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Pokemon: FreshAqua & LushJade are 2 main series Pokemon games that are set in the brand new Ikuva region. There are many new Pokemon to see and lots of new places. Also, there are 3 new Pokemon types; Lunar, Light and Mystery.
LushJade and FreshAqua Legends

To the left is the main legendary Pokemon in LushJade, and to the right, is FreshAqua's.

Kusatori (Grass/Flying) is the main legendary Pokemon in LushJade.

Mizguru (Ghost/Water) is the main legendary Pokemon in FreshAqua.

List of Light-type Pokemon

??? Charmander Fire/Light
??? Meganium Light/Grass
??? Torchic Fire/Light
??? Litwick Light
??? Lampent Light/Psychic
??? Pumpkaboo Light/Ghost
027 Shinine Light
028 Batterine Light/Electric
056 Flickery Light
057 Confuseing Light
058 Pazzle Light
102 Bulbot Steel/Light
144 Stari Light/Lunar
145 Suni Light/Lunar
146 Galacti Light/Lunar

List of Lunar-type Pokemon

??? Mew Mystery/Lunar
??? Celebi Mystery/Lunar
??? Lunatone Lunar
005 Teorite Fire/Lunar
006 Flareock Fire/Lunar
018 Planeteon Lunar
034 Cosmetal Lunar/Steel
035 Costeel Lunar/Steel
062 Spacern Lunar
063 Globus Lunar
064 Blackole Dark/Lunar
091 Marsuper Mystery/Lunar
094 Jupeater Mystery/Lunar
097 Pulluto Mystery/Lunar
120 Infiniternity Lunar
144 Stari Light/Lunar
145 Suni Light/Lunar
146 Galacti Light/Lunar

List of Mystery-type Pokemon

??? Ditto Mystery
??? Mew Mystery/Lunar
??? Celebi Mystery/Lunar
??? Zorua


??? Zoroark Mystery/Dark
091 Marsuper Mystery/Lunar
094 Jupeater Mystery/Lunar
097 Pulluto Mystery
109 Colrish Mystery
110 Rainbish Mystery
111 Schemish Mystery
??? Unown Normal/Mystery

Starter Pokemon

Just like in any other Pokemon games, the player can choose 1 out of 3 different Pokemon at the start.

Starters from my game

To the left, there is Spidet, in the middle, there is Meteo, and to the right there is Droplitel.

GRASS: Spidet is the Grass starter. At Level 17, Spidet evolves into Tarantulet. At Level 36, Tarantulet evolves into Arachnocto. Tarantulet and Arachnocto are both Grass/Bug types.

FIRE: Meteo is the Fire starter. At Level 17, Meteo evolves into Teorite. At Level 36, Teorite evolves into Flareock. Teorite and Flareock are both Fire/Lunar types.

WATER: Droplitel is the Water starter. At Level 17, Droplitel evolves into Stormean. At Level 36, Stormean evolves into Thunderoar. Both Stormean and Thunderoar are Water/Lightning types.

Mega Evoloution

Similar to in Pokemon X and Y, Mega Evoloution is included here. All of the old Mega Evoloutions are kept, but here are a list of brand new ones:

Mega Raichu Electric/Light 
Mega Arbok Dark/Poison
Mega Persian Normal
Mega Zapdos Electric/Flying
Mega Articuno Ice/Flying
Mega Moltres Fire/Flying
Mega Meganium Grass/Light
Mega Azumarill Water/Fighting
Mega Sunflora Light/Grass
Mega Lugia Mystery/Lunar
Mega Entei Fire
Mega Beautifly Bug/Flying
Mega Slaking Fighting/Normal
Mega Exploud Normal
Mega Prinplup Water/Ice
Mega Monferno Fire/Fighting
Mega Torterra Grass
Mega Roserade Fairy/Grass
Mega Victini Fire/Fairy
Mega Serperior Dragon/Grass
Mega Simisage


Mega Simipour Water
Mega Simisear Fire
Mega Arachnocto Bug/Ground
Mega Flareock Rock/Fire
Mega Thunderoar Electric/Water
Mega Schemish Mystery
Mega Galacti Lunar/Dark
Mega Shadown Dark
Mega Spiritzoom Ghost/Normal
Mega Trita Dark/Fire
Mega Smacid Poison
Mega Kusatori Grass/Flying
Mega Mizguru Ghost/Water
001 Spidet Grass
002 Tarantulet Grass/Bug
003 Arachnocto Grass/Bug
004 Meteo Fire
005 Teorite Fire/Lunar
006 Flareock Fire/Lunar
007 Droplitel Water
008 Stormean Water/Electric
009 Thunderoar Water/Electric
010 Mineagle Flying
011 Volture Flying/Electric
012 Wingwattz Flying/Electric
013 Insencect Bug
014 Coocoun Bug
015 Buggarnaut Flying/Bug
016 Kittyna Normal
017 Kitteen Normal
018 Planeteon Lunar
019 Psychar Psychic/Fire
020 Psydoom Psychic
021 Mushice Ice/Grass
022 Fungice Ice/Grass
023 Pollutous Poison
024 Infectous Poison
025 Gassious Poison
026 Florarial Fairy/Grass
027 Shinine Light
028 Batterine Light/Electric

Team Cosmo

Team Cosmo are an evil Team whose goal is to try and capture every wild Pokemon and use them in bad ways. Here are the Admins/Leaders of Team Cosmo:

  • Lucia (Leader)
  • Tyzaraine (Co-Leader)
  • Lilianne (Co-Leader)
  • The Cosmic Trio (Admins)
  • Eresa (Ex-Leader)

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