Pokemon Feathers & Scales is the new Pokemon game by ElectricMayhem. The two new legendaries are Fertriss, the flying type, and Iguadon, the poison type. Fertriss is exclusive to Feathers version while Iguadon is exclusive to the Scales version.


Extinguatar Fire
Splashakup Water
Grissweed Grass


  • Daniel (Male trainer)
  • Tiffany (Female trainer)
  • Professor Quantom (Professor)
  • Ashton Quantom (Rival)
  • Team Atomic (Evil team)
  • Thaddeus (Team Atomic leader)


  • Cruelton City - The player's home town
  • Applivion City - This is where the Pokemon Battle Tower is located
  • Ranstorian City -  Here the Unknown Ruins can be found in the forest
  • Capabba Town - This is where you battle your rival for the first time
  • Flighton City - This is where the Moon Stone can be found in the underground tunnels
  • Warplob City - This is where the Megaton Mall is located
  • Shockatron Town - This is where the Electric Pokemon Club is located
  • Mortalov City - This is where the Count's castle is located
  • Harantar Village - This is where the Haunted Mansion is located
  • Quortschnop City - This is where the Fishing Market is located
  • Kraftlin City - Where the Elite Four can be battled

Important Places

  • Pokemon Battle Tower - A large tower where new trainers go to battle other rookies
  • Unknown Ruins - An ancient temple where you can find a shiny Dragonite, the Dome and Helix fossils, and a Mega Evolution Stone
  • Underground Tunnels - A series of subterranean tunnels full of fairy types, where a Moon Stone can be found
  • Megaton Mall - A giant mall full of shops and healing centers, as well as several trainers
  • Electric Pokemon Club - A special battle club that you can only enter if you have more than one electric type Pokemon
  • Count's Castle - An old castle where the TM Fly can be gained if you defeat the Count and all his servants in a Pokemon battle
  • Haunted Mansion - An abandoned mansion full of ghost and psychic types where Mewtwo can be found
  • Fishing Market - A big shop where you can buy water-type Pokemon and gain the TM Surf if you defeat the C.E.O Garyados Salesman
  • Elite Four Arena - A huge arena with four different chamvers that you can battle the Elite Four in
  • Ancient Islands - A sacred island far off in the ocean where Arceus is found
  • Arceus Church - An ancient floating church you can only get to do by using Surf from the Quortschnop City Lake to the Ancient Islands, where Arceus can be found
  • Temple of Light - A huge temple on the Ancient Islands where either Fertriss or Iguadon can be found
  • Secret Cave - Where you battle Thaddeus
  • Magikarp River - A lake full of Magikarps where a shiny level 100 Blastoise can be found

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