Pokemon Land and Sky are new upcoming Pokemon games of the 8th generation. This game has over 120 new Pokemon and tons of new characters. Unlike most regions, this Pokemon region is not based on a real world country. This region is called Vivoro, a region based on modern day life style and different cultures.


  • In this game, there is and upgraded version of the Pokemon League and Pokemon Gym Leaders. This is called a Pokemon Competition and Pokemon Tuition Courses. In this you will have to fight Tuition Trainers. They specialize in Ground, Flying, Ice, Water, and Fire. Go through a specialized type obstacle course and you will battle the Tuition Trainers who will use a more powerful type of Pokemon.
  • The Pokemon Tuition Trainers are: Landon (1st Tuition Trainer) - Ground, Aria - Flying, Wade - Water, Alice - Ice, and Charles - Fire.
  • There is a new technique/form a Pokemon can use in battle called "Ener-Burst." You can use this when being equipped with a Ener-Band and an Ener-Gem. Every Pokemon of each region and each type can use it. When a Pokemon goes into this form, they use all the power they store away and hide and go all-out. They even use special moves to conquer the strongest opponents.

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