ReneTehHudgehag (talk) 17:11, May 10, 2016 (UTC)ReneTehHudgehog PokéTroid Prime was announced for the NX at E3 2016 along with Super Smash Bros NX, NX ports, Zelda U, and etc. This caused a lot of excitement between the Metroid, Pokémon and new fans since not only two worlds were colliding but you could both play as Samus and Ash in the same story.


Samus' ship picks up a new energy source from the new planet Primus, After arriving she is ambushed by a mysterious figure taking all of her suits and power ups. Before it can escape Samus blast's it which sends two orbs flying. One at Samus which gives her the Plasma suit, Morph Ball, Missile, Charge shot, and Wave Beam back with the newly required Aura Burst. After exploring Samus comes across an unconscious boy who is revealed to be Ash Ketchum(Equipped with Aura Sphere, Aura Burst, Screwattack and Hook-shot). Just then the Mysterious figure is revealed to be Dark Meturus a creature made from the leftovers of the SA-X'S DNA, Phazon, Machinery, and Aura. It has Metal wings, Crystal claws and horns, a dragon head, and a tail. It ressurcts Dark Samus, Ridley,and Mother Brain. Samus escapes with Ash barley and the two of them team up to save their worlds.



Varia Suit


Super Missile

Ice beam

Fire Beam

Plasma Beam

Morph jump

Hyper Mode


Wide Spread Gun

Aura mode

Ice Beam

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