Pokemon Magma
Generation 7 Game
Developer(s) Nintendo64-Boy
Publisher(s) Nintendo, GameFreak
Platform(s) 3DS, 2DS
Release Date(s)
Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Genre(s) Fantasy


100 million years ago, the planet was being overflowed with magma by a pokemon of the name of Heatran.  It was soon stopped by Arceus, Regigigas, and the Regi Trio.  Regirock and Regigigas enclosed it in a cave deep beneath a mountain range full of volcanos.  Many criminal organizations such as Team Magma and Team Flare are trying to unleash this beast into the world.  However, a legendary pokemon guards these mountains.  Only a person or pokemon chosen by Arceus can go past the pokemon.

Screen goes black and then shows an electronic device.

The device tells you about pokemon.  Then, it asks you these two questions.  Are you a boy or a girl?  What is your name?  It then tells you to visit Professor Pine in his lab.

Then, you appear inside a room.  You now play the game.

List of New Pokemon