Pokex00 Greatx00 Ultraballx00 Megaballx00 Masterballx00 Location: Pallet Town - - - - - - - -
Name: Brock Gender: ♂ Version: Red

Welcome! To the World of Pokétendo! You can trade, catch and battle Pokémon here with other users! Check your trainer page daily to see if new trainers want to battle and if new routes are available.

Available Routes

  • None

Available Locations

  • None

Available Towns

  • Pallet Town


Quest 1: Starter Pokémon

Quest No. Requirements Trainer Battles Reward
01 Choose a starter Pokémon and battle your rivals so that you may start your own adventure! 2 Starter Pokémon, 5 PokéBall's, Pokédex

You can't go out and catch Pokémon in the wild without your very own! You may choose one of the following starter Pokémon!

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