Pokemon Kart: A New Generation is a 2014 Racing Game made by Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. It is rated E for everyone. It can be played on the Wii console.


One day, Pikachu and his new gen 6 friends discovered a new note saying that the 1st Annual *Unknown Region for Gen 6* Pokemon Racing Cup is here. Now, Pikachu returns to the kart and updated it to the Extreme!


  • Squirtle Shell: It is used to hit a Pokemon while driving.
  • Poke Flute: It plays the Pokemon Lullaby (From PKMN Gold, Silver, Heartgold and Soulsilver) to put a pokemon to sleep.
  • Bone Bat: It is attached to the kart and spins around very fast to knock the drivers into the water before it's gone.
  • Request any item from Pokemon by putting your comment here*

Playable Characters

  • Pikachu: *Kart Here* {When picked, It says: Pika!}
  • Chespin: *Kart Here* {When picked, It says: Chespin!}
  • Fennekin: *Kart Here* {When picked, It says: Fennekin!}
  • Froakie: *Kart Here* {When picked, It says: Froakie!}
  • Meowth: *Kart Here* {When picked, He says: Meowth, That's Right!}
  • Fletchling: *Kart Here* {When picked, It says: Fletch!}
  • Eevee: *Kart Here* {When picked, It says: Eevee!
  • Stunky: *Kart Here* {When picked, It says: Stunky!
  • Request any pokemon by putting your comment here*

Assist Characters (Unlocked after Placing 1st in Rainbow Road)

  • Pichu
  • Cleffa
  • Igglybuff
  • Togepi
  • Tyrouge
  • Smoochum
  • Elekid
  • Magby
  • Azurill
  • Wynaut
  • Budew
  • Chingling
  • Bonsly
  • Mime Jr.
  • Happiny
  • Munchlax
  • Riolu
  • Mantyke
  • Aipom (Unlockable After Beating Ambipom)
  • Mew (Unlockable After Beating Mewtwo)
  • Celebi (Unlockable After Beating Any Gen 2 Boss)
  • Jirachi (Unlockable After Beating Any Gen 3 Boss)
  • Shaymin (Unlockable After Beating Giratina)
  • Victini (Unlockable After Beating Rashiram or Zekrom)
  • Cobalion (Unlockable)
  • Terrakion (Unlockable)
  • Virizion (Unlockable)
  • Keldeo (Unlockable after winning 1st in Pledge Grove)
  • Silver the Baby Lugia (Unlockable after Beating Lugia)
  • Request an assist Pokemon by putting your comment here*

Unlockable Characters

  • Arcanine: *Kart Here* {When picked, It makes it's cry from Pokemon Puzzle League for N64}
  • Buneary: *Kart Here* {When picked, She says: Buneary!}
  • Cubone: *Kart Here* {When picked, It says: Bone Bone!}
  • Rufflet: *Kart Here* {When picked, He says: Rufflet!}
  • Teddiursa: *Kart Here* {When picked, It says: Teddi!}
  • Zigzagoon: *Kart Here* {When picked, It says: Zig Zag!}
  • Dragonite: *Kart Here* {When picked, It makes a sound from Pokemon Snap}
  • Furabebe: Flower Kart {When picked, It giggles}
  • Helioptile: *Kart Here* {When picked, It says: Tada!}
  • Request any unlockable characters here by putting your comment here*

Boss Characters (Unplayable Characters)

  • Emboar: *Kart Here*
  • Ambipom: *Kart Here*
  • Mewtwo: *Kart Here*
  • Zekrom: *Kart Here*
  • Ho-Oh: *Kart Here*
  • Dark Lugia: *Kart Here*
  • Regirock: *Kart Here*
  • Lugia: *Kart here*
  • Registeel: *Kart Here*
  • Regice: *Kart Here*
  • Rayquaza: *Kart Here*
  • Lampent: *Kart Here*
  • Red Gyarados: *Kart Here*
  • Genesect: *Kart Here*
  • Groudon: *Kart Here*
  • Latios: *Kart Here*
  • Latias: *Kart Here*


  • Grand Prix: Play through the Poke Cup, Great Cup, Ultra Cup, Master Cup or other cups for Gen 1-6
  • Time Trial: Play one any track you want. Be careful: If you fall hit anything, Your ghost data will not be saved.
  • Race With Your PKMN: Use A Copy of Pokemon X and Y from your 3DS, Transfer them and they'll have their own karts.
  • Battle Mode: Play with a friend with 2, 3 or 4 players with 3 fun games: Balloon Pop, Peek a Boo and Baby Battle.
  • Request a mode you want by putting your comment here*


  • PokeCity -Home for Normal Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Fennekin's Fire Tunnel -Home for Fire Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Dojo -Home for Fighting Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Froakie's Underwater Beach -Home for Water Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Sky Land -Home for Flying Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Chespin's Wild Woods -Home for Grass Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Deadly Swamp -Home for Poison Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Power Plant -Home for Electric Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Underground -Home for Ground Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Psychic Park -Home for Psychic Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Rocky Hills -Home for Rock Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Arctic Tundra -Home for Ice Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Bug Forest -Home for Bug Gen 1-6 Pokemon
  • Dragon Peak -Home for Dragon 1-6 Pokemon
  • Spooky House -Home for Ghost 1-6 Pokemon
  • Dark Cave -Home for Dark 1-6 Pokemon
  • Metal Road -Home for Metal 1-6 Pokemon
  • Sylveon's Fairy Island -Home for Fairy 1-6 Pokemon
  • Rainbow Road

Other Courses

  • N's Castle
  • Pinwheel Forest
  • Relic Castle
  • Route 14
  • Request a course you want by putting your comment here*

Retro Courses

  • Pewter City (Kanto) (Rock Course)
  • Cerulean City (Kanto) (Water Course)
  • Vermilion City (Kanto) (Electric Course)
  • Celadon City (Kanto) (Grass Course)
  • Saffron City (Kanto) (Psychic Course)
  • Fuchsia City (Kanto) (Poison Course)
  • Cinnabar Island (Kanto) (Fire Course)
  • Viridian City (Kanto) (Ground Course)
  • Violet City (Johto) (Flying Course)

Special Unlockable Characters

  • Vivillon: *Kart Here* (When picked, It says: "Viv!") To get Vivillon, You need to play as Sylveon and go to a flying or a bug stage in order to get it.


Eevee can turn into one of it's evolutions (They can also be playable) including: Vaporeon (Water Courses), Jolteon (Electric Courses), Flareon (Fire Courses), Espeon (Psychic Courses), Umbreon (Dark Courses), Leafeon (Grass Courses), Glaceon (Ice Courses) and Sylveon (Unlocking All The Eevee Members).

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