Starter Assist Trophies

Name Description Rarity
Elvin Gadd Professor E. Gadd
SSB Mario Series
Professor E. Gadd will appear on the stage with the Poltergust 5000, and will proceed to either burn the opponents with fire, or freeze them with ice. He then disappears. Common
ChunkyKong Chunky Kong
Chunky Kong appears on the stage and preforms his Primate Punch, and finishes the opponent with a blast from his Pineapple Launcher. He will then disappear afterwards. Uncommon
Jimmy T.
SSB Wario Series
Jimmy T. appears on the stage and proceeds turn it into a disco parlor, and dances. The effects on the fighters is similar to Luigi's Negative Zone attack from Brawl. Uncommon
Muddy Mole
SSB Super Smash Bros. Series
Muddy Mole just runs around dropping bombs as he does. The bombs will explode shortly after, they don't do that much damage but still send opponents flying a bit. Common
SSB Nintendogs Series
When summoned, the Nintendog will pop up and block the screen for a few seconds before something offscreen grabs his attention. Common
Bio Rex & Octoman
SSB F-Zero Series
When summoned Bio Rex and Octoman will attempt to ram into opponents with the Deep Claw and the Big Fang. However they crash into each other and their machines will explode on the opponents. After being launched out of the machines, the duo disappears. Uncommon
Dai Goroh
SSB F-Zero Series
When summoned, Dai Goroh will run around the stage slashing opponents with his katana in the same way that his father Samurai Goroh did in previous Smash titles. Common
Jeff Andonuts
Mother Brain
Kat & Ana
Knuckle Joe
Hammer Bro
Chain Chomp

Unlockable Assist Trophies

Pokeball Pokemon

Masterball Pokemon

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