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Pokemon Garnet & Aquamarine
Developer(s) Omega Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Omega X
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA March 30, 2014

Everywhere Else: July 27, 2014

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Omega X Card

Pokemon Garnet & Aquamarine Versions is the 7th generation of the Pokemon games. These games take place in the Cleoe region, a newly discovered region east of the Hoenn region. It features a new type called SUN type, which is strong against FIRE, ELECTRIC, FAIRY, FIGHTING, FLYING, ICE, POISON, WATER, DARK, and BUG, and weak against GRASS, GHOST, GROUND, STEEL, and ROCK types. ICE, POISON, WATER, DARK, and BUG are weak to SUN types, FIRE, GRASS, GROUND, STEEL, and ROCK types are strong against SUN types and GHOST types are immune to SUN types. The antagonist team in these games are Team Great Rocket, and their leader is James (Garnet) or Jessie (Aquamarine).


You wake up feeling dazed and confused, when you meet Professor Caldwin. He explains two unknown legendary Pokemon roaming Cleoe. He then explains that he is a legendary Pokemon owner himself, then he sends out his Meloetta. Then he asks you if you are a boy or a girl, like usual. The main names of the boy and girl are Anthony for the boy and Sophia for the girl. After you picked out a name for yourself, Caldwin says that you'll embark on a dangerous journey, so he asks you to be careful.

After you have defeated the Elite Four and the champion, Wallace congratulates you for surviving a fierce and ferocious battle. Suddenly, Professor Caldwin enters the room and goes,

DID YOU WIN?! ...huh? What? It's over already?! Congrats, __________! Looks like you followed my instructions carefully!
Prof. Caldwin

Then, Anthony/Sophia enters the room and congratulates you, too. Then as usual, you go in the Hall of Fame room and access the computer.

(This part of the page is under construction.)


These are the towns, cities, caves, routes, and places of interest in the Cleoe region. (This part of the page is under construction.)

Paddlelog Town

The player's starting town. South of it, there's a waterfall that leads to Route 136. Its north exit leads to Route 137.

Route 137

North exit: Orange City. South exit: Paddlelog Town. East exit: Route 151.

Orange City

Prof. Caldwin's Lab and the eighth gym is located here. North exit: Routes 138 and 139. South exit: Route 137. East exit: Route 153.

Routes 138 and 139

The shape of the Routes go up, then left, then down, then left, then up. The routes lead to Shilp Forest. After you exit the forest, Route 139 continues.

Shilp Forest

The trees are so thick, you can't exit without a Pokemon that knows Flash. It looks like Ilex Forest.

Shilp City

This is the stop for trucks on the road. This city is home of the Shilp Diner, where the first gym is located.

Route 140

It leads to Dockstop City.

Dockstop City

An oceanside city. The Dockstop Harbor (Where you can travel to the Pokeport), the Dockstop Aquarium, and the seventh gym are located here. its east exit leads to Routes 141 and 142.

Routes 141 & 142

The shape of these routs go right, then down, then right again. On Route 142, there's an island that leads to Route 152 and the Safari Zone.

Bocken Town

A pleasant beachside town where the second gym is located. It has 4 exits leading to Routes 142, 143, 147, and 148.

Routes 143 & 144

The shape goes up, then right, then down to Bcaly Town. Route 144 has a cable car that leads to Mt. Lavaburn.

Mt. Lavaburn

A hot volcano where the artea around it can reach temperatures up to 110 °F. It's east exit leads to the Skyview Pathway.

Skyview Pathway

A bridge that connects Mt. Lavaburn to Lavaburn City. It is the only bridge in Cleoe.

Lavaburn City

This city is the most populated city in Cleoe. It is as big as Lumiose City. The Cold Storage and the third gym is located here.

Bcaly Town

The fifth gym is located here.

Route 145

This route (along with Routes 146 & 147) is a plain of flat land. It's southern exit leads to Altering Gate.

Altering Gate

This is one of the two gates in the Cleoe region. North exit: Route 145. East exit: Route 146. West exit: Route 147.

Route 146

This route leads straight to the Team Great Rocket Headquarters.

Team Great Rocket Headquarters

This is the base of Team Great Rocket. It is made up of 100 floors.

Route 147

This route leads straight to Bocken Town.

Route 148

This route is a beach where many people hang out. It leads to Route 149.

