Pokemon Freeze Version and Pokemon Flame Version are the Gen 7 Pokemon Games for The Newt and the first pokemon game to be developed by Suplex Studios, it will over 100 new pokemon introduced into the franchise. More info TBA in the Fantendo Autum Showcase 2015.






  • Nate
  • Natalie
  • Luke
  • Pj
  • Professor Bushwell

Gym Leaders

  • Trevor (Ground type leader)
  • Nicolas (Flying type leader)
  • Avery (Grass type leader)
  • Mary (Electric type leader)
  • Blue (Dark type leader)
  • Alexander (Poison type leader)
  • William (Fire type leader)
  • Jillian (Ice type leader)
  • Drake (Dragon type leader)


Not Many Pokemon are Currently known to be in the games however 4 have been announced.

  • Macanary - A Normal/Flying type pokemon based off a Macaw and a Canary
  • Tiktok - A Normal/Steel type pokemon based off a Clock.
  • Lavagon - The Legendary mascot for Pokèmon Flame version, it is a Fire/Dragon type and is a dragon made almost entirely out of lava
  • Serpentice - The Legendary mascot for Pokèmon Freeze version, it is a Ice/Poison type and is a giant serpent made of ice.

The Taliado Region


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