Pokemon Dimensions
Pokemon Dimensions
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Visus Sphere, NX
Genre(s) Role-Playing, Action-Adventure
Series Pokémon
Predecessor Pokemon Fulmen, Diluvium & Malum Versions
Pokemon Dimensions is an upcoming Game for the Nintendo NX and Visus Sphere. It is an In-Universe Crossover of the major games in the series comprising of sections remade from Pokemon Red/Blue, Pokemon Gold/Silver, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, Pokemon X/Y, Pokemon Razind, Pokemon Cyber/Ancient & Pokemon Fulmen/Diluvium Versions. The game heavily focuses on an intertwining storyline between the 8 regions and an overlapping theme to do with Hoopa's new form, Hoopa Revenant Forme. As well as a few other legendaries revolving around the form; Moltres, Suicune, Regirock, Shaymin, Grocectric, Draerkade and ???.


A young child whom had grown up in Pallet Town nearly 2 decades after the Legendary Pokemon Trainer, Red and Green had begun their journey. The player is invited by Prof. Oak Jr. (Green Oak) to help explore the Kanto Region in hopes of discovering the numerous Pokemon that await them within, however despite the seemingly naturally easy task, a sudden summoning of massive portals links regions from far away together in a maze to unlock an ancient key revealing Hoopa's Revenant Forme. It now becomes the player's mission to gather information on the regions to ensure that cross-contimation can be minimized as well as prevent the uprising of Hoopa's Revenant Forme.


The game is comprised of the 8 regions that this game takes place in including parts of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kalos, Razind, Elpida & Corfig. This also offers a strange mix of region themes not previously seen such as colder climates in Kanto and hotter climates in Corfig. Overall a large maze-like region is formed from the portals severely limiting the number of cities the player visits in each individual region although overall adding up to a standard-sized region.

Dimensions Regions

The Region is divided up by massive fissures that have crushed the regions it is comprised of together in addition, water has flowed in to create an inland Sea. As stated before the Region is comprised of sections of other regions from Past Pokemon Games. Starting in Kanto the (the Southern-most Section and also the smallest by area) regions go; Kanto, Sinnoh, Corfig, Hoenn, Elpida, Kalos, Razind & Johto. The fissures have caused bizarre effects to the whether of these regions in these areas such as Hoenn and Corfig evening out each others temperature differences while Viridian Forest currently runs right into Eterna Forest turning them into a significantly larger forest. In addition normal paths such as the ones that would connect Mt. Coronet to Hearthome City or Celestic Town have been largely destroyed as waters have flowed in to cover them and in general rubble has made them inaccessible.

More TBA


Gameplay is carried over from Pokemon Fulmen & Diluvium versions with verticality 3D Explorative gameplay where the player explores heavily natural environments discovering Pokemon and various obstacles along their path as well as travelling from city to city discovering, battling and defeating trainers and gym leaders. The game retains the capturing mechanics from previous entries as well.



Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Type Badge TM Team
Silver Ground Earth Badge Earthquake

Geodude Lv12

Rhyhorn Lv14

Naki Grass Forest Badge Grass Knot

Tangela Lv18

Cherrim Lv22

Kanonikos Normal Triumph Badge Sheer Clash
Winona Flying Feather Badge Aerial Ace

Swellow Lv30

Tropius Lv31

Altaria Lv35

Pogey Ground Burrow Badge Mud Slide

Gabite Lv37

Chape Lv38

Bouldash Lv41

Korrina Fighting Rumble Badge Power-Up Punch

Medicham Lv45

Machamp Lv46

Hawlucha Lv48

Julie Fighting Flurry Badge Counter Slash

Hitmontop Lv50

Poliwrath Lv51

Toxicroak Lv51

Smokrassin Lv53

Clair Dragon Rising Badge Dragon Claw

Dragonite Lv55

Dragalge Lv56

Magdergon Lv56

Kingdra Lv58

Elite Four


Villainous Team

The main Villainous Team in this game is a branch of Team Rocket, known as Team Rocket Eon which had been specifically requested to investigate future technologies and the ability to use Pokemon's energy and potential in whatever way possible irregardless of how inhumane it may be. They are lead by Suta, a mad man whom used to be a Scientist working for Giovanni who was promoted to Head Scientist during Apollo's leadership and has since taken control of the branch and worked underground in secret.

More TBA

Legendary Pokemon

A combination of Pokemon from each region can be found here and most appear where they are found in their original games. This results in one of the most bizarre lists of legendaries for a Pokemon Game as Trios and Duos that were previously established are non-existent in this game.

More TBA


  • This is the first Pokemon Game to have a focus on a previously Mythical Pokemon, in the case Hoopa for the Main Storyline and can be considered a successor to Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire's Delta Episode
  • This is the first Pokemon Game since Red and Blue in which Moltres appears in Victory Road
  • This is the first game since Heart Gold/Soul Silver to feature Eusine who once again is still pursuing Suicune.


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