Routes 149 & 150

These routes is hard to go through because of the waves coming from the west. These routes lead to Arabian Town.

Arabian Town

In the center of the town, there's a giant Arbok Statue. This town has a small path that leads to a palace where the sixth gym is located.

Route 151

This route leads straight back to Route 137.

Route 152

This route leads to the Safari Zone.

Safari Zone

This is a place where you can catch rare Pokemon. The PWT and the fourth gym are located here.

Route 153

This route has a fantastic view of Route 140. It leads to Brawlal Mountain.

Brawlal Mountain

This mountain goes all the way up to outer space. You can cath the legendary Pokemon Patletolio and Melodita.

Routes 135 & 136

These routes lead to Artisan Gate. The rest of Route 135 (on the Hoenn side) leads to Ever Grande City.

Artisan Gate

This is the second gate in Cleoe. It separates Cleoe and Hoenn.

List of Pokemon

National Pokedex Number Name Type(s)
#722 Vintrow GRASS
#723 Vinetino GRASS/SUN
#724 Vintinetro GRASS/SUN
#725 Kratty FIRE
#726 Kraptatty FIRE
#727 Kuraitatty FIRE/DARK
#728 Walebirr WATER
#729 Whalint WATER/ICE
#730 Whalappy ICE/WATER
#731 Raccoona NORMAL
#732 Hawklet NORMAL/FLYING
#733 Eagleton NORMAL/FLYING
#734 Redips BUG/POISON
#735 Alutnarat BUG/POISON
#736 Gnikekans POISON/PSYCHIC
#737 Bugsect BUG
#738 Bombay FIRE
#739 Bombar FIRE/SUN
#740 Bombaridian FIRE/SUN
#741 Tondoroup FIGHTING
#742 Doroupie FIGHTING
#743 Veep GRASS
#744 Veepus GRASS
#745 Vaep FIRE
#746 Vaepus FIRE
#747 Voop WATER
#748 Voopus WATER
#749 Stagug BUG/POISON
#750 Maskus BUG/DARK
#751 Dollagog BUG/WATER
#752 Horndolla BUG/STEEL
#753 Duoditto NORMAL
#754 Moofy NORMAL
#755 Hitmonsweep FIGHTING
#756 Porygon-XAZ7 NORMAL/STEEL
#757 Sudotreedo ROCK/GRASS
#758 Jrellytrish WATER/POISON
#759 Mifire BUG/FIRE
#760 Kelco NORMAL
#761 Kecragon DRAGON/FLYING
#762 Gronkight WATER/GROUND
#763 Conauta ROCK
#764 Cocadot NORMAL
#765 Dobadot PSYCHIC
#766 Cratador GRASS/PSYCHIC
#767 Flyire BUG
#768 Valenheart WATER
#769 Wedola GRASS/WATER
#770 Crescentola ROCK/WATER
#771 Stonix ROCK
#772 Torchark ROCK/FIRE
#773 Torcharkoal FIRE/GROUND
#774 Clangeou FAIRY
#775 Cooleon FIGHTING
#776 Beauteon FAIRY
#777 Cuteon FAIRY
#778 Tougheon FIGHTING
#779 Smarteon PSYCHIC
#780 Vespidrome BUG/FLYING
#781 Starvania WATER/PSYCHIC
#782 Magnetex STEEL/PSYCHIC
#783 Cactmare DARK/GHOST
#784 Shuckerio BUG/ROCK
#785 Qwilaria WATER/POISON
#786 Shockicu ELECTRIC/FAIRY
#787 Vennap GRASS/DARK
#788 Monstrap GRASS/DARK
#789 Krochic DARK/FLYING
#790 Lastic NORMAL
#791 Pachirize ELECTRIC
#792 Magnepass ROCK
#793 Dustdiodon GROUND
#794 Oxiwaddle WATER/GROUND
#796 Blimpoon STEEL/FLYING
#797 Snoseed GRASS/ICE
#798 Skarby STEEL/FLYING
#799 Skarush STEEL/FLYING
#800 Miroeflect STEEL
#801 Reflectron STEEL
#804 Laplay WATER/ICE
#805 Lapantis WATER/ICE
#806 Lissnick POISON
#807 Viperside POISON/DARK
#808 Zangi NORMAL
#809 Zangoote NORMAL/DARK
#810 Yanbii BUG/FLYING
#812 Solshrub GRASS
#813 Solstance GRASS/SUN
#814 Dunedrill GROUND/NORMAL
#815 Ivyine GRASS
#816 Chimling PSYCHIC
#817 Cherrossom GRASS/SUN
#818 Staroon ROCK/PSYCHIC
#819 Shineon SUN
#820 Hollopump GHOST/GRASS
#821 Torpet GRASS/FLYING
#822 Jellitot M WATER/POISON
#823 Jellitic M WATER/POISON
#824 Jelliking WATER/POISON
#825 Jellitot F WATER/POISON
#826 Jellitic F WATER/POISON
#827 Jelliqueen WATER/POISON
#828 Glacess ICE/PSYCHIC
#829 Delichic ICE/FLYING
#830 Delistork ICE/FLYING
#831 Gemmeny ROCK
#832 Toucana NORMAL/FLYING
#833 Flappingo NORMAL/FLYING
#836 Pinkerry GRASS/SUN
#837 Strawbrite GRASS/SUN
#838 Martone ROCK
#839 Marock ROCK
#840 Marbould ROCK
#841 Orbow NORMAL
#842 Surfhin WATER
#843 Tidude WATER
#844 Brichop FIGHTING
#845 Bricolom FIGHTING
#846 Bricower FIGHTING
#847 Alomon WATER
#848 Cactruss GRASS/SUN
#850 Afrobull NORMAL
#851 Drudgy DRAGON
#852 Bascuvile WATER
#853 Audiono NORMAL
#854 Friskraze GROUND/ELECTRIC
#855 Ferrovine GRASS/STEEL
#856 Magmatank FIRE/STEEL
#857 Glumtum POISON
#858 Mastermime PSYCHIC
#859 Thundorb ELECTRIC
#860 Chickee SUN/FLYING
#861 Levitine SUN/FLYING
#862 Ariengel SUN/FLYING
#863 Draybee DRAGON
#864 Draibon DRAGON
#865 Draybonidian DRAGON
#866@ Regias PSYCHIC
#867@ Meseea PSYCHIC
#868@ Latis PSYCHIC
#869@ Patletolio FIRE/FLYING
#870@ Melodita WATER/FLYING
#871@ Dologustie DRAGON/FLYING
#872@$ Tobalique FIRE/PSYCHIC
#873& Geobot STEEL
#874 Triobot STEEL
#875 Quadbot STEEL

