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Pokemon Cloud and Pokemon Comet is a Pokémon game that takes place in the Porelo region. (probably going to change name) It features many new pokémon. The newest update adds the elemental trio. The player lives in a small town, Seedwood Town. At the beginning of the game, it is the players first day of their pokémon journey. They must go to Professor Maple, a pokémon professor who's lab is conveniently next to the player's house. Professor Maple will give you the choice of 3 starters, TBATurtorp and TBA. 2 of them are to be announced.

New Pokémon and New Mega Evolutions

Main article: Pokédex

Gym Badges

Name Gym Leader Type
Turf Badge TurfBadge Someone who's name is soon to come Grass
Lapis Badge LapisBadge Someone who's name is soon to come Water
Blast Badge BlastBadge Someone who's name is soon to come Fire
Fume Badge FumeBadge Someone who's name is soon to come Poison
Honey Badge HoneyBadge Someone who's name is soon to come Bug
Charge Badge ChargeBadge Someone who's name is soon to come Electric
Pixie Badge PixieBadge Someone who's name is soon to come Fairy
Iron Badge IronBadge Someone who's name is soon to come Steel

Mystery Gift

If you didn't know already, Mystery Gift is a feature that lets you redeem codes to get pokémon. Mystery Gift is one of the ways to get event pokémon.

Code Pokémon Availability
POKEPOWER500 149DragoniteDragonite October 14th 2016 - November 31st 2016
KALOSSTARTER510 Shiny GreninjaShiny Greninja October 14th 2016 - November 31st 2016
Via Internet 151MewMew December 1st 2016 - December 31st 2016
Via Internet 493ArceusArceus January 1st 2017 - January 31st 2017
Via Internet 649GenesectGenesect February 1st 2017 - February 31st 2017
Via Internet 494VictiniVictini March 1st 2017 - March 31st 2017
Via Internet 718 Zygarde ShinyShiny Zygarde April 1st 2017 - April 31st 2017

New Abilities

Vaporize - If Water attacks are used on a Fire type, the attack becomes a Flying type. This is the signature ability of Rockindle and Ashlder.


Chicorbranch City

Chicorbranch City is known well for it's Grass-Type gym and gardens. Fairy and Grass Type pokemon love to visit people's gardens here. Citizens say that a Mega Stone is hidden in a cave located in the city. A list of pokémon that can be found there is here .


  • Mirrasun's Solar Forme was added so it's appearance could be balanced.