Pokemon Contests

Pokemon Contests, an aspect featured in several previous generations and first introduced in Generation III, returns once again in Pokemon Anniversary Version. Pokemon Contests have a different method of approach in this game as while Pokeblocks return allowing the player to improve their Pokemon's Contest Stats it has been noted that there are now 6 Contest Stats to improve with a new Purple Stat to add to the bunch. Below are the Stats, Colours and Flavours and a Berry that can create said flavour.

Contest Attribute Colour Flavour Example Berry
Cool Red Spicy Cheri BerryFigy BerryRazz BerryPomeg BerryTamato BerrySpelon BerryOcca BerryChople BerryBabiri BerryLansat BerryEnigma BerryRoseli Berry
Tough Yellow Sour Aspear BerrySitrus Berry AnniversaryIapapa BerryPinap BerryGrepa BerryNomel BerryWacan BerryColbur BerrySalac BerryJaboca BerryMaranga BerryRessex Berry
Cute Pink Sweet Pecha BerryPersim BerryMago BerryNanab BerryQualot BerryMagost BerryWatmel BerryShuca BerryHaban BerryLiechi BerryCustap BerryPapol Berry
Beauty Blue Dry Chesto Berry AnniversaryOran BerryKelpsy BerryYache BerryKebia BerryCoba BerryCharti BerryChilan BerryApicot BerryRowap BerryKee BerryDellbar Berry
Studious Green Bitter Rawst BerryLum BerryAguav BerryWepear BerryRabuta BerryDurin BerryPassho BerryRindo BerryTanga BerryPetaya BerryMicle BerryBindle Berry
Mysterious Purple Salty Leppa BerryWiki BerryBluk BerryHondew BerryCornn BerryPamtre BerryBelue BerryPayapa BerryKasib BerryGanlon BerryStarf BerrySivin Berry

Like other Contests the player can choose what sort of contest they want to compete in and their rank of which there are three; Beginner, Standard & Expert. From here the player competes in three rounds of competition against the 5 NPC characters and their Pokemon to win.

First Round: Entrance

A new aspect of the original First Phase in Contests, the Entrance has a Pokemon perform actions depending on the button commands by the player as well as their moveset. A Pokemon will perform all of their moves in order while also performing various stunts or actions to keep the crowd entertained. Once they reach the end of their entrance the crowd will cheer at different levels depending on how well the Pokemon performed.

Second Round: Performance

In this round the player commands their Pokemon to perform various moves at certain sections of the audience, the player can determine how the audience will respond based on who is in the audience. There are different groups which determine how they will react to the 8 types of moves there are.

  • Schoolchildren - Dazzling Moves
  • Ace Trainers - Powerful Moves
  • Psychics & Mediums - Conserving Moves
  • Athletes & Musicians - Energizing Moves
  • Super Fans - Unique Moves
  • Campers & Picknickers - Encouraging Moves
  • Scientists - Interesting Moves
  • Families - Captivating Moves

Pokemon get to make 6 moves in this Round and there are a random assortment of 3 Crowds.

Final Round: Battle

In the final phase the player and 5 NPCs go into a Round Robin competition, NPC's Pokemon's levels are the same as the player's irregardless of the Pokemon itself. By performing moves that are of the theme of the Contest the player or NPCs deal more damage and can earn extra points. If Mega Evolution of any format is used it will further enhance the score of the user although if a Mega Pokemon faints it scores big points for the individual who defeated it.

After all Rounds are completed the scores are tallied and the winner is announced. The Rounds have different amounts of points possible for being scored meaning that some rounds are more important than others. Entrance has a maximum of 40pts to be scored, Performance has a maximum of 100pts to be scored and Battle has a maximum of 60pts to be scored.

After a contest the player can receive items from fans who wait out in the main lobby.

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