@Legendary Pokemon
$Only obtainable in Pokemon Peridot Version &Only obtainable with Omega Games U-Grade

Gym Leaders


Image Name Type Specialty Gym Badge Pokemon
Ethne FIRE Shilp City Gym Chili Badge *Lv. 12 Chimchar
*Lv. 14 Bombay
Manitopyes STEEL Bocken Town Gym Superpower Badge *Lv. 18 Skarby
*Lv. 20 Irimp
Dinesh SUN Lavaburn City Gym Star Badge *Lv. 22 Heliolisk
*Lv. 22 Espeon
*Lv. 24 Bombaridian
Terran GROUND Safari Zone Gym Hard Hat Badge *Lv. 25 Trapinch
*Lv. 25 Donphan
*Lv. 27 Friskraze
Kaden FIGHTING Bcaly Town Gym Black Belt Badge *Lv. 28 Hawlucha
*Lv. 28 Hitmontop
*Lv. 30 Doroupie
Dowle DARK Arabian City Gym Dusk Badge *Lv. 31 Houndoom
*Lv. 31 Spiritomb
Lv. 33 Viperside
Mississippi WATER Dockstop City Gym Tsunami Badge *Lv. 46 Gorebyss
*Lv. 46 Clawitzer
*Lv. 48 Tidude
Anguis DRAGON Orange City Gym Finale Badge *Lv. 49 Zwelious
*Lv. 49 Sligoo
Lv. 51 Draybonidian


