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Pokemon Fighters is the first game in the Pokemon Fighters spin-off series. It is a fighting game featuring Pokemon (obviously) and stages and items themed off of the franchise. Unlike Pokemon Stadium, the battles in the game are not regular Pokemon battles. The game is a Gameboy Color game released in 1999. In 2001, the game got an expansion called Pokemon Fighters: Gold and Silver, which introduced 15 more playable Pokemon.

It later got several sequels, Pokemon Fighters: Ruby and Sapphire, Pokemon Fighters: Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon Fighters: Black and White, and Pokemon Fighters: X and Y.

Playable Pokemon

Image Name How to Unlock Moveset
Venusaur Default SolarBeam,Sleep Powder,Razor Leaf,Vine Whip
Charizard Default

Fire Spin,Flamethrower,Slash,Ember

Blastoise Default Hydro Pump,Skull Bash,Withdraw,Bite
Pidgeot Default Mirror Move,Agility,Wing Attack,Whirlwind
Raichu Default Thundershock,Thunder Wave,Thunder,Quick Attack
Nidoqueen Default Double Kick,Fury Swipes,Bite,Tail Whip
Nidoking Default Double Kick,Horn Drill,Fury Attack,Focus Energy
Arcanine BW
Arcanine Find the Fire Stone item as Charizard. Roar,Agility,Take Down,Flamethrower
Poliwrath Find the Water Stone item as Blastoise. Hydro Pump,Amnesia,Body Slam,Double Slap
Machamp Conquest
Machamp Win as Nidoqueen or Nidoking 5 times. Submission,Leer,Focus Energy,Seismic Toss
Gengar Win as Machamp 7 times. Dream Eater,Hypnosis,Night Shade,Lick
File:Electabuzz NB.png
Electabuzz Win as Raichu 5 times. Thunder,Light Screen,Thunder Punch,Screech
Magmar Find the Fire Stone item as Electabuzz. Fire Punch,Smog,SmokeScreen,Flamethrower
Mew Find every stone item. Psychic,Metronome,Mega Punch,Pound
Mewtwo Unlock everything else in the game. Psychic,Swift,Confusion,Barrier

From the Expansion

Image Name How to Unlock Moveset
Pokédex Meganium Sprite
Meganium Is available right when the expansion is used SolarBeam,Light Screen,Body Slam,Razor Leaf
Typhlosion Is available right when the expansion is used Flamethrower,Swift,Flame Wheel,SmokeScreen
File:Feraligatr NB.png
Feraligatr Is available right when the expansion is used Hydro Pump,Screech,Slash,Rage
Crobat Is available right when the expansion is used Haze,Wing Attack,Confuse Ray,Bite
Togetic Is available right when the expansion is used Double-Edge,Sweet Kiss,Safeguard,Metronome
Quagsire Find the Water Stone item as Feraligatr. Haze,Earthquake,Slam,Rain Dance
Steelix Beat 50 oppoments. Crunch,Slam,Sandstorm,Rock Throw
Ampharos BW
Ampharos Win as Togetic 5 times. Thunder,Light Screen,Thunder Punch,Cotton Spore
Politoed Find the King's Rock item as any other Water type Pokemon. Water Gun,DoubleSlap,Hypnosis,Swagger
Jynx Is available right when the expansion is used Blizzard,Body Slam,Ice Punch,Lovely Kiss
Donphan Beat 75 oppoments. Earthquake,Rapid Spin,Rollout,Rollout
File:Entei NB.png
Entei Win as Typhlosion 10 times.
Raikou Win as Ampharos 10 times.
Suicune Win as Feraligatr 10 times.
File:Ho-Oh NB.png
Lugia/Ho-Oh Unlock everything else in the Gold and Silver expansion.


Name How to Unlock
Pallet Town Default
Cerulean City Default
Saffron City
Cinnabar Island
Diglett's Cave Default
Indigo Plateau
Safari Zone
Viridian Forest Default
Victory Road

Stages from the Expansion

Name How to Unlock
Violet City
Goldenrod City Default
Cianwood City
Bell Tower Default
Ilex Forest


Jynx is the only Pokemon originating from Red and Blue who was introduced in the Gold and Silver expansion. She was originally planned to be in the first game, but was removed.

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