Pokétendo Red and Blue Versions is a game made by OfficialDoubleJ Inc. It contains the original 151 Pokémon and many new and different rivals and new items. Any user of Fantendo can create their own Trainer Card and start their Pokétendo adventure. Users of Fantendo that play can also trade with each other as well as battle each other. A Pokétendo Gold and Silver may be made in the future.


The rules of Pokétendo is different then the usual original Pokémon. The main goal is to catch them all, and to do that, you most buy Pokéball's from the Mart and throwing them out into different routes. Some Pokémon are exclusive to each version and must be traded with other Trainers in order to get them.

Rules: Starting Up

To start up just leave a comment with only a few details. Your Name, Your Gender and which version you want to play (Red or Blue). You will then get your own Trainer Page and from there, you can check up daily on what you can do in the game. Your Trainer Page will be updated from time to time with new battles and new routes to unlock as well as your own Pokédex to keep track of your collection.

Rules: Trainer Page

On your trainer page you will be given certain quests to accomplish such as beating rivals, gyms and many more. You will also be given notifications on when you can catch different Pokémon, enter into new routes and towns and buy new things in the Mart. You can also go onto other people's Trainer Page when you want to battle them.

Rules: Battles

A new addition in Pokétendo is that instead of the usual 6 team Pokémon, you can now hold 8 Pokémon on your team at once. Each Pokémon you catch and obtain will have it's own moveset that will change upon leveling up your Pokémon and giving them TM's. You can type which move you want your Pokémon to use in battle and then come back to see how it does. Keep doing this until you've won the battle. Please inform OfficialDoubleJ18 before you start a battle with a trainer so you don't end up waiting hours for the next move.

Rules: Leveling Up

Leveling your Pokémon up is also different in Pokétendo. For every trained Pokémon you beat, the Pokémon you have out in battle will gain one level. Wild Pokémon are different and the way to level your Pokémon is as follows. Defeat 1 Wild Pokémon if your Pokémon is Level 1 to level it up, Defeat 2 Wild Pokémon if your Pokémon is level 2 to level it up and so on.

Rules: Quests

There are many quests in Pokétendo. Most quests will give you prizes such as free items and even new Pokémon. These quests can include "Defeat Team Rocket" or "Play the Safari Game" and many more along the way. Some quests will have trainer battles and the more things you do in the game, the more quests you can unlock.

Rules: Trading

You can trade your Pokémon with other users playing. You can register your own trade down on the page. All you need to do is add on to the list of trades down below. Just give your Name, Version you're playing, The Pokémon you want to give away and the Pokémon you wish to recieve. Once you enter in a trade, you can't undo it. You can submit to a trade by entering your name in the box that says, "Trading with..." Sometimes, if nobody wants to trade with you, you can add money to it so that you have a better chance at it.

Rules: Earning Money

You can earn money through battling trainers and selling items you find in quests. You can also earn money from beating gym leaders and other users. Money can also be obtained through trades when the trader wants to pay their money to trade.

Rules: Catching Pokémon

Catching Pokémon is different also. What you have to do is say which route or location you want to go to and send out a number of Pokéball's you want to be thrown out into the grass. You will randomly get Pokémon depending on the route your on and what kind of ball your throwing out into the grass. You have a better chance at getting stronger Pokémon when you throw stronger balls. But the stronger they are the more they cost so be careful. You can decide whether you want to catch the Pokémon or run away, this is when a wild battle starts. You can then lower it's health and try to catch it. You only have one shot at catching it though so be careful. Running from a battle will give you the ball you threw out back so don't worry about losing your Poké Ball's when running away.

Rules: Catching Pokémon: Example

Pokex03 Greatx01 Location: Route 1 SquirtleSprite - - - - - - -

  • Send out 2 Poké Balls and 1 Great Ball

>Run From Lvl. 2 ♀ Pidgey, Attack Lvl. 2 ♂ Pidgey, Attack Lvl. 4 ♀ Rattata

>Go Lvl. 6 ♂ Squirtle

>Squirtle used Tackle

>Lvl. 2 ♂ Pidgey took 3 Damage! Lvl. 4 ♀ Rattata took 2 Damage!

>Lvl. 2 ♂ Pidgey used Tackle! Lvl. 4 ♀ Rattata used Tail Whip!

>Lvl. 6 ♂ Squirtle took 1 Damage! Lvl. 6 ♂ Squirtle's defense fell!

>Trainer threw the Poké Ball at Lvl. 2 ♂ Pidgey!

>1...2...3...Gotcha! Pidgey was caught!

>Lvl. 4 ♀ Rattata used Tackle!

>Lvl. 6 ♂ Squirtle took 2 Damage!

>Lvl. 6 ♂ Squirtle used Tackle!

>Lvl. 4 ♀ Rattata took 2 Damage!

>Lvl. 4 ♀ Rattata used Tackle!

>Lvl. 6 ♂ Squirtle took 1 Damage!

>Trainer threw the Great Ball at Lvl. 4 ♀ Rattata!

>1...2...3...Gotcha! Rattata was caught!

Pokex02 Greatx00 Location: Route 1 File:Squirtlesprite.pngPidgeyspriteRattata - - - - -


Number Name Pokémon Description
01 ??? ??? ???
02 ??? ??? ???
03 ??? ??? ???
04 ??? ??? ???
05 ??? ??? ???
06 ??? ??? ???
07 Squirtle File:Squirtlesprite.png After birth, its back swells and hardens into a shell. Powerfully sprays foam from its mouth.
08 ??? ??? ???
09 ??? ??? ???


Item Description Price
Poké Ball A Standard Poké Ball. It multiplies the catch rate of a Pokémon by 1. $200
Great Ball A stronger version of the Poké Ball. It multiplies the catch rate of a Pokémon by 1.5. $600
Ultra Ball Another strong Poké Ball that works best on high level Pokémon. It multiplies the catch rate of a Pokémon by 2. $1200
Mega Ball *NEW* The strongest Poké Ball you can buy. It multiplies the catch rate of a Pokémon by 2.5. $1800

Current Trades

Host User Wants to trade... In Exchange for... Money User Willing to Trade
Empty Empty Empty Empty Empty

Trainer Pages

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