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Pokemon Grey Version
Developer(s) 9009 Entertainment Nintendo Fantendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
USA: November 2012
Single Player , Wi-Fi
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Nintendo Ds cartridge

Pokemon Grey Version is a Pokémon game released and created in America and a partner project with Nintendo and 9009 Entertainment. Nothing is known yet but it will be different from Pokémon Black 2 White 2. It will be released on November.

Diffrences & Similarities

The diffrences between Pokémon Grey and Pokémon Black & White 2 is that Grey is the third version game and has different costumes and additions. While Black 2 & White 2 is a three year counterpart continuation in which with a new cast of characters and returning ones. Kyurem could be obtained before N & Ghetsis like before with Reshiram/Zekrom. Players could also explore Hoenn, in which continues the adventure. The World Tournament isn't accessible. How they're both similar is that the mascot is Kyurem. Giant Chasm can be open in the story, unlinke Black & White in which is only accessible post-game. They also feature Kyurem's new formes. But the Gene Wedge is held by Kyurem in the first encounter and is unobtainable if the player defeats it and encounters it a second time. It also features old Pokémon but with fewer old gen Pokémon. Due to the fact that this was made in America, some popular faces appear and some Japanese ones. Ex: Chuck Norris & Bruce Lee are seen in the game.

Seasons & Time Features

The seasons return in the game and so does the time feature. This time, on a specific holiday, a legendary Pokémon can be caught. Some trainers can be rebattled with diffrent Pokémon or some trainers can only be battled in specific seasons and sometimes specific times aswell.

Image Name Encounter
385MS Jirachi On New Years Day, ring the bell near Mistrealon City 5 times and Dust should form, making Jirachi, check it to battle. It will be at a level of 50 and only happens post-game.
382MS Kyogre In June, go to Undella Town. Rainfall should be happening, a native of Hoenn will give you the Blue Orb. Go to the center of the ocean, and Kyogre should rise up. Checking it will intiate a fight. It will be level 65 and only happens via post-game
Ani383MS Groudon In July, go to Oplecid City. A Drought should occur. Iris will come and say that the Drought seems to be more hot in the Route above Oplecid City. She'll give you the Red Orb in which she found at the Route. Go to the Route and run near the Victory Road Gate. Groudon will then shoot up from the ground and block the route. Checking it will initiate a fight. It is the same exact level as Kyogre and aswell is only caught via post-game.
Ani384MS Rayquaza In August, after obtaining both Kyogre & Groudon. The Xtransciever will give you a message from a mysterious man. He says to meet at the deck in Castelia City were the Black Boat is at. After you go to the deck. He will do a request to fight off "The Beast". Say Yes and he will give you the Jade Orb and you will be taken to Sky Link Tower, an island memorable for the replica of Sky Pillar. Scale to the top and you'll see the beast which is an angered Rayquaza. The man will say that it may be upset by the replica. Check it to fight it. It will be at level 66, a 1 level high diffrence. It can be rebattled but woth diffrent plots. If fled , It will shove of your cowardness , if defeated will boast its power ( specifically roaring in the sky ) , If you defeat it , it will rampage through Unova and goes to diffrent cities continuesly.