Image Name Type Specialty Gym Badge Pokemon
Wattson ELECTRIC Mauville City Gym Dynamo Badge *Lv. 40 Electrode
*Lv. 40 Ampharos
*Lv. 40 Magnezone
*Lv. 42 Manectric
Flannery FIRE Fallarbor Town Gym Heat Badge *Lv. 43 Magcargo
*Lv. 43 Rapidash
*Lv. 43 Camerupt
*Lv. 45 Torcharkoal
Roxanne ROCK Rustboro City Gym Stone Badge *Lv. 46 Golem
*Lv. 46 Archeops
*Lv. 46 Onix
*Lv. 48 Probopass
Norman NORMAL Petalburg City Gym Balance Badge *Lv. 49 Slaking
*Lv. 49 Spinda
*Lv. 49 Toucana
*Lv. 51 Slaking
Brawly FIGHTING Dewford Town Gym Knuckle Badge *Lv. 52 Machamp
*Lv. 52 Medicham
*Lv. 52 Hitmontop
*Lv. 54 Hariyama
Winona FLYING Fortree City Gym Feather Badge *Lv. 56 Swellow
*Lv. 56 Pelliper
*Lv. 56 Skarush
*Lv. 58 Altaria
Tate & Liza PSYCHIC Mossdeep City Gym Mind Badge *Lv. 60 Xatu
*Lv. 60 Claydol
*Lv. 62 Solrock
*Lv. 62 Lunatone
Juan WATER Sootopolis City Gym Rain Badge *Lv. 63 Walrein
*Lv. 63 Luvdisc
*Lv. 63 Whiscash
*Lv. 65 Milotic


Image Name Type Specialty Gym Badge Pokemon
Morty GHOST Ecruteak City Gym Fog Badge *Lv. 62 Drifblim
*Lv. 62 Dusknoir
*Lv. 62 Mismagius
*Lv. 64 Gengar
Jasmine STEEL Olivine City Gym Mineral Badge *Lv. 65 Skarush
*Lv. 65 Empoleon
*Lv. 65 Magnezone
*Lv. 67 Steelix
Chuck FIGHTING Cianwood Island Gym Storm Badge *Lv. 68 Hitmonlee
*Lv. 68 Hitmonchan
*Lv. 68 Primeape
*Lv. 70 Poliwrath
Whitney NORMAL Goldenrod City Gym Plain Badge *Lv. 71 Lastic
*Lv. 71 Furfrou
*Lv. 71 Sawsbuck
*Lv. 73 Miltank
Bugsy BUG Azalea Town Gym Hive Badge *Lv. 74 Heracross
*Lv. 74 Pinsir
*Lv. 74 Shedinja
*Lv. 76 Scizor
Falkner FLYING Violet City Gym Zephyr Badge *Lv. 77 Vespidrome
*Lv. 77 Hawlucha
*Lv. 77 Staraptor
*Lv. 79 Pidgeot
Pryce ICE Mahogany Town Gym Glacier Badge *Lv. 80 Abomasnow
*Lv. 80 Dewgong
*Lv. 80 Froslass
*Lv. 82 Mamoswine
Lance DRAGON Blackthorn City Gym Rising Badge *Lv. 83 Draybonidian
*Lv. 83 Goodra
*Lv. 83 Druddigon
*Lv. 85 Dragonite


Image Name Type Specialty Gym Badge Pokemon
Blaine FIRE Seafoam City Gym Volcano Badge *Lv. 63 Magcargo
*Lv. 63 Magmortar
*Lv. 65 Arcanine
*Lv. 65 Rapidash
Janine POISON Fuchsia City Gym Soul Badge *Lv. 66 Crobat
*Lv. 66 Weezing
*Lv. 66 Ariados
*Lv. 68 Venomoth
Lt. Surge ELECTRIC Vermilion City Gym Thunder Badge *Lv. 70 Pachirize
*Lv. 70 Thundorb
*Lv. 70 Electivire
*Lv. 72 Raichu
Brock ROCK Pewter City Gym Boulder Badge *Lv. 73 Golem
*Lv. 73 Rhyperior
*Lv. 73 Archeops
*Lv. 75 Onix
Misty WATER Cerulean City Gym Cascade Badge *Lv. 76 Golduck
*Lv. 76 Oxiwaddle
*Lv. 76 Lapantis
*Lv. 78 Starmie
Sabrina PSYCHIC Saffron City Gym Marsh Badge *Lv. 79 Espeon
*Lv. 79 Gardevoir
*Lv. 79 Wobbuffet
*Lv. 81 Alakazam
Erika GRASS Celadon City Gym Rainbow Badge *Lv. 82 Tangrowth
*Lv. 82 Chesnaught
*Lv. 82 Jumpluff
*Lv. 84 Bellossom
Agatha GHOST Viridian City Gym Earth Badge *Lv. 85 Gastly
*Lv. 85 Gastly
*Lv. 85 Haunter
*Lv. 87 Gengar


