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Pokemon Demon Black and Angel White is a 2017 Pokemon remake of Pokemon Black and White for the Nintendo Z-Weight. There are pokemon avalible to catch from all regions and there are many new things and differences shown below

Changes from 2012 game

  • Stunning 3D Graphics
  • There is more of Unova uncovered including 5 towns, 12 landmarks, 9 routes and an island chain
  • Reshiram gets a Demon Form and Zekrom gets an Angel Form
  • The player starts out in a changed Nuvema Town
  • Clay, Skyla, Drayden, Roxie and Burgh are no longer gymleaders
  • Drayden and Clay retired of old age
  • Skyla moved to Sinnoh
  • Roxie became a full time rocker
  • Burgh now owns the Castelia Cone Company
  • Darkrai, Cresselia, Mew, Mewtwo and many more were found living on an island chain
  • Team Plasma are good guys who help the main character
  • Team Devil is a new evil team who wants to enslave all pokemon
  • Shantaul, Grimsley and Iris are now members of Team Devil
  • Amanita, Chili, N, Colress and a new person named Ivy Rose are now Gymleaders
  • A secret cave leading to the Pokemon Secret hideaway was uncovered in Chargestone Cave
  • Professer Juniper is now a member of Team Devil. So is Cedric Juniper
  • Bianca is now the Professer of Unova
  • A dimention called the Avonu Zone can be acsessable and is essential for catching some legendaries
  • 10 All New Pokemon are found
  • All Pokemon from Kanto to Alola can also be found
  • Areas that were blocked off in B2W2 are now accessable again
  • A new postgame storyline about Kyurem is accessable
  • And Much more....

Meet New Characters!!!

Gymleaders of Unova






Ivy Rose


Natural Harmonia Gropius

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