Pokémon Zero and Pokémon Infinity
Developer(s) Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
June 6th, 2016 (Worldwide)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Role-Playing
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Pokémon Zero and Infinity belongs to Generation VII, along with Pokémon Sunset and Twilight & Pokémon U. Game takes place in Keigi region, which has 25 cities and Giovanni's Island. Keigi is based on North America, just like Pilda from Pokémon Sunset and Twilight is based on Europe. After the fall of Team Explosion, Pilda became a better place to travel. But in another region named Keigi - Professor Baobab has returned and every past team (except: Team Expllosion) has also returned. Nullon (Physics/Psychic) is a mascot of Zero version and Unlimitone (Physics/Cosmic) is a mascot of Infinity Version. Game supports Pokemon Bank, just like X, Y, Sunset and Twilight.



Cuver is a male rival in the game.


Scarlett is a female rival in the game. She is more of a friendly rival unlike Cuver.


Champion of Keigi and a famous star in Wandelwood, Con Wandeles. Shina specializes in Light-types, but she also likes using other types.


One of the three main antagonists and also the final boss of the game. Giovanni is a boss of Team Rocket,

Lord Gavaler

Evil ruler of Keigi region and one of the three main antagonists of the game.

Dr. Kelerus

Dr. Kelerus is an evil scientist and one of the three main antagonists of the game.

Professor Don Baobab

Baobab is a former Pokemon professor and the secondarry antagonist of the game. He came to Keigi region from Pilda region to steal the secret weapon.

Gym Leaders (Type, Badge, Gender)

  • 1. Keck (Fighting, Belt Badge, Male)
  • 2. Veronica (Bug, Web Badge, Female)
  • 3. Barnaby (Fire, Flame Badge, Male)
  • 4. Britney (Psychic, IQ Badge, Female)
  • 5. Greg (Ground, Drill Badge, Male)
  • 6. Fred (Ice, Snowflake Badge, Male)
  • 7. Losean (Water, Wave Badge, Female)
  • 8. Stella (Steel, Metal Badge, Female)

Cities and Towns (Places)

NOTE: Not every places are finished.

  • 1. Gerald City
  • 2. Twinklopolis (Gym 4)
  • 3. Gradestar Town
  • 4. Kirate City (Gym 1)
  • 5. Bugellow City (Gym 2)
  • 6. Tourfen City
  • 7. Crosset City
  • 8. Volferno City (Gym 3)
  • 9. Soulgate City
  • 10. Rowntiny Town
  • 11. Shinon City
  • 12. Treasur City (Gym 5)
  • 13. Krai City (Gym 6)
  • 14. Con Wandeles (Gym 7)
  • 15. Farvent City
  • 16. Rovir City
  • 17. Sidean City
  • 18. Juiceblue Town
  • 19. Cratolen Town
  • 20. Gigaron City (Gym 8)
  • 21. Luckfeel City (Elite Four)
  • 22. Starfort City
  • 23. Tonehigh City
  • 24. Das Legas
  • 25. Yeruia Town
  • 26. Giovanni's Island