Image Name Type Specialty Gym Badge Pokemon
Crasher Wake WATER Pastoria City Gym Fen Badge *Lv. 65 Tidude
*Lv. 65 Gyarados
*Lv. 65 Quagsire
*Lv. 67 Floatzel
Fantina GHOST Hearthome City Gym Relic Badge *Lv. 68 Dusknoir
*Lv. 68 Gengar
*Lv. 68 Drifblim
*Lv. 70 Mismagius
Maylene FIGHTING Veilstone City Gym Cobble Badge *Lv. 71 Cooleon
*Lv. 71 Medicham
*Lv. 71 Machamp
Lv. 73 Lucario
Candice ICE Snowpoint City Gym Icicle Badge *Lv. 74 Weavile
*Lv. 74 Mamoswine
*Lv. 74 Abomasnow
*Lv. 76 Froslass
Gardenia GRASS Eterna City Gym Forrest Badge *Lv. 77 Monstrap
*Lv. 77 Torterra
*Lv. 77 Cherrossom
*Lv. 79 Roserade
Roark ROCK Oreburgh City Gym Coal Badge *Lv. 80 Tyranitar
*Lv. 80 Golem
*Lv. 80 Onix
*Lv. 82 Rampardos
Volkner ELECTRIC Sunyshore City Gym Beacon Badge *Lv. 83 Raichu
*Lv. 83 Pachirize
*Lv. 83 Electivire
*Lv. 85 Luxray
McMario9 ??? Canalave City Gym Champion Badge *Lv. 86 Aegislash
*Lv. 86 Serperior
*Lv. 86 Lucario
*Lv. 88 Farfetch'd


Image Name Type Specialty Gym Badge Pokemon
Skyla FLYING Mistralton City Gym Jet Badge *Lv. 66 Swoobat
*Lv. 66 Unfezant
*Lv. 66 Skarush
*Lv. 68 Swanna
Clay GROUND Driftveil City Gym Quake Badge *Lv. 69 Krookodile
*Lv. 69 Sandslash
*Lv. 69 Seismitoad
*Lv. 71 Excadrill
Elesa ELECTRIC Nimbasa City Gym Bolt Badge *Lv. 72 Emolga
*Lv. 72 Ampharos
*Lv. 72 Pachirize
*Lv. 74 Zebstrika
Burgh BUG Castelia City Gym Insect Badge *Lv. 75 Scolipede
*Lv. 75 Crustle
*Lv. 75 Escavalier
*Lv. 77 Leavanny
Roxie POISON Virbank City Gym Toxic Badge *Lv. 78 Weezing
*Lv. 78 Drapion
*Lv. 78 Viperside
*Lv. 80 Scolipede
Cheren NORMAL Aspertia City Gym Basic Badge *Lv. 81 Watchog
*Lv. 81 Furfrou
*Lv. 81 Kangaskhan
*Lv. 83 Stoutland
Drayden DRAGON Opelucid City Gym Legend Badge *Lv. 84 Flygon
*Lv. 84 Druddigon
*Lv. 84 Draybonidian
*Lv. 86 Haxorus
Shaun ??? Anville Town Gym Trio Badge *Lv. 87 Gyarados
*Lv. 87 Snorlax
*Lv. 87 Druddigon
*Lv. 89 Crobat


Image Name Type Specialty Gym Badge
Attakullakulla GRASS Coumarine City Gym Plant Badge
Clemont ELECTRIC Lumiose City Gym Voltage Badge
Grant ROCK Cyllage City Gym Cliff Badge
Sydney FIRE Shalour City Gym Rumble Badge
Valerie FAIRY Laverre City Gym Fairy Badge
Olympia PSYCHIC Anistar City Gym Psychic Badge
Wulfric ICE Snowbelle City Gym Iceberg Badge
Viola BUG Santalune City Gym Bug Badge

