Developer(s) Phazonworks
Genre(s) Adventure
Spinoff(s) None
 Pokéverse is a Pokémon fanfiction series written by Darth Phazon, focusing primarily on a different story of the world of Pokémon. 

The Pokéverse series can be considered the mediator between the Pokémon Anime, the Adventures manga, and the games themselves; it host several elements from many different things: for example, Misty chooses to travel with Red (like in the anime); the Kanto Elite Four are antagonists in a later chapter (like in the Manga); and many of the characters keep their canon names (Red and Blue, Brendan and May, Dawn and Lucas).


Main Characters
  • Red: When sent out into the world at the age of 12, Red had one goal on his mind: completing the Pokédex for Professor Oak. With Poké Balls around his belt and Charmander by his side, Red is ready to prove that he's up to the job of completing an encyclopedia on Pokémon, even if his rival Blue wants to battle it out.
  • Blue: Professor Oak's grandson, Blue is probably the most overconfident person in the world. One of two people that Professor Oak asked to help with the Pokédex, Blue has been Red's rival ever since they were babies; his Squirtle also seems to share the overconfidence somewhat to a certain degree.
  • Misty: Gym Leader of Cerulean City, Misty's skill at swimming earned her the nickname "the Tomboyish Mermaid," ever since she was 9; however, despite that she is the strongest trainer, she really would rather be travelling the world rather than just taking laps in the Gym's pool. Enter Pokémon Trainer Red, searching for Gym Badges throughout the Kanto region. Now she helps Red with his task of completing the Pokédex.

(More Coming Soon)

Supporting Characters
  • Giovanni: The leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni has had an ambition to rule the world for quite the time now, even earning a reputation as a most wanted criminal. His team, although primarily consisting of Ground-types (giving him the nickname "Giovanni of the Land"), also contains a few Normal-types. Rumor says that he has a son somewhere...
  • Maxie: ???
  • Archie: ???
  • Cyrus: ???
  • Ghetsis: ???
  • Lysandre: ???
  • The Elite Seven: A team of powerful Pokemon trainers with a vendetta against humanity for their treatment of Pokémon, the Elite Seven plan to use a machine powered by two special gemstones to wipe most of humanity from existence.
    • Agatha: The Leader, Agatha specializes in the might of Ghost-type Pokémon; she also comes equipped with a pair of wristbands that help her control a swarm of Zubats, Golbats and an occasional Crobat.
    • Lorelei: The Manipulator, Lorelei has been Agatha's right-hand woman ever since she was a little girl and her Seel got poisoned by industrial waste; her Jynx's Ice Beam is so refined, she can create manipulative Voodoo dolls out of it.
    • Bruno: The Bruiser, Bruno actually doesn't support the rest of the team's vision, and was actually forced into joining by Lorelei and Agatha. Although he doesn't wish it, his two Onix can cause mountains to collapse within minutes.
    • Will: The Puppetmaster, Will's psychic and telekinetic skills are almost unparraleled in it. With Lorelei's help, he can create special Ice Masks that turn people into mindless puppets (hence the title Puppetmaster).
    • Karen: The Rebel, Karen isn't entirely sure that the ideal the team has is the world she wishes to have. Her Dark-type Pokémon are pretty tough, though.
    • Lance: The Dragon Master, Lance prefers mainly Pokémon that qualify as Dragons, due to his rare ability to actually mind-control Dragon-type and pseudo-Dragon Pokémon like Tyranitar. (Only Red and a few others have overcome this)
    • Koga: The Ninja, Koga actually is a double agent in the Seven, working for the Kanto leaders as a spy within them. His Poison-types are capable of inflicting multiple status conditions with little to no trouble.

(More Coming Soon)


Chapter Characters Antagonist(s) Story
Chapter 1: The Journey Begins As Red celebrates his twelfth birthday, his neighbor Professor Oak calls him over for a favor, which turns out to be quite the monumental task: complete the Pokédex, a special encyclopedia on every Pokémon in the world. Given a Charmander to help with his task, Red quickly makes a rival in the Professor's grandson Blue, who's been given the same task. On the way, he discovers that the notorious Team Rocket plans to harness the power of several Legendary Pokémon to rule the world with an iron fist; with the help of Misty, the Cerulean Gym Leader and his new friend, Red sets out to record all the Pokémon for the Pokédex, stop Team Rocket, and collect the Kanto badges.
Chapter 2: A Wide World
  • Giovanni
Chapter 3: Legends Awakening
  • Maxie
  • Archie
  • Cyrus
  • Ghetsis
  • Lysandre
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10: Storm and Fire
  • The Elite Seven
    • Agatha (main)
    • Lorelei
    • Bruno
    • Lance
    • Will
    • Karen 
    • Koga (spy)
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20: The Battle of Five Armies
  • Agatha
  • Charon
  • Archer
  • Ghetsis
  • ???


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