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Gift Pokemon

Throughout the Potaku Region there are several Pokemon that can be given to the Pokemon, their previous owners either give them to help the player or part with them as they can no longer help the Pokemon in some way.

Pokemon Level
Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle (If Player came from Kanto) 5
Chikorita/Cyndaquil/Totodile (If Player came from Johto) 5
Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip (If Player came from Hoenn) 5
Turtwig/Chimchar/Piplup (If Player came from Sinnoh) 5
Snivy/Tepig/Oshawott (If Player came from Unova) 5
Chespin/Fennekin/Froakie (If Player came from Kalos) 5
Mingum/Prame/Anguff (If Player came from Trivoarne) 5
Lopune/Hevexen/Liscip (If Player came from Razind) 5
Geewod/Heataron/Jellglob (If Player came from Kilimose) 5
Eevee 15
Heracross/Pinsir (Player chooses One) 20
Porygon 25
Magby/Elekid/Smoochum (Player chooses One) 25
Togepi 1
Manaphy 1
Falcair/Pondater/Bearth/Elkire (One Chosen after every Two Gyms) 10
Pikachu 20
Marill 20

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