Orange Islands

Image Name Type Specialty Gym Badge Pokemon
Cissy WATER Mikan Island Gym Coral Eye Badge *Lv. 88 Kingdra
*Lv. 90 Blastoise
Danny ??? Navel Island Gym Sea Ruby Badge *Lv. 88 Nidoqueen
*Lv. 88 Machamp
*Lv. 88 Scizor
*Lv. 88 Electrode
*Lv. 90 Golem
Rudy ??? Trovita Island Gym Spike Shell Badge *Lv. 88 Electivire
*Lv. 88 Exeggutor
*Lv. 88 Starmie
*Lv. 88 Ninetales
*Lv. 88 Pidgeot
*Lv. 90 Rhyperior
Luana ??? Kumquat Island Gym Jade Star Badge *Lv. 88 Marowak
*Lv. 90 Alakazam
Brendan ??? Pummelo Stadium Orange League Trophy4 *Lv. 90 Mightyena
*Lv. 90 Delcatty
*Lv. 90 Castform
*Lv. 90 Milotic
*Lv. 90 Gallade
*Lv. 92 Swampert

Elite Four

Image Name Type Specialty Pokemon
Sidney DARK *Lv. 56 Zangoote
*Lv. 56 Drapion
*Lv. 56 Malamar
*Lv. 58 Viperside
Morpheous FAIRY *Lv. 56 Cuteon
*Lv. 56 Azumarill
*Lv. 56 Togekiss
*Lv. 58 Beaution
Hollee GRASS *Lv. 56 Veepus
*Lv. 56 Lilligant
*Lv. 56 Sceptile
*Lv. 58 Vintinetro
Thanatos GHOST *Lv. 56 Cactmare
*Lv. 56 Dusknoir
*Lv. 56 Trevenant
*Lv. 58 Gourgeist
Champion Wallace Jr. WATER *Lv. 57 Milotic
*Lv. 57 Lapantis
*Lv. 57 Samurott
*Lv. 57 Tidude
*Lv. 57 Blastoise
*Lv. 59 Oxiwaddle


After you collect all badges from all regions, there still is one place left to go...the Kalos Pokemon League! Test your skills against the heroes/heroines from past Pokemon games.

Image Name Pokemon
May *Lv. 97 Beautifly
*Lv. 97 Delcatty
*Lv. 97 Venusaur
*Lv. 97 Blastoise
*Lv. 97 Glaceon
*Lv. 99 Blaziken
Lucas@ *Lv. 97 Bastiodon
*Lv. 97 Lickylicky
*Lv. 97 Mamoswine
*Lv. 97 Rotom
*Lv. 97 Snorlax
*Lv. 99 Torterra
Dawn@ *Lv. 97 Rapidash
*Lv. 97 Lopunny
*Lv. 97 Froslass
*Lv. 97 Cherrossom
*Lv. 97 Pachirize
*Lv. 99 Empoleon
Nate% *Lv. 99 Samurott
Rosa% *Lv. 99 Emboar
Calem$ *Lv. 97 Kangaskhan
*Lv. 97 Charizard
*Lv. 99 Chesnaught
Serena$ *Lv. 97 Talonflame
*Lv. 97 Rhyperior
*Lv. 99 Greninja
World Champion Jimmy *Lv. 98 Ambipom
*Lv. 98 Politoed
*Lv. 98 Sunflora
*Lv. 98 Sudotreedo
*Lv. 98 Togekiss
*Lv. 100 Typhosion

@=You can battle one or the other. %=You can battle one or the other. $=You battle both of them in a Double Battle.

Mega Evolutions


72 new mega evolutions have been introduced into these games.

