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Pokemon: Gotta Catch em All! is a Japanese-American film based off of the popular Nintendo franchise Pokemon. The film is supposedly directed by Dennis Muldrew, and produced by Satoshi Tajiri. The film is aiming at a 2014 release.


After finishing his journey in the Kalos region, 17-year-old Pokemon TrainerAsh Ketchum and his buddy Pikachu return to Pallet Town. Upon his return he finds all of his friends waiting for him...


Casting for the film is underway at the moment. When asked if whether or not Hollywood talent would appear in the film, Muldrew ruled out a big, fat no! "Hollywood talent? Pokemon is a Japanese franchise, and I feel that it would look better with Japanese actors playing the parts of Ash, and all of his friends. Plus, this is a great oppritunity to combat the diversity is Hollywood films issue that we delt with when Avatar the Last Airbender came out

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