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Developer(s) Yveltal717,
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) 3DSserieslogo
Release Date(s)
Flag of USA-2015

Flag of Japan-2015

Flag of Europe-2016


Flag of Australia-2016

Single Player
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating CERO A
Genre(s) Adventure/RPG
Pokemon Bloodstone and Angel Aura are two upcoming pokemon games,for the Nintendo 3DS, that are set to release in Late 2017.



Welcome to the world of Pokèmon. My name is Professor Casuarina. I study the bonds thst Pokèmon share with one another,here in the region of Torival. You may be asking,"What is a Pokèmon",well let me show you.

Transparent Babiki

This little guy is known as Babiki.

Anywho,Pokèmon are very interest,in some cases you battle alongside these creatures,in other cases they're your best friends in the whole world,it's all a matter of perspective. Now an important question,are you a boy,or a girl?

 Playable Characters

Pokemon Garnet and Amethyst Protagonists

Character Customization-Male


Male Pokemon Protagonist
Vanilla - PGA Walnut Carrot Oreo
Coconut - PGA Mocha Mango Chocolate-PGA
Honey Lemon Mocha Mocha Frappe Black Licorice

Character Customization-Female


Female Pokemon Protagonist
Fem Vanilla Fem Walnut Fem Carrot Fem Oreo
Fem Coconut Fem Mocha Fem Mango Fem Chocolate
Fem Honey Lemon Fem Mocha Mocha Fem Carrot Cake Fem Black Licorice

Supporting Characters

Name Image Description Study
Professor "Caleb" Casuarina He is studying how Pokemon can branch evolve into different Pokemon,that don't fit into their regular evolutionary lines.

Name Image Description
Octavio Octavio is the adoptive son of Prof. Casuarina and is your best friend in the game. He knows a lot about the Unova region due to living there for almost all of his life,but he starts his adventures as a trainer,in the Torival region.
Medley Medley is a thief and is the owner of the 3rd starter Pokemon that isn't taken. at first she seems very bitter and cold,but then it is revealed that all she really wanted was a companion and a best friend to talk too,when she is alone.
Adagio Adagio is well......Adagio there isn't much to say about him,he's just......there. despite his weirdness Adagio is actually really smart,he just doesn't show it..... 

Gym Leaders

Spoopy Badge-Gym One

Character Name Artwork Description Badge Pokemon
Theophilius Spoopy Badge

Transparent Horread

Horread (Lv 10)Transparent Pensoul

Pensoul (Lv 11) 

Transparent Necrodramicron

Necrodramicon (Lv 15)

 Kinetic Badge-Gym Five

Character Name Artwork Description Badge Pokemon
Dan-Whyte Kinetic Badge

Neokira (Lv 27)

Tirangatang (Lv 27) 

Nirvanape (Lv 28)

Diamonster  (Lv 30)

Transparent Capsuo

Capsuo(Lv 32)

Shiver Badge-Gym Seven

Character Name Artwork Description Badge Pokemon
Dre Shiver Badge

Transparent Fleafreeze

Fleafreeze (Lv 44)Transparent Fleafreeze

Fleafreeze (Lv 44) 

Transparent Spectropolitan

Spectropolitan (Lv 46)

Tundram (Lv 49)

Elite 4 + Champion

Move Name Move Typing Description PP PP

Nothing can stop this explorer of caves.Nicholas has journied through over 300 different caves in search for treasure and goodies.He has seen many never before seen Pokemon.

He is also the father of Angie.

August August is the creator of the PokeNet and the Excel Rom used to evolve Porygon2 into PorygonA. Cooltext1521259423
Mystic Cooltext1521255494
Emile Cooltext1521252329
Dylan All- Around


Pokemon Garnet and Amethyst/Pokedex

New Moves

Move Name Move Typing Description PP Power Accuracy Category
Stunning Echo Cooltext1521252329 The user releases a high-pitched frequency that has a 50% chance of paralyzing the opponenent in place. 20 -- Never Misses Status
Azure Flame Cooltext1521250842

The user ignites the Opponent using a blue flame blast.

(Similar to that of fire blast)

10 70 100% Special
Celestial Crasher Cooltext1521252063 The after the user uses 3 of it's other moves,the user calls forth a mass of stars and commands them to hit the opponent. 5 150 85% Special
Moonglow Cooltext1521251553 The user uses the power of the moon to reclaim any health that they've lost. 3 -- -- Status
Hydro-Punch Cooltext1521251224

(A Fire-Punch Variation)

The foe is punched by a hydrolic fist.

15 75 100% Physical
Deep Submerge Cooltext1521251224 By using this move the user lowers the pressure of the battlefield,disabling the use of moves like Bounce,Fly and Sky Attack 20 -- Never Misses Status
Tail Slap Cooltext1521256282 The user slaps the foe with their tail. 35 50 100 Physical
Risky Roulette Cooltext1521254093 A move similar to that of metrenome,which gives you a random move that could be as good as Hydro Pump or as bad as Splash. 20 -- Never Misses ????

Signature Moves

Move Name Move Typing Description PP Power/Accuracy Pokemon Category
Hula Hurricane Cooltext1521250842

The user is enclosed in a firey tornado,with buring leaves.

(Similar to that of Whirlpool)

  • Power-15 
  • Accuracy-100%
Madagscare Special
Party Fever Cooltext1521250842

The user party's like there's no tomarrow. By doing this their speed and defense increase greatly.

10 -- Impressly Status
Migrane Madness Cooltext1521255494 The user gives itself a blistering heading,increasing it's attack stats greatly. 5 -- Soulduck Status
Apple Glee Cooltext1521246318 User throws a chain of "apples" at the opponent 15
  • Power-25
  • Accuracy-100%
Sparringo Physical
Jolt Bolt Cooltext1521259423

The user,encased in an electric forcefield runs at the oppenent at light speed,ramming into them. This also K.O's the user

  • Power-400
  • Accuracy-Never Misses
Jagwire Physical
Frost Therapy Cooltext1521263119 The opponent throws a -1000° ice pack at the opponent freezing them succesfully every time. 20 -- Spectropolitan Status
Burn Therapy Cooltext1521250842

The oppnent throws a 1000° soup at the foe,burning them successfully every time.

20 -- Apythroscary Status
Delusion Discus Cooltext1521255494 The user locks the foe in place,then forms a psychokinetic disk,that is then thown at intense speeds at the opponent. 20
  • Power-90
  • Accuracy-100%
Capsuo Special
Buffet Cooltext1521256282 The user eats food whilst it battles.This heals it and increases it's defense 5 -- Sushimmy Status
Corebomb Cooltext1521254093 The user sends out a very powerful black hole bomb,that causes a catastrophic explosion. 5
  • Power-150
  • Accuracy-75%
Tenknight Special

New Mega Evolutions

Pokemon Garnet and Amethyst/Mega Evolutions

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