It can unleash a flurry of precise blows in a matter of moments.

Psychic ???

Robuseom is a living embodiement of fighting spirit and willpower, never backing down. It is capable of concentrating its incredible might into one blow.

A being of absolute strength, Robuseom is known in legends as the ultimate fighter. Given enough time, its willpower would fuel it to accomplish any task, no matter the odds.

Fighting ???