Pokémonologist is a game were you study pokemon in there natural habitats and protect them from poachers that put them in a safari zone illegaly and it is you job to prove to the police that they are guilty.


You go to the park every day to watch the nature of Pokemon. One day you see the Nidoran that you check up on every time you go to the park and he has a small injury. You quickly pull out a first aid kit and put a band aid on him (you have no Pokemon potions). Later that night you get worried about Nidoran and so you go to the park to watch Nidoran. This time your prepared, only not for what you are going to find out. It didn't take long before you found Nidoran, unfortunately, you wish you could have found him sooner. Two men in black are holding Nidoran and put it in a bag. You throw some rocks and the bad guys drop the bag to shield themselves.You tell the park rangers and they say they're not responsible for anything that happens to the Pokemon. You tell your Grandpa Ryan about what happened that night and he tells you about a girl who is going around the world studying Pokemon's natural habitats. She is a friend of Ryan and stops by every so often and she is visiting today. You meet her and tell her about the quickly befriend her and she asks you to join her. This is where your adventure begins.

Game Play

In this game you will be takeing pictures, feeding and just playing with wild pokemon.You start out camping in The viridian forest which is now a major hot spot for poaching. Now every time a human gets near the pokemon will run like they saw a ghost. So you have to sneek up on them with out being seen and mabey try to coax them into being less shy and more friendly and not afraid of humans any more.


There are several classes of Pokémonology.


This would be studing Pokemon in the Ocean or Lakes.


Studing the pokemon in the Alpines or other snowy areas.


Studing the pokemon on the Dunes or other sandy areas like the desert.


Studing of the pokemon in the forest or jungle areas.


Studing the pokemon in the caves.


Studing the pokemon that live in abanded places or citys and other urban areas


Missions are tasks that people give you Like capturing a magikarp or feeding Stantler.

Watchful Eye

Watchful Eye missions are when you watch a cetain pokemon to protect it from Predators or Traps Which you will then feed the pedator some food or Disable the trap befor the pokemon gets hurt.

Behavior Patterns

Take a Picture of a pokemon that is acting strangly aggressive or what not.You will automaticly wright a log of the pokemon you took a picture of so i its sad under mood it will state sad.

Parent in training

There may be abanded babies or babies who are lost and can't find their mother were you will have to take care of them until you find there mother or they are ready to go back to the wild. Hint:Wait untill you know for sure they are abandened cuase there parents may just be around the corner or they are near their nest just taking a stroll.Parents will attack you and come to their babies call.


There may be a pokemon that needs rescuing from a trap or predator.They could be dangling on for dear life calling for help You will need to disable.The diffrence between Watchful eye missions and Trapped is that the trapped mission the pokemon will already be in danger and watchful eye missions you will be preventing somthing like that from happening.

Nature Patrol/Free Roaming

This is just where you will have a specific task or just select to come here just to have fun or make money and not a specific task at all just sit back take some photos and pick up poo.What ever you wish to do to get money. If you are Sent on a Nature Patrol then there will be a specific task other wise if you choose to do it it will be cosiderd a Free Roaming mission.From spreading bird seed to building enrichment there are plenty of things to do.

Special missions

These are Missions that are extremely rare and fun. From sneaking into a illegal Safari zone to Finding a rare pokemon.


When your done With a mission you are ewarded with cash to buy toys,food and gear for your next mission.

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