National Pokedex Number Name Type(s)
#M024 Mega Arbok POISON/FIRE
#M028 Mega Sandslash GROUND
#M034 Mega Nidoking POISON/GROUND
#M038 Mega Ninetales FIRE/DRAGON
#M053 Mega Persian NORMAL
#M059 Mega Arcanine FIRE
#M062 Mega Poliwrath WATER/FIGHTING
#M068 Mega Machamp FIGHTING
#M097 Mega Hypno PSYCHIC/DARK
#M103 Mega Exeggutor PSYCHIC/GRASS
#M110 Mega Weezing POISON/FIRE
#M134 Mega Vaporeon WATER/DRAGON
#M135 Mega Jolteon ELECTRIC/DRAGON
#M136 Mega Flareon FIRE/DRAGON
#M149 Mega Dragonite DRAGON/FLYING
#M151 Mega Mew PSYCHIC
#M157 Mega Typhlosion FIRE/DARK
#M160 Mega Feraligatr WATER/DARK
#M182 Mega Bellossom GRASS/FAIRY
#M199 Mega Slowking WATER/PSYCHIC
#M202 Mega Wobbuffet PSYCHIC/DARK
#M206 Mega Dunsparce GROUND/DRAGON
#M217 Mega Ursaring FIGHTING
#M224 Mega Octillery WATER
#M232 Mega Donphan GROUND/ROCK
#M242 Mega Blissey NORMAL/FAIRY
#M245 Mega Suicune ICE/PSYCHIC
#M251 Mega Celebi FAIRY/PSYCHIC
#M277 Mega Swellow FLYING
#M284 Mega Masquerain BUG/DRAGON
#M295 Mega Exploud NORMAL
#M301 Mega Delcatty FAIRY
#M321 Mega Wailord WATER
#M330 Mega Flygon FLYING/DRAGON
#M337 Mega Lunatone ROCK/PSYCHIC
#M338 Mega Solrock ROCK/PSYCHIC
#M340 Mega Whiscash GROUND/WATER
#M344 Mega Claydol PSYCHIC/ROCK
#M348 Mega Armaldo ROCK/BUG
#M350 Mega Milotic WATER/DRAGON
#M357 Mega Tropius GRASS/FLYING
#M366 Mega Clamperl WATER/FAIRY
#M367 Mega Huntail WATER/ELECTRIC
#M368 Mega Gorebyss WATER/POISON
#M385 Mega Jirachi PSYCHIC/FAIRY
#M386 Mega Deoxys PSYCHIC
#M389 Mega Torterra GRASS/GROUND
#M392 Mega Infernape FIRE/FIGHTING
#M405 Mega Luxray ELECTRIC/DARK
#M409 Mega Rampardos STEEL/ROCK
#M452 Mega Drapion POISON/DARK
#M477 Mega Dusknoir GHOST/DARK
#M478 Mega Froslass ICE/FAIRY
#M483 Mega Dialga STEEL/DRAGON
#M484 Mega Palkia WATER/DRAGON
#M487 Mega Giratina DRAGON/GHOST
#M493 Mega Arceus ???
#M497 Mega Serperior GRASS/SUN
#M500 Mega Emboar FIRE/FIGHTING
#M503 Mega Samurott WATER/FIGHTING
#M563 Mega Cofagrigus GHOST/DARK
#M606 Mega Beheeyem PSYCHIC
#M625 Mega Bisharp DARK/STEEL
#M637 Mega Volcarona BUG/SUN
#M646 Mega Kyurem DRAGON/GHOST
#M648 Mega Meloetta FIGHTING/PSYCHIC
#M655 Mega Delphox FIRE/PSYCHIC
#M697 Mega Tyrantrum DRAGON/STEEL
#M699 Mega Aurorus DRAGON/ICE
#M706 Mega Goodra DRAGON
#M715 Mega Noivern DRAGON/FLYING


  • In these games, Mega Sharpedo's design was changed because "Nintendo's design was lazy."
  • Also, because of Mega Slowking, Mega Slowbro was removed from these games completely.

Characters From The Anime Who Battle You

Image Name Where Pokemon
Ash Ketchum Route 2 (Kanto) *Lv. 42 Pikachu
*Lv. 42 Greninja
*Lv. 47 Talonflame
Gary Oak Viridian City Gym *Lv. 61 Blastoise
*Lv. 60 Umbreon
*Lv. 63 Electivire
*Lv. 65 Nidoking
*Lv. 64 Arcanine
*Lv. 68 Nidoqueen
Jimmy& Lake of Rage *Lv. 37 Typhosion
*Lv. 39 Beedrill
Marina& Lake of Rage *Lv. 37 Feraligatr
*Lv. 39 Mismagius
*Lv. 38 Wigglytuff
Vincent& Lake of Rage *Lv. 37 Meganium
*Lv. 39 Azumarill
*Lv. 38 Magnezone
*Lv. 36 Politoed
*Lv. 37 Oxiwaddle
*Lv. 38 Golduck
May Route 113 *Lv. 40 Blaziken
*Lv. 38 Delcatty
*Lv. 39 Venusaur
*Lv. 43 Snorlax
*Lv. 41 Blastoise
Lv. 42 Glaceon
Tracey Orange Islands *Lv. 56 Venomoth
*Lv. 54 Azumarill
*Lv. 55 Scizor
*Lv. 58 Dodrio
Paul Veilstone City (after defeating the gym leader) *Lv. 69 Electivire
*Lv. 63 Aggron
*Lv. 68 Gastrodon
*Lv. 64 Drapion
*Lv. 67 Ninjask
*Lv. 65 Froslass
Trip Nuvema Town *Lv. 74 Serperior
*Lv. 68 Unfezant
*Lv. 73 Jellicent
*Lv. 69 Chandelure
*Lv. 72 Vanilluxe
*Lv. 70 Conkeldurr

$Double battle
&Triple battle with the other &'s

Main Characters From the Games who Battle You

Image Name Where Pokemon
Hilbert Nature Preserve *Eelektross
*Serperior, Emboar, or Samurott
Hilda Nature Preserve *Eelektross
*Serperior, Emboar, or Samurott

Rivals From the Games who Battle You

Image Name Where Pokemon
Jasonn New Bark Town *Lv. 55 Weavile
*Lv. 55 Magnezone
*Lv. 56 Alakazam
*Lv. 58 Gengar
*Lv. 58 Crobat
*Lv. 60 Meganium, Typhosion, or Feraligatr
Barry Twinleaf Town *Lv. 61 Staraptor
*Lv. 62 Heracross
Lv. 63 Snorlax
Lv. 59 Floatzel, Roserade, or Rapidash
*Lv. 59 Roserade, Rapidash, or Floatzel
Lv. 65 Infernape, Empoleon or Torterra
Hugh Aspertia City *Lv. 65 Unfezant
*Lv. 65 Simipour, Simisage, or Simisear
*Lv. 65 Boufalant
*Lv. 65 Flygon
*Lv. 65 Eelektross
*Lv. 67 Emboar, Samurott, or Serperior

In the battles with Hilbert, Hilda, Jasonn, Barry, and Hugh, their Pokemon depend on the Memory Link. (e.g. in Pokemon Black, if the player chooses Oshawott, Hilbert or Hilda will have Samurott)

Pokemon With New Types

  • Ground Type
    • Dunsparce
    • Torkoal
  • Dark Type
    • Snubull
    • Granbull
  • Fairy Type
    • Happiny
    • Chansey
    • Blissey
    • Audino
    • Skitty
    • Shroomish
    • Breloom(FAIRY/FIGHTING)
    • Delcatty
    • Castform
    • Snorunt
    • Glalie
    • Phione
    • Manaphy
  • Sun Type
    • Bayleef
    • Meganium
    • Bellossom
    • Espeon
    • Castform (Sunny Form)
    • Cherubi
    • Cherrim
    • Servine
    • Serperior
    • Petilil
    • Lilligant
    • Maractus
    • Flabebe
    • Floette
    • Florges
    • Helioptile(ELECTRIC/SUN)
    • Heliolisk(ELECTRIC/SUN)


The Duoditto "Glitch"

Stand outside of a Pokemon Center. You need to have a Ditto and a Pokemon who has Pokerus. Go inside and heal your Pokemon. Go to the PC and deposit the Ditto and the Pokemon who has Pokerus. Wait 5 minutes, then go back to the PC. If you take the Ditto out, it evolves into a Duoditto.

How it Works

This happens because Ditto has the new ability Uninfected, which prevents a Pokemon from getting Pokerus. In the PC, Ditto has transformed into the Pokerus Pokemon, which makes it infected with the "virus". It is the only way to get a Duoditto, because Dittoes evolve when they have Pokerus.


  • The Duoditto "Glitch" was created on purpose.
  • Pokeports are places where you can travel to different regions. In Johto, the Pokeport is in Mt. Mortar. In Sinnoh, it's in Pastoria City. In Unova, it's in Undella Town, and in Kalos, it is in Coumarine City.
  • This game features characters from the anime such as Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak, Tracey Sketchit, Jimmy, Marina, Vincent, Max, Paul, Trip, and Limone. These characters' teams are based off of their current teams and/or befriended Pokemon, but (most of the time) evolved form of their current teams (an example of a Pokemon that didn't evolve was Ash's Pikachu).
  • Byron became a Mega Evolution successor.
  • Ramos's son, Attakullakulla, became gym leader after Ramos broke his back.
  • Silver is renamed "Jasonn" in this game.

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